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PayU, ACI Enterprise Payments Platform, AccessPay, Finacle Payments Suite, Temenos Payments, Blackthorn Payments, Oracle Banking Payments, FIS Enterprise Payments, Hyperwallet, a PayPal service and TietoEVRY Payment Solutions.

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Kyriba empowers CFOs, Treasurers and their IT counterparts to transform liquidity as a dynamic, real-time vehicle for growth and value creation. Kyriba is a secure, scalable SaaS platform that leverages artificial intelligence, automates payments workflows, and enables thousands…

Fiserv (First Data) - ICICI Merchant Services

Fiserv (formerly First Data) and ICICI Merchant Services combined a payment gateway and point-of-sale software and hardware solutions with features such as card & check acceptance, and merchant mobile commerce solutions, and ecommerce gateway. First Data merged with Fiserv in July…

Worldpay from FIS

Worldpay, now from FIS (acquired July, 2019) is a solution designed to simplify payment acceptance and improve the user's bottom line by accepting traditional and alternative payment types anywhere, any time, on any device and across channels. Worldpay from FIS also guides crypto…

Oracle Banking Payments

Oracle Banking Payments enables users to process payments in real time, anywhere, and at scale with a unified payments hub, built on the ISO 20022 framework.

Fiserv Prologue Financials

Prologue Financials from Fiserv, a fully integrated accounting solution, features enhanced, built-in automation and controls and a newly designed user interface, enabling users to increase the efficiency of financial accounting processes.


PayU is a payment gateway software solution offered by payu.

Fiserv Wealth Management Network

The Wealth Management Network from Fiserv is an expansive networks of managed account data and connectivity. It brings together asset managers and sponsors to perform all necessary business functions to support the industry. The Network includes messaging services, information exchange,…

Fiserv Instant Issue Advantage

Fiserv's Instant Issue Advantage and Instant Issue Advantage: Equipment allows financial institutions to offer fast, in-branch personalization and issuance of permanent debit, credit, ATM, EMV chip, gift and photo cards.

Blackthorn Payments

Blackthorn provides event management and payment processing apps for Salesforce users.

Crowded is a banking service designed specifically for clubs, groups, and their members. Traditionally, banks have compartmentalized their customers into consumers and businesses and neglected the hundreds of billions in cash flow that exists between B2B and B2C. Crowded aims…

Fiserv Loancierge

Loancierge for Credit Unions from Fiserv is a loan origination solution offering intuitive navigation, workflows and paperless processing tools to strengthen lending operations, mitigate risk and increase loan efficiency to compete for loan opportunities.

Fiserv Mortgage Director

Fiserve Mortgage Director replaces easyLENDER, which was sunsetted in 2017 when Fiserv acquired PCLender. Fiserv Mortage Director, the next evolution of those products, is a loan origination system at the core of the Fiserv lending ecosystem designed to streamline lending operations…

Premier Bank Platform

Financial technology company Fiserv offers the Premier Bank Platform to banking institutions, providing an environment to integrate data and manage bank operations in a simplified browser-based interface.

Fiserv eBill Distribution (Biller Direct)

Biller solutions from Fiserv include the company's electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) for business-to-consumer service providers. It offers customers of financial institutions a convenient way to pay bills, and boasts features such as delivery of notifications via email…

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Centralizes bank statements in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and reconciles payments with invoices automatically. Bankfeed is for companies that meet at least one of these conditions: • Receives many payments • Uses several bank accounts • Wants to post transactions…

IBAS Global Banking Factory

IBAS GBF - Global Banking Factory is a 100 percent Java, object-oriented and component-based solution built on international standards and a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). It allows customers to create and change product attributes and workflows to provide users the ability…

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MG360 serves as a catalyst for the adoption of payment systems, and provides support on an operational and security level across the GCC. The MG360 platform specializes in PCI DSS standards and training, with an aim to ensure all stakeholders (including banks, merchants, vendors,…

Zūm Rails
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Zūm Rails’ software sees payments as more than just moving funds faster and smarter, but rather improving the entire financial interaction between a business and its end users. The software streamlines the onboarding process, provides advanced KYC / AML tools, moves funds in real-…

Icon Solutions IPF Instant Payments

Icon Solutions headquartered in Wimbledon offers payment and enterprise solutions serving the global financial services sector.

