Unleash Your Geek with WebCEO
May 01, 2018

Unleash Your Geek with WebCEO

Chuc Mason | TrustRadius Reviewer
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We use every piece of WebCEO to manage all aspects of our clients' and our own Ecomm sites. It easily connects to Google's Search Console to retrieve search term queries, traffic patterns and 100s of other critical data for optimizing the website with the most effective and competitive content.
For many years we had used a combination of tools and skills to coordinate optimization efforts and it was a time-consuming process of managing data. WebCEO helps to organize and associate related data so that when updates are made in one area it helps to update data in other areas of the reports that assist us in making changes where needed.

As a veteran of the industry of more than 20 years, I use WebCEO to do things that my competitors are challenged to accomplish. This gives us the strategic edge to outperform our competition and get better results.

  • The on-page optimization tools help a lot in researching competitor keywords, competitor traffic, and backlinks and Google search queries. We are able to compile this data to enhance online content and optimize our promotional channels.
  • Keeping track of a wide array of functions with tools that show us what has been done and with percentages of completion. This helps us to share tasks like projects with team members so they can easily see which parts o their work still need attention
  • Providing our clients, and our sales crew, with detailed as well as Summary data for explaining to clients what areas of their sites need attention and how their campaigns are succeeding (or lacking) in different geographical areas.
  • It may sound biased but WebCEO is really a step ahead of the competition and any person who enters into the responsibility of managing the SEO of a client or themselves need to realize that a tool is only as good as the person who is using it. WebCEO makes the job of a qualified consultant easier but it does not replace the need to have a qualified professional handling the work of SEO or other marketing work.
  • WebCEO allows us to maximize our industry experience to use the tool for enhancing the results we get by providing in-depth data for implementing more competitive site architecture.
  • Connecting to social media always helps and this gives us a wide scope of information to see what the competition is doing to be successful. By tracking where the competitors are getting their traffic, we can also tap into similar methods and sometimes use related sites to also get additional quality traffic.
  • This has helped us to improve the quality of traffic by helping to identify areas that are causing traffic to turn away (Bounce Rate).
I used to use IBP which is a very good tool but after many years I found that the benefits of WebCEO's online tools were able to outperform the results that we were getting with other tools. By moving to WebCEO we are able to reduce time spent on individual tasks and use the data compiled to quickly implement solutions on our clients' sites.
Web CEO is a tool that is best used in the hands of qualified professionals in a company.
I do not recommend giving it to a beginner and having an expectation that a website will suddenly acquire internet traffic. Web CEO and other SEO tools require a foundation of knowledge in order to be the most effective.
If someone buys a race car it doesn't mean they will win a race.

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