UX and generating leads

6 UX Strategies That Help You Generate More Leads From Your Website

Your website can be a revenue-generating machine when you optimize it with your users in mind. But if you want to generate more leads, and more revenue, then implementing effective user experience (UX) best practices is a must. There are many tools that can help you on your UX journey, ...
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The Top 10 Most Hated Technology Buzzwords for 2019… And What They Really Mean

The Top 10 Most Hated Technology Buzzwords for 2019… And What They Really Mean

One of the most unpleasant aspects of choosing software for your business can be translating vendor marketing messaging. Software marketers have a knack for using fluffy language to describe their products… Language that can make it really difficult to even understand what the product does! In fact, according to a ...
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writing content for talent management

6 Reasons Why Recruiters Should Focus on Content Creation

When trying to source the best candidates for a role, recruiters sometimes forget that a well-planned content strategy can make their job a lot easier for them. This is because engaging and informative content attracts top talent in a way that saves time and effort. But this isn’t the only ...
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ABM team

Account Based Marketing (ABM) Match Rates Explained

According to RollWorks, there are four key metrics to keep in mind on your Account Based Marketing (ABM) journey: Total Match Rate True Match Rate Account Match Rate Account Coverage Check out the infographic below to get a better understanding of these metrics and decide which one might be the ...
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Sales Intelligence for Lead Management

How Sales Intelligence Tools Set the Foundation for Better Lead Management

Finding the right prospective buyers to engage with, and hopefully turn into customers, can be a headache for both marketing and sales teams. For marketers, having a pile of questionable leads can mean more time sifting through and nurturing them before they are ready to be passed on to the ...
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customer support vs customer success

The Difference Between Customer Success and Customer Support

We have all been there - waiting on a line to reach customer support. Whether you needed to solve a problem with your banker, airline, or online purchase, your first step was to call customer support. This has been a predictable part of our customer experience. However, in the SaaS ...
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Working on a digital project

The Rise of Digital Project Management

We live in a digital age. Our digital world is filled with millions of talented people working on a diverse set of projects that power our online and offline lives. The people who design what we access on our screens are masters at planning, communicating, collaborating, and ultimately creating. These ...
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streaming analytics

Streaming Analytics: How to Understand a Crowded Marketplace

First things first: A Definition Streaming analytics is an emerging software space that has gained considerable prominence due to the increasing importance of big data, and specifically the Internet of Things (IoT). But what is it? Streaming analytics software makes it possible to analyze data in real time, as it ...
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tag management

What is Tag Management – and Why TMS is Important for Your Marketing Stack

Building a high-functioning website and collecting customer data is one of the most important things a business does today. An optimized website can: provide valuable company and product information to clients serve as a platform for stories and educational blogs enable ecommerce stores provide users with a personalized experience Though ...
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b2b disconnect millennials

What Millennials Look for When Buying Software

In our last post, we mentioned Millennials in the 2018 TrustRadius B2B Buying Disconnect. In short, this research study highlights the perspectives of buyers, distinguishing what buyers like, dislike, and need from vendors in a software buying process. Millennials proved to be a dominant demographic in the TrustRadius study. This ...
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Millennials researching

Millennials: The New Decision Makers in B2B Software

Millennials are used to being considered the ‘others.’ They have negatively been seen as self-absorbed and entitled from older generations. Why? We do things differently than older generations, we think differently, and we were shaped differently. But the fact is we are no longer the “others” in the workplace. We ...
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nosql vs sql


Data is now considered the world’s most valuable resource. To store, manage, and understand the valuable data we collect, tech professionals have to choose the right type of database and data structure. Over the years, databases have fallen into two camps: SQL (relational) and NoSQL (non-relational). For beginners, it can ...
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