ProofHub - Awesome Product & Great UI
January 23, 2014

ProofHub - Awesome Product & Great UI

Steve Buckner | TrustRadius Reviewer
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ProofHub helps us plan, organize and deliver our work with real ease. It is clean, simple and highly effective. With real time updates and reminders about deliverables, task completion and approaching deadlines managing work has become better and easier. The whole organization is connected with each other through one centralized tool. Teams from various departments can easily collaborate on any project and get things done together, faster. With people from different departments being added to a project, everybody knows what needs to be done, by who and by when, files can be shared easily, individual task deadline can be defined, task completion status is visible to all, real time discussion can take place and accurate feedback can be received timely.


  • Its features are easy to use but offer a great utility. It has remarkably improved communication and collaboration among our team members most of whom are based in different locations around the world. We can communicate instantly and accurately and we have been able to get quick and effective results by working in a harmonious manner.
  • Every member within our team has a clear knowledge of his tasks as Proofhub enables a clear and elaborate description and documentation of tasks. So we can execute them timely and give quality results in turn.
  • The important events and milestones can be documented precisely, highlighted adequately and timely conducted and achieved with due participation of the required members. So our meetings get conducted on time with presence of all required members which helps our clients and stakeholders to trust and confide more in us as they know we will honor our commitments on time and deliver requisite quality over them.
  • The progress over tasks and the progress over projects can be accurately gauged and viewed transparently which helps us to know that we are proceeding in the right direction and will be able to complete our projects on time with due achievement of our objectives which will spur our growth.


  • It does not provide any specific resource management features, but it does enable optimize usage of resources, so this significantly reduces the need for such specific features. So this would not come in the way of meeting our objectives.
  • It has enhanced our productivity manifold and we have been able to do quality work in much less time. We have been able to save costs, time and efforts.
  • We have been able to precisely track and monitor closely our team members’ performance which has encouraged them to put in best of efforts and deliver their work on time. The team members have been able to better function as a team.
  • This has boosted our reputation as we have been able to deliver our clients’ orders on time and with the required quality. This has drastically improved our profits and marketability.
We used Basecamp in the past, but we did encounter some problems while working with it. But these concerns have been better addressed in ProofHub. It has a simple interface which is so easy to operate and this was not the case in Basecamp. ProofHub lets us quickly chat with our team members over various work matters through its inbuilt chat feature and resolve them fast while Basecamp provides this feature through a third-party tool which added to our expenses and it was not a very convenient affair. ProofHub has got an inbuilt proofing tool which allows us to get quality feedback over designs instantly saving our time and costs, whereas Basecamp enables proofing through a third party tool which again was not convenient for us. ProofHub’s casper mode feature helps us to protect privacy and secrecy over confidential issues but Basecamp lacks such an important feature. So ProofHub has more to offer and better too in comparison to Basecamp. (answer to Describe how ProofHub stacks up against them and why you selected ProofHub.
Proofhub has been working fine for us and it has added value to our work and lives. Our team members enjoy their work while working with it and it has improved their performance quite significantly. Our clients are happy with our timely delivering and with quality we deliver. We can better track our progress and can better follow and control our tasks. We have witnessed a big turnaround since we chose to go with Proofhub. So it remains our no 1 choice for our work. We will continue using it since our future lies in Proofhub.
It suits well for those businesses who want to operate on a global level without investing too much over creating infrastructure. A business can easily reach out to various clients, customers, partners and other stakeholders and communicate and collaborate with them in a fast and transparent manner and can effectively tap any opportunities coming its way. Such opportunities if
properly implemented can lead to gains for the parties involved.


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