A great product if you have time to continually integrate it with your website!
May 22, 2014

A great product if you have time to continually integrate it with your website!

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Overall Satisfaction with Mixpanel

Mixpanel is used by the Growth team within our company. We use Mixpanel for a number of different reasons but mainly to track the performance of our digital advertising initiatives, measure the engagement of our users on the website, and as a tool to send notifications to our users. It helps us make decisions related to our advertising strategy, product design and it helps us bring users back to the website with its notification feature.
  • Funnels feature - it allows us to easily track if users are using our website in the way we intended them to. It's very simple to create a funnel on Mixpanel and it's easy to visualize the funnel with the Mixpanel interface. We often use the funnels feature to help us increase conversions on our site.
  • Segmentation feature - it allows us to segment our users based on where they came from and the actions they took on our site. For example, we often use the segmentation feature to track where our users are coming from by segmenting by utm parameters, initial referring domain, city, etc. Mixpanel also has a great interface for segmentation, allowing us to visualize the data in different types of graphs and time frames.
  • Explore feature - we can create profiles on Mixpanel for each of our users. This is very helpful when we support a customer; we can quickly view their Mixpanel profile to understand what actions they took on the website, what device they are using, when they first joined the website, etc. which helps us better support our users.
  • Mixpanel restricts the time frame of how you can visualize your data in the Funnels, Segmentation and Retention features. For example, when you view your unique data in the Funnels and Segmentation features, you can only visualize your data for a maximum of a 3 month time frame. This makes it frustrating when you want to visualize your data for more than a 3 month time frame and requires you to manually add the time frames together. Furthermore, the Retention feature only allows you to measure the retention of a user for a maximum of 1 year.
  • The notification feature allows you to send notifications only based on 'people' properties. It would be very helpful if Mixpanel allowed us to send notifications based on the 'events' users took on the website.
  • Better customer service - we can better understand our individual customers by quickly viewing their Mixpanel profile. It also saves us a lot of time because we don't need to ask them as many questions (such as what browser they use) in order to resolve their issue.
  • Conversion rates - we have significantly increased our conversion rates from users first landing on the website to filling out their contact details to join the website. As a result, we are able to spend more money on our digital advertising and thus we can acquire more users per day.
I am very happy with Mixpanel and I feel as I would be flying blind if I didn't have it. The analytics I get from Mixpanel helps me make confident decisions regarding our marketing and product design strategies.
Key questions:

Do you have a dedicated data analyst(s)? Mixpanel is a great tool but it can be overwhelming. It requires a lot of time and effort to fully understand, and you need to know what exactly you want to measure, so if you're not committed and you're not going to be using Mixpanel on a daily basis, I wouldn't recommend it.
Do you have a dedicated developer(s) to implement Mixpanel on an ongoing basis? Mixpanel requires a lot of integration with your website if you want to closely measure specific events. I find that we are continuously integrating Mixpanel with our website on a weekly basis (i.e. if we build a new feature or change a feature).