Using TrustRadius as a reliable and objective tool for solution decision making
June 19, 2021

Using TrustRadius as a reliable and objective tool for solution decision making

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Overall Satisfaction with TrustRadius for Buyers

I have been using TrustRadius for years to provide reviews about software and technology solutions in general. I have also used TrustRadius multiple times to compare options before acquiring or adopting new technologies. I have used it to compare ETL solutions, SMS providers, SaaS solutions, web server technologies, to name a few. TrustRadius has been critical many times to make decisions that had a considerable impact on many projects I had the chance to participate in in the past.
  • The extensive database of reviews for different technology solutions
  • The fact that reviews are backed by validated LinkedIn profiles representing real people
  • The thorough review and approval process for the information posted here
  • I think TrustRadius could innovate would be providing different kinds of reviews beyond the written ones. Using the same mechanism to guarantee reviews are made by professionals in the areas of interest, but it would be nice to see videos, for example.
I have always trusted the information provided in the TrustRadius platform, and I have not had any issues related to misinformation at all. TrustRadius is a reliable platform, and the information I have obtained from it has been relevant all the time.
I used G2 in the past, and when I compare it with TrustRadius, not only due to the way it treats the contributors but because of the continuous enhancements of the platform, it is, in my opinion, superior in many ways.
I usually consult the Gartner Magic Quadrant to find the leader tools in the market, but they are not final in my decision-making process. They provide insight into devices leading some areas of the market in some specific fields, and I use them as referrals mostly.
Product ratings impact my decision-making based on how reliable the reviews are. Should I find some biased reviews, I will ignore them completely.

More than reviews telling me how great a product is, I would like to see demos, tangible evidence, problems solved with a given solution, and ultimately try the tool either with a free limited version or with full access for a limited amount of time.

These elements combined with reviews, ratings, and scores will help me make a good decision.
Most of the times is about being able to combine reviews, demos and the learning curve associated with any adoption process.
I have been using this platform for years to compare options, find alternatives, and make decisions before buying or adopting a technology. I can't stress enough how much I value all the knowledge database that TrustRadius has been building for years.

This platform is always up to date, reviewing the latest technologies in the market. As an individual contributor, you need to authenticate through your LinkedIn profile, which has relevance based on your endorsements, connections, and personal experience. These facts should make anyone feel comfortable and assured that the platform is reliable and not full of fake reviews.