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Covercy, CB Insights, Nasdaq IR Insight, Black Diamond Wealth Platform, BD Corporate, Navatar, Dynamo Investor Portal, WealthBlock, Q4 Desktop and Juniper Square.

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Dropbox DocSend

DocSend is a secure file and document sharing solution that gives users analytics and control on sent documents to see who opens documents, who they forward them to, and how long they look at each page. Users can turn off access, password protect, or set an expiration at any time.…

S&P Capital IQ

Capital IQ is a market intelligence software solution offered by S&P Global Market Intelligence, which is the result of McGraw Hill Financial's acquisition of SNL Financial.

CB Insights

CB Insights is a tech market intelligence platform that analyzes data on venture capital, startups, patents, and other data to predict market trends.

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Backstop Solutions Group in Chicago provides cloud-based technology supporting hedge funds. These applications include tools for investment research and analytics, accounting, a financial services specific CRM, and investor relations and document sharing tools, as well as investment…


Covercy is a Banking-Embedded Investment Management Platform built for commercial real estate investment firms. It offers automated distribution & capital call payment processing, an Investor Portal, and APY yielding checking accounts.


Tracxn is one of the leading private market data platforms which tracks companies across the globe. It scans data to help our customers perform market research on the startup ecosystem, find deals matching their mandate, perform company due diligence, In-depth tracking of funding…


ReportWa is a real-time report creation and distribution solution that empowers financial advisors with self-service capabilities. ReportWa is a single tool for your reporting and compliance needs that lets you design pixel-perfect reports with data visualization, allowing users…


WealthBlock is a fintech firm that offers a white label private capital raising platform. By integrating key funding tools (CRM, data room, investor verification, sub-doc e-signature, fund admin etc.), the solution aims to streamline processes and increases productivity. The vendor…

IMS Platform

Investor Management Services (IMS) headquartered in Charlotte offers the IMS Platform, an investor relations management platform that provides a more transparent reporting and documenting process for investors, with distribution workflow and waterfall calculator as well as waterfall…

Q4 Desktop

Q4 Desktop is a software solution designed to enable users to build a investor relations program, demonstrate its impact, and measure the success of investor outreach efforts. Q4 Desktop is designed to aggregate all the data generated by an IR program into a single platform so the…

Nasdaq IR Insight

Nasdaq IR Insight is an investor relations platform that allows users to monitor their markets and stock, connect with the right investment firms and send mass communications to investor contacts, and measure investor meetings against investment results.

BD Corporate

BD Corporate is a CRM that helps prospect for new investors, prepare for roadshows, track current investors and their holdings, manage an IR schedule and report on the success of investor outreach efforts. It was developed by IHS Markit, which is now a part of S&P Global since the…

RealPage Investment Management

The RealPage Investment Management supplies tools manage a portfolio of real estate assets, including financing and investment accounting, rich reporting features, and sharing for investors and partners.

Issuer Direct IR Solutions

Issuer Direct is a communications and compliance company, providing solutions for both Public Relations and Investor Relations Professionals. Their IR solutions are designed to maximize the user experience highlighting the most up to date news, stock activity, filings, and earnings…

Contemi Wealth Intelligence (WIN) Suite

Contemi Solutions helps financial service providers with automation programs of companies in insurance, capital markets, and asset & wealth management and wider financial services space across Europe, Asia and ANZ, through what they present as client-centric solutions and services.…

0 reviews

InvestorFlow is an investor and deal engagement platform that helps investment banks, alternative asset managers, fund administrators, and wealth managers create intelligent digital experiences and dramatically increase productivity and engagement. InvestorFlow integrates deal flow…

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DealPotential is a platform that offers financial and fund data on non-public companies worldwide. The platform comes with insights and analytics that cater to the needs of both entrepreneurs and investors while DealPotential leverages technologies like algorithms, AI, machine learning,…

ACCNITE onDemand

An Investor Relations CRM that connects the user's proprietary data with ACCNITE's database to analyse and act upon comprehensive investor insights. The solution helps to expand the investor base with the help of the AI-powered investor targeting, tracking meeting schedules or organizing…

Agora Investment Management
0 reviews

Agora is a real estate investment management solution, designed specifically for GPs, syndicators, and real estate firms. Agora's software includes a customizable Investor Portal, an advanced CRM, in-platform ACH payments, and advanced fundraising enablement tools. Agora also offers…

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A fundraising CRM & Investor Relationship Management (IRM) SaaS for startup founders to streamline the fundraising processes collaboratively in a structured & disciplined manner.