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A FinTech in the UAE licensed to do cross-border and local payments. Hubpay can be used to pay suppliers, partners and employees using FX, multi-currency accounts, collections, and payments. Regulated under Abu Dhabi Global Market's 3C license, Hubpay maintains strict risk & compliance…

Atlar Cash Management

Atlar Cash Management is used to manage cash in one single platform that syncs with banks and ERP. It provides a real-time, consolidated view of all cash with Atlar continuously receiving and normalizing data from bank partners and PSPs. This also uncovers an organization's current…

FIS Lending
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FIS offers a suite of lending application for commercial loan originators, focusing on compliance and flexibility, with solutions for automobile lending, mortgage lending, lending to retail entities.

TietoEVRY Payment Solutions

TietoEVRY headquartered in Helsinki offers payment solutions for financial institutions including instant payment infrastructure, card and financial product management, and payment processing.

Fiserv Unified Wealth Platform (UWP)

Fiserv offers their Unified Wealth Management technology solution, providing a multi-vehicle and multi-asset class portfolio accounting system with related trading, tax management and rebalancing tools for all fee-based advisory programs, goals-based financial and investment advisory…

Fiserv LoanComplete
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LoanComplete from Fiserv automates mortgage loan processing and servicing tasks, giving mortgage originators and servicers greater control and helping streamline critical loan processes to improve profitability and business operations.

Learn More About Payment Hubs Providers

What are Payment Hubs Providers?

Payment Hubs Providers are centralized platforms that consolidate payments from a variety of sources and payment types into a single stream for the purpose of processing, control, analytics, and reporting. Payment hubs are part of banking, payment service provider, and enterprise business infrastructures. These solutions are broken down into hubs that support banks and those that support businesses and corporations.

For banks, these hubs consolidate incoming and outgoing payment activity from all internal and external sources. Through a single integration layer, it aims to consolidate all front-end channels such as mobile banking, internet banking, payment networks, and corporate portals. It aggregates payment data from internal systems, authorizes payments, and routes them to payment networks such as the FED, SWIFT, CHIPS, and ACH.

Modern technologies have made Payment Hubs Providers’ banking solutions less relevant, as new payment solutions have migrated payment processing away from bank-hosted solutions. When these hubs are deployed in banks, they reflect a new architecture that emphasizes open APIs to allow the latest external technologies and payment platforms to interface with older, legacy banking systems without major rewrites or risks.

For businesses, these providers offer platforms through which a company can execute all its payments. It consolidates payments from internal departments such as treasury, finance, and ERP, connects to banks and other payment delivery platforms, and produces a consolidated record of all outgoing payments. The hubs support payment format standardization and comply with ISO standards.

Payment hub analytics is used by CFOs, CIOs, treasurers, purchasing managers, and controllers to help ensure that timely, efficient payment processing is effectively supporting the business’s supply chain and cash flow.

Payment hubs providers also offer solutions for businesses to make large-scale or complex payments for employees, vendors, contractors, residuals, and royalties.

Payment Hubs Providers Features

Payment Hubs Providers offer many of the following features.

  • Central platform for executing payments
  • Support multiple payment types, payment sources, and payment networks
  • AI-assisted processing rules
  • Standardized workflows, controls, and payment formats
  • Automated workflows
  • Payment screening, approval, and fraud detection
  • Payment tracking and reporting
  • BI, Analytics, dashboards, and data visualization
  • Global bank connectivity
  • Cloud and on-premises solutions

Payment Hubs Providers Comparison

Consider the following when engaging payment hub providers.

Use Case: Payment hubs solutions such as Fiserv or Kyriba are tailored for banks. Other vendors such as FIS Enterprise Payments and ACI Enterprise Payments support enterprise-scale businesses.

Integrations: Payment hubs provide additional value to corporations when they readily integrate with other systems such as ERP, finance, billing, accounting, payroll, and vendor management.

Cloud vs On-premises: Many of the business payment hub solutions are cloud-based. The banking industry still has some reluctance moving their mission-critical processing and sensitive data to the cloud and the largest banks often prefer to build their own in-house proprietary payment hubs.

Pricing Information

Payment Hubs Providers offer a complex, sophisticated product that will require obtaining a price quote based on your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Payment Hubs Providers do?

Payment Hubs Providers consolidate incoming and outgoing payments from all internal and external sources. These hubs automate workflows, standardize payment processing, authorize, and track payments. Banking payment hubs capture payments from their front-end channels and aggregate payments from internal systems for approval processing and payment network routing. These hubs provide businesses with a centralized platform to execute all their payments.

What are the benefits of using Payment Hubs Providers?

Payment Hubs Providers increase operational efficiency, lower costs, improve risk management, reduce fraud, and facilitate centralized management of liquidity making for better cash management.

What are the best Payment Hubs Providers products?

How much do Payment Hubs Providers cost?

Payment Hubs Providers require that you obtain a price quote for their products.