setting goals

Goal-Setting Collaboration: A How To Guide for Managers and Employees

How many of your employees and managers know the direction the company wants to go? How well do they understand the company’s short term and long terms goals? David Witt, of Blanchard LeaderChat reported that only 14% of employees have a good understanding of their company’s strategy and direction. If ...
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Kanban v scrum image

Battle of the Boards: Comparing the Kanban and Scrum Workflow Experiences

Kanban vs. Scrum Let's face it, this sound like a deathmatch in outer space between hero and villain. In reality, this is a distinction that can make a world of difference to how business owners, managers, developers, and others track the flow of work coming across their desks. Kanban and ...
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HR Building Blocks

Reshaping Talent Management in the Millennial Era

The war for talent is more intense than ever. Just when organizations are starting to adapt to the demands of millennials, their successors--Generation Z--are ready to stir up a storm. Satisfying these tech-savvy workers is notoriously tricky. Now, HR leaders aren’t just competing against other employers–they’re also battling demands from ...
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SaaS Cover

What is SaaS?: Your Comprehensive Guide

Every business faces the same challenge: to make a consistent profit while continually growing and improving customer satisfaction. The way businesses achieve this goal has changed in recent years, with software at the core of business success. Just like their customers, businesses are not looking for a solution that works ...
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RFI on Construction site

The Anatomy of a Construction Request for Information (RFI) & RFI Best Practices

Construction projects are complex by nature. To be completed successfully, safely, and on time, the multitude of moving pieces (and the various people or companies who will play a role in delivering each one) must all be synced up. Stakeholders need to be on the same page and aware of ...
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Facebook on a mobile device

The Online Marketing Guide for B2C Facebook Ads

In this guide, we’ll give you insights on how to use Facebook to market your brand to a consumer audience. As the world’s most popular social network, and one that offers many tools for advertisers to personalize and measure their campaigns, Facebook is a powerful way for you to reach ...
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man reading content

How Can Salespeople Leverage Content to Close More Deals?

What are some of the strategies for a productive, successful conversation? No matter who we’re speaking with, or the circumstances surrounding a conversation - whether we’re speaking to a friend, asking for advice, or passing the time of day with a stranger - a conversation must convey relevance and value ...
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A Guide to Social Influencer Marketing in B2B

A Guide to Social Influencer Marketing in B2B

Influencer marketing isn’t just for the B2C space. It makes sense in any industry where at least one person has become notable and respected for their knowledge, contributions, and insights. In fact, it would be difficult to find a niche where influencers weren’t making their mark. By successfully using influencers, ...
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university library

Why You Need a CRM for Higher Education: 5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best System

Like those that are built for businesses, CRMs for higher education enable universities to streamline their communications and track and report on an individual’s journey within the institution. This leads to a more engaged student and alumni body, better understanding across teams and, eventually, increased ROI. Yet, with so many ...
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Job posting guide

New to Recruitment? Tips on How to Write a Great Job Post

With project deadlines and new products rolling out, many businesses tend to put recruitment on the back burner. The thought is that a quick job posting with a few sketched out details will be enough to find a suitable candidate. While some businesses may get lucky with this approach, the ...
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Woman getting distracted at work

How to Stay Productive and Reduce Distraction at Work

In order to grow a business, entrepreneurs need to stay on their toes, keep an eye out for new opportunities, and even put in extra hours. For small and new businesses, in particular, staying focused and improving productivity can make or break a company. Unfortunately, there are a lot of ...
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Graphic designer desk

How To Choose the Right Entry-Level Design Software For Your Needs

Graphic design has always been an integral part of marketing and business operations. In more recent years, design software has become more accessible for business leaders looking to bring a new edge to their image. Gone are the days when specialized knowledge was a prerequisite for creating compelling design. But ...
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