We can work from anywhere due to NICE CXone
Updated October 26, 2021

We can work from anywhere due to NICE CXone

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Overall Satisfaction with NICE CXone (formerly NICE inContact)

We are using NICE CXone for communication purposes. Our organization is a call center for high-income customers and NICE CXone has provided a platform for us to communicate with the public. It is being used by our department. For me personally, it has helped to solve my contact problem in the home office. In addition, the ability to make international contacts.
  • It's easy to find available and working collaborators.
  • Various status options for employees to choose from.
  • External connections made easy.
  • The phone that appears to the caller is sometimes confusing. Personalizing this phone can bring many benefits.
  • If the employee spends too much time away, the platform shuts down. [I feel] It should stay active.
  • The reports that the employee has access to could show the team's detailed working contacts.
  • The company managed to maintain our operation during the pandemic at home while maintaining its service numbers.
  • The level of service in my department went to an average of 90% (85% target).
  • The level of quality has increased and the reach of customers in countries as well.
Customized the reports to display the number of calls that employees make per day compared to the hours worked. With this, we were able to measure the productivity of employees, even when at home. This brought a very broad view of how the operation was going because employees are paid by the number of customers contacted on the day they were worked.
The platform is very simple to handle. In addition, information is organized in an easy-to-find way. I discovered tools over time that we didn't have before. The menu, as soon as we enter the tool, is very direct and leaves no doubts on how to enter the platform and start working
Nice CXone provides a very large amount of information such as outgoing calls, contact number, call time, and duration of contact. In addition, the panel shows the number of SLA and non-SLA calls. In the case of my department, as we must monitor in real-time the number of contacts for the level of service, [I feel] the platform is lacking in the delay between updates. Many times to get the update, [in my experience] you would need to attempt the following day.

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In our call center, telemarketing, and customer relations departments, NICE CXone is very well used. In addition, for managers, the report that it produces makes it possible to see many numbers in relation to the employees. In addition, with the new working conditions due to the pandemic, it is possible to carry out call center work in the home office remotely.

NICE CXone Feature Ratings

Agent dashboard
Validate callers
Outbound response
Call forwarding
Click-to-call (CTC)
Warm transfer
Predictive dialing
Interactive voice response
Call scripts
Call tracking
Multichannel integration
CRM software integration
Inbound call routing
Omnichannel inbound routing
Quality management
Call analytics
Historical reporting
Live reporting
Customer surveys
Customer interaction analytics

Using NICE CXone (formerly NICE inContact)

150 - Customer relationship, interaction with teams, external and international contacts. The teams are part of answering the company's incoming calls. Getting contact from customers about their plans and insurance. Customers often make requests or open complaints that need more thorough service. The quality team listens to calls for the company's quality indicators, to assess the service and performance of the call.
7 - The team that performs nice support for the teams is made up of 7 people who are skilled in data processing and monitoring. The team usually monitors all calls, signals all teams and monitors the level of service, that is, the speed at which the customer is on hold to be served.
  • Customer contact
  • Call monitoring
  • Track call performance
  • Home office employee monitoring
  • Contact customers abroad
  • Dashboard with the performance of operations
  • monitoring teams while working at home office
  • nice works as an electronic point form these days
  • Make contact between employees
  • The Dashboard helps with the monitoring of indicators
  • The configuration is fully customized
Nice made it possible for employees to work from anywhere with access to the internet, it made it possible to extract data from contacts in a very thorough way. In addition, the meticaes can be fully customized and the day-to-day monitoring of the operation is more visible.With nice, contacts with clients abroad became easier.

Evaluating NICE CXone (formerly NICE inContact) and Competitors

  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
Nice CXone's reputation was essential for the company's contracting of the service. Because, it's known as the world's #1 cloud customer experience platform. In addition, the agility that agents have an integrated workspace for quick and easy access to the tools and information needed to handle more interactions in less time.
Further investigate points such as Improving the scope, quality and accuracy of your customer data by eliminating updates, manual errors so agents have the most current customer context and
Improve customer experiences by empowering agents with the most comprehensive and current customer insights. Eliminate costs in the construction and maintenance of tool customization.

NICE CXone (formerly NICE inContact) Implementation

I believe that training that is somehow recorded in the tool can help in handling the monitoring team and the entire operation. Articles and pages that seek to explain some of the tool's features would be interesting. We get the feeling of having a lot of features that we don't use, but for lack of understanding.
Yes - It was divided into the testing phase with specific agents, where testing contacts and explanations of the tool's usability were made. After that, explanations were made to the managers who follow the numbers. After the tool explanations, the operation migration was done in phases, with 25% working on nice, then 50% and 100%.
Not sure - The initiatives with Nice CXone were carried out with less impact on individuals and more return on investment from the application. The nice implementation came together with the pandemic scenario, where we needed to unite to change the operation form and that's when we implemented nice. In the implementation, the leaders played their roles and embraced the changes, especially those that continually occur at nice.
  • The divergence in quality indicators
  • Failure to understand how the reports were made
  • Lack of information regarding the delay in updating information
  • Lack of knowledge of the terms used by the tool

NICE CXone (formerly NICE inContact) Training

  • Online training
  • in-person training
  • no training
We did not have face-to-face training and I believe that there was no mistake by nice, as the system was acquired amidst the pandemic and social restrictions.
The training was very brief, teaching how to use the features for my role. Over time, I discovered many other features that were not explained. I believe that if it were done more completely, it would know the features earlier. An example of this is the productivity page, where I needed to measure together with my colleagues, to know the real information that the screen brought and, to my surprise, it was very useful.
The product was very easy to learn without training. It wasn't difficult to discover the features and know how to change the settings. In this regard, the product is differentiated from the market. Very fluid usability and understandable information.

