ChiropracticChiropractic Software provides administrative support and health data reporting pertinent specifically to chiropractic offices and their unique needs, as well as electronic health records support. Specifically it should help with patient scheduling, patient diagnosis (with treatment recommendations), progress tracking, and document management. It may integrate with accounting, billing, and payroll software or modules.ChiroTouch1 Pro2PayDC Chiropractic Software3 DC Mac Chiropractic Software5 Medical Software11

Chiropractic Software

Chiropractic Software Overview

What is chiropractic software?

Chiropractic Software provides a wide range of support for chiropractic offices’ specific needs. Most vendors offer software that includes practice management, billing, scheduling, and patient recording keeping capabilities. Products also typically offer health data tracking and reporting, document management, and regulatory compliance monitoring. Some vendors also offer mobile app or iPad integration, including e-signature capabilities and allowing both patients and employees to access relevant documentation.

Vendors may offer either cloud-based or on-premise (typically for a client/server software setup) deployment options, and some may offer both. This software is related to Medical Office EMR & EHR Software, but is designed specifically for use in a chiropractic office. Products in this category may also integrate with Accounting & Budgeting, Medical Billing, and Payroll software or modules.

Chiropractic Software Features & Capabilities

Some products in this category may be more specialized and focus on only one or two of the areas below. However, these are the common capabilities that complete chiropractic software solutions offer:


  • Payment posting

  • Claims submission

  • Payment collection

  • Invoice management

  • Accounts receivable management

  • Financial activities tracking

  • Integration with third-party billing software

  • Clearinghouse compatibility

  • HIPAA and ICD-10 compliant

Chiropractic office management

  • Online form filling

  • E-signature capabilities

  • Electronic patient sign-in

  • Patient portal

  • Administrative support

Chiropractic EHR software

  • ONC-ATCB & CCHIT certification

  • Self-service patient check-in

  • Linked family accounts

  • E-prescribing capabilities

  • Electronic SOAP note templates

  • Inventory management

  • Recurring payment plans

  • Case-specific documentation

  • Online training resources

  • Instant alerts

  • Patient-specific information

  • Regulatory compliance

  • RAND outcomes assessments


  • Patient appointment setting

  • Patient appointment reminders

  • Messaging app

  • Room occupancy management

  • Patient data and scheduling information integration

  • Mobile app integration

Patient Records

  • SOAP (Subjective complaints, Objective findings, Assessment and Plan of treatment) note generation

  • Interoffice SOAP note sharing

  • Legal documentation compliance

  • Patient evaluation documentation

  • Health data report generation

Pricing Information

Chiropractic software can either be priced on a one-time license fee, or monthly/annual subscription model. Cloud-based products typically have a lower licensing fee than on-premise software, prices can range between $200-$3,000. Prices for on-premise systems can fall between $500-$10,000 - depending on the size of the practice and amount of features needed. Subscription prices are generally cheaper (per time period) than one-time licensing fees, however, they may vary more between products.

Chiropractic Products

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Writepad, from Addison Health Systems in Texas, is a modular EHR program for chiropractors, with features such as a patient portal, ePrescribe, and patient education documents.

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WonderDoc is a practice management system for chiropractors, supporting EHR, scheduling and billing, and patient communication.

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Autumn8 is a practice and document / EHR management system specifically for chiropractors, from tgi Software.

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Backchart is billed as an affordable and sufficient EHR and practice management software for small to midsize chiropractic, from the company of the same name in Minneapolis.

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ChiroFusion is a practice and document / EHR management software for chiropractors, billed as providing a speedy and compliant platform for generating SOAP notes.

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Chiro8000 is a modular practice management software supporting EHR, billing, patient kiosk, and outcome assessment modules. It is a brand of Forte Holdings, a medical software company headquartered in El Dorado Hills, CA.

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Mercury Medical Software is a medical practice management suite consisting of Mercury Medical for large medical bureaus and Mercury One as a cloud-only alternative for smaller practices, supporting HIPAA compliant medical billing for specialist practices (e.g. mental health, fertility clinics, occup…