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Vertalo is a suite of blockchain based investor relations technologies from the company of the same name in Austin, featuring their Digital Assets platform, Cap Table Management solution, Digital Security Issuance, and the Vertalo Distribution Network.

Allvue Growth Equity

Allvue's Growth Equity Software is designed to help early-stage VC and PE firms grow, offering accounting, reporting, and investor communication tools designed to help venture capital and private equity firms supercharge their growth.

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Quoroom (formerly HighCastle) provides a professional cross-integrated software solution to manage investment workflow and securities. Quoroom solution includes shares, debentures and options management, data room with e-signing, legal templates and direct issuance to a cap table,…

Q4 Investor Relations Success Platform (IRSP)
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The Q4 Investor Relations Success Platform (IRSP) helps investor relations teams connect their investment opportunity with the right investor. The Q4 platform streamlines and integrates the IR workflow from website, to earnings, to targeting, to market intelligence and reporting.…

Allvue LP Portfolio Management

Allvue’s LP Portfolio Management solution is a platform designed to enable Limited Partners/Investors to perform front-middle-, and back-office activities within a single unified environment. It blends functionalities of CRM, Deal Tracking and Analysis, Portfolio Management and Analysis,…

Learn More About Investor Relations Software

What Is Investor Relations Software?

Investor relation software allows businesses to manage their relationships with investors by collecting investor-relevant company data. This data often includes metrics like the company’s financial information and performance. It then creates a user-friendly organized database with this information, which allows visibility and easily searchable material for investors. These tools are mainly used by financial service institutions and investor relations teams within public companies to provide a snapshot of their business partners.

Investor relation software contains other functionalities such as newsletter creations, attracting potential investors, and using the data captured to generate reports, legal documents, PPMS, capital calls, manager letters, account statements, and other critical documents. Users are also capable of signing and submitting these documents securely using esignatures. These software tools function as customer relationship management services, with more of an emphasis on communication between the business and its investors and potential investors.

Investor Relations Software Features

Some of the most common features found within investor relations software products include:

  • Data centralization

  • Investor Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Automated reports

  • Document creation and esignatures

  • Detailed investor transactions and valuations

  • Deal and acquisition management

  • Customized emails

Data Centralization

Investor relations software can collect intelligence on public and private companies, data on specific industries, risk assessments and other important information for easy reporting on company data contextualized with relevant industry information for investor and regulator use. This can help optimize office productivity by streamlining data sharing between multiple sources (PR and deal teams, fund managers, and other investors in the company). Most products also store the data so it doesn’t have to be collected every time.

Investor Relations Software Comparison

Some important factors to consider when deciding on an investor relations software include:

  • Use Case: Consider what aspects of investor relations are the highest priority for your organization. For instance, some vendors, such as S&P Capital IQ, specialize in financial competitor and valuation intelligence. Other vendors may focus more on investor communications management. Be aware of what each vendor is better at through reading reviews from current users.

  • Ease of Use. How easy is the product for your power users to administer and for your investors to navigate? When utilizing a customer relationships management platform, many users want a simple, straight forward program that’s easy to integrate within a department. Be sure to research the complexity of a system prior to deciding. Reviews will also often surface how easy to use a given product is.

  • Communication: Consider what avenues for investor communication are available in each solution. How easily can IR stakeholders share documents to investor audiences, or facilitate conversations with individual prospective investors?

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Pricing Information

Investor relations software are usually customized based on a company’s size and needs. For that reason, most companies do not offer pricing without specific details on the company in question. For the most accurate pricing, users would need to contact the company directly. Some companies have free trials available, but even those require contacting the company directly and setting up a custom interface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does investor relations software do?

Investor relations software collects financial information from numerous sources relevant to the customer company, then organizes it into an easily searchable database for investors. Certain vendors enable users to leverage that information to generate important reports and legal documents.

What are the benefits of using investor relations software?

Because of the ability to collect information and display it on a single user-friendly platform, businesses are able to make better investing decisions. These tools also save time and effort for all parties involved by allowing them to send documents directly, the ability to use eSignatures, and overall easier and quicker communication.

What are the best investor relations software products?

Some of the leading investor relations software include:

How much does investor relations software cost?

Investor relations software is usually customized based on a company’s size and needs. For that reason, most companies do not offer pricing without specific details on the company in question. For the most accurate pricing, users would need to contact the company directly. Some companies have free trials available, but even those require contacting the company directly and setting up a custom interface.