Zendesk has certainly brought Zen to our Department
February 03, 2014

Zendesk has certainly brought Zen to our Department

Reagan Johnson | TrustRadius Reviewer
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I personally use Zendesk for my department for technical applications support. It allows us to track the numbers of issues we receive, the categories for the types of issues, and the users that most frequently request support. Zendesk ensures we provide a resolution to support requests, and gives me reports to track average response time.
I have suggested Zendesk to other groups in the organization and know they make use of lesser subscriptions as they are smaller teams.
  • Zendesk is extremely simple, but also highly configurable. I like that I could use my own email domain, that I could easily set up automatic processes for what email is sent based on specific criteria. I had complete control over the look, feel, and text of the email.
  • I love the mobile apps Zendesk makes available. It's great to be able to review my, or my team's, tickets from my iPhone or iPad while traveling. I can review and comment on any ticket just as I would on the desktop.
  • I really like how easy it is to work with tickets. The new interface lines up our tickets in order of importance and makes it easy to comment on a ticket, set its status, and move on to the next one.
  • I was disappointed they removed some of their SSO functionality. It's still there, but you must use SAML. So we can no longer provide SSO functionality to our users. We had to go email support only.
  • When you CC someone on a ticket, it will include everyone on every response on the ticket. I wish there was some way to CC someone for their information, but ensure all of their responses were private. We've had numerous incidents where we CC'd someone outside our team that wasn't as familiar with how Zendesk works, and they responded in a manner that we would not have lined our end-user to have seen, and it was copied directly to that end user. Replying by email has no option to make it private.
  • Zendesk has definitely had a positive impact on the customer service level we can provide. Before Zendesk there were complaints from our customers that they weren't getting answers to their questions. Sometimes we even had the email where we answered it, but we had no way to prove it. Now we hear great things about how quickly we can respond and how nice the responses are.
  • Zendesk has definitely made my team more efficient. Prior to Zendesk we used a shared mailbox, and constantly the group were stepping on each other's responses. We had no good way to know if a ticket was already responded to, or being responded to. Zendesk shows that someone is looking at a ticket, and links their response.
  • BMC FootPrints
Zendesk was just simplier and less expensive than FootPrints for our needs. We needed something very configurable and where we had a lot of control over the email responses to make sure they were as easy to read and understand as possible. With Zendesk the email responses have our pictures and are very friendly looking and easy to follow.
I can't imagine using anything else. It's affordable, and already configured just the way I need it. It's definitely working for us so I see no reason to not renew.
Zendesk is well suited for straight support scenarios for customer service. It makes it super simple to set up auto-responses and track the communications to resolution. It's perfect for making sure each question gets answered and each customer has a timely resolution. It probably would be less appropriate for a larger bug tracking group where issues have to be assigned to specific teams for fixes. I always felt the escalation was a little clunky.