Vendor Listings on TrustRadius

It is free for any vendor or product that fits our taxonomy to be listed. Note that by requesting to be listed or requesting access to your company’s profile on TrustRadius, you will become an administrator for the profile, and you will be responsible for maintaining your listing information, as well as inviting your customers to write reviews of your product(s).

If you are an individual requesting access to your company’s profile, or a new company requesting to be listed, please consider our requirements before requesting access .

Administrator Requirements

  1. To show you work for the vendor, you must validate a personal work email address at the company domain (not role-based i.e. Personal emails using public domains like gmail are not accepted.
  2. Third-party providers like marketing agencies or PR firms may serve as co-administrators, but only after at least one validated vendor employee has registered on TrustRadius and provided emailed or written approval. Please send your written approval to before requesting access.

Company Requirements

  1. Your company must have a LinkedIn company page.
  2. Your company must have at least 10 employees on LinkedIn.
  3. Your company must sell a software or hardware product to businesses.
  4. Your product must be generally available; you cannot be in Beta.
  5. You must have at least 100 customers - not users/seats. (Being listed on a review site is not useful if you don’t have enough customers who can write reviews of your product).
  6. Your product must fit in one of our existing categories . The best way to determine where your product fits is to find your closest competitors on our site - chances are, that's the category where you belong.

Note that we do not provide backlinks to your website.

There are many benefits to being present on a review platform like TrustRadius. However, none of those benefits take effect if you have no reviews. Your product page does not even get indexed until there is at least one review of your product. It’s best to think through your review strategy before getting listed.

For help planning your strategy, read this advice on how to get your first reviews, and why it matters.