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Best Online Ordering System include:

Grubhub for Restaurants and Dishop Fleet.

Online Ordering System Overview

What are Online Ordering Systems?

Online ordering systems allow restaurants to provide guests with on-demand delivery or reservations via a web or mobile app. Through these systems, customers are able to browse the full menu and place an order all without leaving the comfort of their own home. Upon ordering, a delivery person employed by the online system brings food to the location you entered. Many of these applications will also offer delivery of necessities such as groceries. The application will usually allow you to rate your experience and give feedback about the delivery.

Online ordering systems are more commonly used today than they have been in years past. Consumers have a growing desire for convenience and practicality, especially during times like the COVID-19 pandemic where in-house dining was prohibited and takeout and delivery were the only options. These applications are also becoming a more important feature for restaurants to offer in order to stay relevant with the competition. Offering delivery helps restaurants to develop more loyal customers and persuade new customers to try their dining experience.

Online Ordering Systems Features:

All online ordering systems should strive to provide the best delivery service available, from time spent to customer interactions. It is therefore important to take a look at the features to see which apps will best fit your business needs. Common features across online ordering systems include:

  • Online ordering website or menu integration widget

  • Online ordering

  • Order scheduling

  • Mobile ordering

  • QR code ordering

  • Live order tracking

  • Real-time order notifications

  • Contactless delivery and pick-up options

  • Menu customization and branding

  • Multi-device compatibility

  • Multi-location support

  • Integration with payment gateways

  • Analytics/Reporting

  • Food Delivery Dispatching

  • Menu Management

  • Loyalty Program

  • Order Management

Online Ordering Systems Comparison

Before deciding to use a free or invest in a paid online ordering system for your restaurant, consider the following factors:

  • Ease of use: Ease of use is definitely a strong factor to look out for when deciding which online ordering system to use. Having an application that’s difficult to use will be more of a headache for customers than going to pick up the food or item themselves. It is essential to invest in an online ordering system that will be easy for both your customers and employees to use. Be sure the application you’re considering is user-friendly and offers a quick and painless ordering and delivery process.

  • Customization: As a restaurant owner, it is best to find an online ordering system that is customizable to your needs. This may include the ability to create a branded menu, include logos on the widget or ordering website, and the flexibility to configure the menu formatting so it matches your in-person menu. Look for an application that allows you to use your own logo, branding, and food photos.

  • Location: Not all ordering applications are available for every given area. Be sure that the vendor is available for your region. There may also be local online ordering systems available depending on the size of the city you’re in.

Pricing Information

Look to spend anywhere around $45 to $299 per month, with $99 per month being about the average cost. Some will allow the option to pay yearly which would decrease the monthly amount. There are also multiple vendors, such as Favor, which offer free basic online ordering widgets in which restaurants can embed on their site.

Online Ordering Products

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Square POS

Square POS

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Top Rated

Square POS is a point-of-sale software solution with features such as accept credit cards with your iPhone, Android, and iPad along with the flexibility to accept credit card payments anywhere, from Square headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Upserve, from Lightspeed

Upserve POS, formerly Breadcrumb and now from Lightspeed since the December 2020 acquisition, is a point-of-sale software solution with features such as complete restaurant & bar management.

Toast Point of Sale

Toast Point of Sale is a cloud-based restaurant point of sale solution provided as the foundation for Toast's all in one restaurant management solution which supports payment processing, as well as customer care, gift cards and loyalty, as well as back of house and back office (HR,…

Rymera Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite is a wholesale solution for WooCommerce helping store owners add wholesale features to their WooCommerce stores. It solves a range common obstacles that store owners face when integrating wholesale sales into their online store. Such as: Managing wholesale pricing…


British company Spoonfed (formerly Aptus) offers their flagship catering software to medium-sized catering companies and restaurant chains as a comprehensive time management solution for events and catering services.


Quickcharge is a software suite with solutions for workplace dining and retail technology. The vendor states Quickcharge allows food service management to check every box with a single enterprise platform including: Cashless PaymentPoint of SaleMobile OrderingSelf-Service KiosksOrder…


FoodStorm is catering software that features online ordering and payment processing, among other features, and supports on-site, event catering, corporate catering, and retail chains. FoodStorm is supported by Australian company CaterXpress.


