Visual Website Optimizer: Improve Conversion Rates with this Robust Tool
Updated April 08, 2015

Visual Website Optimizer: Improve Conversion Rates with this Robust Tool

Jose Terrier | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Visual Website Optimizer

We use Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) to run tests on our lead gen sites in order to improve conversion rates. The Marketing Department identifies pages that we would like to improve and then we set up A/B split tests to test enhancements to these pages.
  • Once it's set up, one of the best features of VWO is that the WYSIWYG editor allows us to make comprehensive revisions to the layout, images and content without needing to get designers or IT involved. Of course, we use these resources on the more important tests, but this flexibility makes the testing process much smoother.
  • I think that the heatmaps/clickmaps are a very cool feature. VWO gives us the option of collecting clickmap data with every test that that we run. This data is fantastic to have as it shows us what elements on the page are getting the most attention from visitors. We can then adjust these elements in future tests to draw more or less attention, as needed.
  • Not only does VWO support A/B split tests, multivariate tests and split URL tests, but it also lets us segment the traffic that sees a test by different criteria such as geo location and traffic source. Also, when running tests concurrently, we can prevent visitors that see one test from seeing another. This is a great feature because it allows us to speed up our testing process without skewing results with "cross-over" visits.
  • The revenue tracking feature is not one that we currently use since our sites are built for lead generation. But I've used this feature with e-commerce sites before and it is very helpful to see the impact on revenue in addition to the impact on conversion rates, especially when your products or services have different price points.
  • VWO support is outstanding. They have always responded to my questions and requests quickly, and have assisting in helping us solve complicated technical issues.
  • I really don't have anything bad to say about VWO. If I nit pick, I would say that I'd like to see graphs displayed in the dashboard so that we can get a snapshot view of our tests without having to click into the test details.
  • I also wish that it would save a snapshot of the test variations instead of pulling them live. After a test has run its course, we sometimes update the page and, in doing so, we lose an example of what the original variation looked like. I capture screenshots before updating the pages, but it would be great if VWO did this for me.
  • We have seen double digit improvements to our conversion rates in some of our successful VWO tests. This results in more leads from the same amount of traffic. And when traffic increases, the gains compound!
  • VWO has allowed us to be much more efficient in our testing process, which has lead to more tests being run and sustained incremental gains to our sites' conversion rates.
  • UnBounce,Google Analytics
UnBounce has a great tool for testing landing pages, but I found VWO to be more intuitive to use and more robust in the features it offers. I used to use Google Website Optimizer back in the day and it was a nightmare to set up and QA. GWO took up a lot of the IT teams time because tracking and conversion scripts had to be updated for every test. VWO has greatly simplified this process and is a pleasure to work with.
VWO requires very minimal coding to set up. Typically, the set up can be handled by someone who is proficient in HTML without needing to get the IT team involved. Since VWO allows you to do things like drag and drop page elements in its WYSIWYG editor, switch out images and content easily, a marketer with a good eye can make many of these changes with limited resources.

Using Visual Website Optimizer

VWO is easy to use, offers robust features and is cost-effective - especially when it helps you move the needle and show conversion rate improvements. From my experience and my colleagues' experience, it is the best testing tool that we've seen. I would definitely recommend VWO to both new and advanced users.

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