Easy to use even if you're new to capturing digital signatures
Robin Bull | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 07, 2018

Easy to use even if you're new to capturing digital signatures

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Overall Satisfaction with SignRequest

I recently used SignRequest to create and send digital contracts, non-disclosure agreements, privacy policies, and confidentiality agreements to a couple of independent contractors I wanted to work with. I sent a total of eight documents (four for each contractor). The purpose of the software is to allow companies to collect digital signatures on documents.
  • Easy to upload and rename documents
  • Really easy to mark where documents should be signed
  • Easy to monitor the progress of the documents
  • Lets you know via email when the documents are signed
  • Despite contractors signing the agreements, the system continued to send the same agreement over and over without prompting it
  • One contractor didn't receive all of the documents and I had to resend them twice
  • I had to kind of click around to figure it out because there's not much of a walk-through on how to use it. Once you figure it out, it's really easy
  • Support is lacking. I emailed to ask about why the system kept sending out the same contract over and over after it was signed and I never received a response to that
  • It took time for me to figure out that I had to upload the contracts for every person. I couldn't find a way to create a master that I could change in the system
  • It was really fast and easy to add in date fields and mark where contractors should sign the documents
  • It emailed me when everything was signed
  • I did not get a response to my request for help about it continuing to ask contractors to sign completed documents
SignRequest is actually easier to use than SigningHub. It's much easier to just go to wherever you need a signature in the document and add the field. It's also got a cleaner interface, in my opinion, which makes it easier to figure out what's going on. I think that for someone new to digital contract management, SignRequest is a better choice. You do have to do some clicking around to figure it out, but it's still much easier to navigate than SigningHub (for new users).
SignRequest is well suited for someone looking for a really easy way (and affordable way) to get digital signatures on business documents. I think it's better suited for small businesses. I had four documents for two people. I had to upload them twice (once for each person). It think that if you're a company that deals with a lot of contracts, that could get tedious. I had to go in and make changes to each contract and name it to track it to the right person. But, again, for the price, it's really easy to use.

Using SignRequest

1 - I own the business. I run the business. Occasionally, I rely on independent contractors to help me with overflow or to help with marketing. It's important to me that they uphold the standards of my business. I require all contractors to sign an independent contractor agreement, privacy policy, confidentiality policy, and a non-disclosure agreement. Because I work with people all over the world, I need software that collects a digital signature.
  • Signing independent contractor agreements
  • Signing non-compete / non-disclosure agreements
  • Signing privacy policies so that independent contractors know what is expected of them