YoYumm is a multi-restaurant food ordering and delivery platform created by FATbit Technologies. According to the vendor, the platform is replete with advanced features that are required for building a successful food ordering website and mobile app.


MenuDrive in Carlisle offers technology enabling restaurants and caterers to provide their own branded online and mobile ordering systems. The technology allows restaurant operators to add Ecommerce to their businesses, so that customers can order online, or through their mobile…

Takeaway Genie

Takeaway Genie in Loughton provides a mobile ordering system built for multi-location or independent takeaways.


Ordering, Inc, a company in Berlin, is a specialist in online ordering for websites, apps and other platform, in providing on-demand delivery technology.


iMenu360 in Northbrook provides a private label online ordering solution for restaurants. The vendor states there are no contracts, and their services start at $19.99/month which includes mobile ordering.

Open Dining

Open Dining provides an online ordering solution for small-to-medium size restaurant through web, mobile, and social ordering. Open Dining is a Paytronix company (acquired August 2019).


Orders2me is an online ordering platform that allows customers to place orders from any device, from the company of the same name in Brooklyn.


Shopurfood is a restaurant and delivery clone script designed to give users the features and benefits of leading online food ordering companies. The software provides a common platform for restaurants to conduct business with each other through web and mobile applications. The Shopurfood…

GloriaFood Online Ordering & Table Reservation System

GloriaFood offers a free online ordering and table reservation system for restaurants, supporting unlimited order volume, the ability to add an ordering or reservation widget to an existing website and to a Facebook page, the ability to order or reserve ahead, to run a promo or coupon…


Initially founded in 2009, Zuppler is a mobile and web-based food ordering platform. Headquartered in Conshohocken, PA., the company provides white labeled technology with customizations for clients around the world.

Toast Now

Toast Now was launched in 2020 to help users set up on-demand, commission-free digital solutions like online ordering, contactless delivery, email marketing, and e-gift cards. It is available with no hardware or POS purchase required.

Revel Go

Revel Go, from retail and hospitality point of sale specialist Revel Systems, is the company's online ordering system.

SpotOn Restaurant

SpotOn Transact headquartered in San Francisco offers their restaurant Point of Sale solution with cloud-based software designed so staff can do their job better, with front-of-house controls, real-time station monitoring, mobile manager approvals, integrated online ordering, and…


Cuboh, from the company of the same name in Victoria, consolidates online ordering tablets in one device. 86ing, refunds, upcharges, prep times, and more, all in one place. Cuboh automatically punches all orders directly into a restaurant POS, in real time.

HungerRush Restaurant Management System

HungerRush in Austin presents their integrated HungerRush Restaurant Management System (RMS) as a paradigm shift designed to simplify day-to-day management, create better customer experiences, and enable new levels of data-driven decision making. It also includes the HungerRush online…

Resy OS

Resy, a restaurant management solution from Resy Network in New York, boasting offline features to support takeout ordering and contactless pickup functionality, integrated into an existing Resy booking widget, and on-premise software services such as reservation and table management,…


Mobi2Go is multichannel digital ordering & engagement platform for restaurants and hospitality businesses worldwide, from the company of the same name in Wellington.


Helcim is a payments company that lets businesses accept credit cards. Helcim states they focus on delivering a better payment service by making it easier to sign up, providing smarter payment tools, and making it more affordable to get paid. Build the business you want in a few…

Frequently Asked Questions

What do online ordering systems do?

Online ordering systems allow users to order food or other items from a restaurant through a website or a mobile app. They offer full menu selection from selected restaurants using the application as well as delivery. Aside from food, online ordering systems may also offer the delivery of items such as groceries, alcohol, and bathroom necessities. They are growing in popularity due to convenience and ease of use.

What are the benefits of using online ordering systems?

A major benefit of using an online ordering system includes time saved for both the restaurant and the customer. For customers, ordering food via their laptop or smartphone is convenient and means they don’t need to call the restaurant in order to place an order. For restaurants, online orders come directly to their own systems and can be filled as they come in.

Restaurants also benefit from offering their customers online ordering options, as many consumers now expect to be able to place orders online. This can help generate new customers and retain existing ones.

How much do online ordering systems cost?

Restaurants searching for an online ordering system should look to spend about $45 to $150 per month. Yearly options are available which may be attractive if you’re looking for something more long-term and to save on the monthly rate. Some vendors do offer free online ordering systems for restaurants with rather limited features.