Podio is the best project management tool I've found for my web design / development business
January 30, 2015

Podio is the best project management tool I've found for my web design / development business

Derek Allard | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Podio

I use Podio for communicating both with clients and with contractors I work with on any given project. Over time I've also used it to track personal tasks as well because it is very well organized. The problem Podio solves for me is 1) clearly communicating with clients (making sure they are aware of deadlines, etc. and 2) it creates a living, transparent repository for all things related to the project that can even be referred to after the project is completed. I upload all files (design comps, keyword research, have discussions about tricky issues we've worked out on a project) to Podio and the best part is I have had multiple clients (even non technical ones) say they really like using it because it is so simple. It also is customizable in that you can build your own apps for it so I've developed a core of apps that I use on every project which saves me time and keeps project management uniform across all projects.
  • The ability to customize apps to your own needs (particularly useful for me with bug tracking)
  • Sends email notifications to the RIGHT people when they have a task assigned to them
  • Very nice granular permission control and the ability to mark tasks private (for things a client doesn't need to see).
  • It has the ability to chat with people online but would love a more robust google hangouts kind of interface ... would love to be able to present via video to clients
  • The pricing structure is a bit confusing to me ... it's based on users, but only certain kinds of users. It could be clarified.
  • Sometimes there's a lag (it's web based) which can be briefly annoying (admittedly, this could be my connection here in the office).
  • Saves time with project communication as everything is front and center with the client.
  • Clients are quicker to turn around their tasks when there is deadline assigned to their task.
  • Compared to other PM tools I would say that clients are more impressed AND I end up spending less time sending overly complex emails and can just refer to items already in Podio.
Basecamp definitely is simpler but it's also far more restrictive. I felt like Basecamp wanted to force me to work a certain way and it also isn't as robust as Podio in that you can't build custom apps for it. Custom apps have been a life saver for me as I can structure them around how I work.
I think Podio is ideally suited to website design and development work. I looked at Basecamp as well but that was too rigid for me. I needed the ability for my project management tool to be more robust and Podio fit the bill. I've been very pleased with it.