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User Review: "VWO: A CRO's Best Friend"
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August 24, 2018

User Review: "VWO: A CRO's Best Friend"

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Overall Satisfaction with Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) helps our clients test different versions of landing pages and websites in order to increase revenue and lead goals before going fully into production. This allows up to prevent any issues when fully launching, so we have a deeper understanding of what is working and what is not.
  • Heat maps between variations
  • Recorded Sessions
  • Surveys
  • The editor is a little buggy
  • Increased orders
  • Boosted ROI on paid channels
We've benefited from this functionality and it was simple to set up since it automatically does this for whichever test we launch.
The recordings have been exceptionally valuable to actual see main pain points of our customers. We were able to filter pages, whether a user visited a particular page, did not perform a particular action. The logic is well though tout for the recording and I would argue that it would also be a fantastic standalone product (if it was). Moreover, we were able to make design changes because the recordings were able to validate our assumptions with the design and conversion rates further.
Forms is a weaker feature for VWO. If the form is HTML based, it's great at visualizing where there are drop-offs in the fields; however, for forms involving from other vendors, this feature does not work well because it's unreliable to properly track drop off or the field names are incorrectly lining up.
VWO has greatly improved its product to compete in the marketplace. In cases where Optimizely was the enterprise solution on the market, VWO was 2nd due to functionality. However, VWO overtime has improved its product, so that it can easily be a better product for companies because of its all in one stack. There is no need for a develop to figure out how product A interacts with product B and Optimizely. VWO takes a lot of the guessing work out of the equation, and its nicely priced as well.
For setting up more advanced A/B tests beyond just Google Optimize.