Configuring NICE CXone (formerly NICE inContact)

The app's configurability is very good. I can find information easily, I can change options very simply too. A few moments I didn't hear the noises when calls came in or out and for a long time I needed to change the sound configuration and this was done in a simple way. Clicking and changing the setting from on to off is very practical.
I can't suggest a best practice for setting up the app. On the contrary, I find it very practical to be easy to configure. I can change the sound and picture features and change the color very easily. Also, I can change the information I need for very easy reporting too.
Yes - we have customized the interface extensively - It was very easy as it is very clear how the change should be made. The application has a very fluid navigation, the information of changing the interface is very objective. I can change color very simply. Clicking and activating or deactivating the app was very well done and it was very easy to understand that I am activating and deactivating.
No - we have not done any custom code
I think it would be nice to have the autonomy to change where the fields to use the application were made. Also, increasing the last calls made on the panel would be interesting. Today we can only see the last 2 calls, besides, as I make many contacts a day, I always need to click on new to enter the customer's number, it would be very easy to leave the field to call out. Also, I always need to put the DDI, but I make 99% of the calls to the same country this is a very big unnecessary job. Putting something like the country's flag, followed by the DDI would be very good, besides leaving it fixed.

NICE CXone (formerly NICE inContact) Support

Knowledgeable team
Kept well informed
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Slow Resolution
Escalation required
We do not purchase premium support because we have a structured team to try to solve everyday problems. Where we would follow up on orders and charge when necessary. We try to do everything possible to help teams with the demands. We managed to concentrate problems with nice and possible conflicts with the tool in a small team.
Yes - The problem was that agents seemed to be disconnected from the tool, where contacts were entering as refused. After signaling, the problem was solved in months, where we needed to take several evidences several times. The bug was fixed, but it took a long time to fix. Procurar evidências sempre foi um trabalho muito cansativo.
At a certain point, we needed nice's support to customize the agents' visualization panel and issue reports with the necessary indicators. The explanations were clear and succinct, in addition to being provided very quickly. The demand was sent and it was answered how we could customize it. The understanding exceeded the objective, as we learned at once how to carry out such customization.

Using NICE CXone (formerly NICE inContact)

Like to use
Relatively simple
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Difficult to use
Requires technical support
  • Monitor the quality levels of everyday life
  • Monitor when employees are at work
  • Track time in connection
  • Google Chrome browser often grumpy and uncooperative
  • On some calls, it makes a loud noise when the phone is ringing, like a machine gun
  • Contacts appear anonymous to customers

NICE CXone (formerly NICE inContact) Reliability

As for the flexibility of the tool, there is no doubt about it. It can be used by different areas and these areas can use the tool from anywhere. At a time when we are experiencing a pandemic, the software came to facilitate our home office work and customer contact operations, which were previously tied to telephony. My score is 9, I won't give it a 10, because at the beginning we had a lot of difficulty with the tool, which requires a somewhat high internet level.
In the beginning, we had many platform errors that were even impacting the area's results. After several meetings, it was possible to find the errors and nice fixed them, but for a period of a few short months. In the beginning, we need to be clicking on the "Connect" option since the agent is constantly inactively impacting the connection entries.
I never had any problems with performance at nice. None of my systems or computer are heavy with nice, I can work perfectly with it open and I never worried about it making my desktop heavy. The pages are changed very quickly, a single point that presents an error is when I make a call and the page doesn't move, showing the options that appear when I'm in contact. As a result, I can't disconnect the connection and I often need to close the application and reopen it.

Integrating NICE CXone (formerly NICE inContact)

It is very simple to integrate report information with the Excel tool. We have no difficulties and extraction brings incredible data that we never had. We were able to provide more robust management reports and identify possible improvements in employee performance.
  • Excel
We don't have a lot of systems built into nice. We only use the excel tool for data analysis and reporting. It's very easy to extract the information, the report is very complete, at first we were very surprised by the amount of information extracted, we just have everything about the day-to-day contacts.
  • I can't define any system that can be integrated with nice.
I can't define any system that can be integrated with nice.
  • File import/export

Relationship with NICE

I didn't participate in the sales process directly, but I realized that this entire process was done very quickly. Because my company needed to adapt the entire relationship center in one week. It was something surprising, I wondered how I could work from home, making contacts with clients and serving them. This was surprising, one day I was in the office with a telephone, a week later, serving clients from home through nice.
All issues raised were studied by nice for resolution. We needed to adapt the business format, the business lines and they were all very well attended. In addition, unavailability events were rare, so the relationship was not so sought after.
As previously stated, I did not participate in the negotiation.
I suggest, as answered in the training tab, that the supplier could explain and explain more about the availability of the tool. As our company decided to opt for the home office, an event that brought nice to us, I understand that it was all very urgent, however, the partnership has lasted more than a year and I believe that materials explaining features or training in videos can be interesting.

Upgrading NICE CXone (formerly NICE inContact)

  • The use of API
  • connect with your customers through more digital channels
  • O monitoramento em tempo real para canais digitais
  • Faster real-time update
  • More intuitive and faster dashboard
  • Inclusion of DDI in calls