Investor Relations Software

Investor Relations Software Overview

What is Investor Relations Software?

Investor relations software collects financial information from numerous sources relevant to the customer company, then organizes it into an easily searchable database for investors. Certain vendors can even use that information to generate important reports and legal documents. Investor relations software is used by investor relations teams, which are generally subsets of PR/Marketing departments within public companies, as well as a variety of financial institutions.

Investor Relations Software Features & Capabilities

  • Data centralization

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Automated reports

  • Document creation and esignatures

  • Detailed investor transactions and valuations

  • Deal and acquisition management

Data centralization

Investor relations software can collect intelligence on public and private companies, data on specific industries, risk assessments and other important information for easy reporting on company data contextualized with relevant industry information for investor and regulator use. This can help optimize office productivity by streamlining data sharing between multiple sources (PR and deal teams, fund managers, and other investors in the company). Most products also store the data so it doesn’t have to be collected every time.

CRM (Customer Resource Management)

Investor relations software can also offer CRM tools for a more centralized method of recording and tracking communication with customers. Some even integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Office Suite, allowing users to link emails, data and documents into certain reports.

Aside from reports, an investment firm can also generate PPMs, capital calls, manager letters, account statements and other critical documents with a CRM platform. Customers can then sign and submit those documents securely using esignatures.

Pricing Information

Investor relations software can be customized based on a company’s size and needs. For that reason, most companies do not offer pricing without specific details on the company in question. For the most accurate pricing, users would need to contact the company directly.

Some companies have free trials available, but even those require contacting the company directly and setting up a custom interface.

Investor Relations Products

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S&P Capital IQ
13 ratings
7 reviews
Capital IQ is a market intelligence software solution offered by S&P Global Market Intelligence, which is the result of McGraw Hill Financial's acquisition of SNL Financial.
10 ratings
4 reviews
PitchBook is a business intelligence software offering from PitchBook.
CB Insights
4 ratings
3 reviews
CB Insights is a tech market intelligence platform that analyzes data on venture capital, startups, patents, and other data to predict market trends.
0 ratings
1 review
Backstop Solutions Group in Chicago provides cloud-based technology supporting hedge funds. These applications include tools for investment research and analytics, accounting, a financial services specific CRM, and investor relations and document sharing tools, as well as investment portfolio manage…
Nasdaq IR Insight
1 rating
1 review
Nasdaq IR Insight is an investor relations platform that allows users to monitor their markets and stock, connect with the right investment firms and send mass communications to investor contacts, and measure investor meetings against investment results.
Berkman Lextree
Lextree is software designed to track legal entities. The key features are described below. Create All Entity Types The software comes preconfigured with the following legal entity types: corporation, general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, limited liability limit…
Sherpany Investor Service
Sherpany Investor Service is solution that is designed to bring companies together with their shareholders in one place. It can be used to facilitate communication between companies, board members and investors.
Q4 Desktop
Q4 desktop is an Investor Relations CRM and workflow platform designed to manage all aspects of an Investor relations program.
Black Diamond Wealth Platform
SS&C Advent offers the Black Diamond Wealth Platform, a wealth management platform for wealth managers, IBDs, and financial advisors, which provides a streamlined workflow with communication / collaboration tools, personalized investor login interface and other service-oriented features.
Broadridge Corporate Issuer
Broadridge offers the Corporate Issuer suite of products for law firms and corporate entities to improve shareholder relations and interactions, including Virtual Shareholder Meeting and Shareholder Meeting Registration, Disclosure Management, and Stock Transfer, Proxy Services, and other applicatio…
Eze Investment Suite
Eze Software headquartered in Boston offers the Eze Investment Suite, an extensive set of applications to guide investment processes and investor relations, containing a multi-asset class portfolio accounting system, Eze Eclipse cloud-based investment management platform featuring centralized book o…
Dynamo Software in Watertown offers their flagship investor relations platform Dynamo, which features, beyond basic contact management, fundraising tools, event management, and communication features specific to investment portfolio and investor management.
IMS Platform
Investor Management Services (IMS) headquartered in Charlotte offers the IMS Platform, an investor relations management platform that provides a more transparent reporting and documenting process for investors, with distribution workflow and waterfall calculator as well as waterfall audit.
ReportWa is a real-time report creation and distribution solution that empowers financial advisors with self-service capabilities. ReportWa is a single tool for your reporting and compliance needs that lets you design pixel-perfect reports with data visualization, allowing users to gain useful insig…
AIM (Alternative Investment Management)
AIM, Altvia’s portfolio management CRM solution, is a proven solution to harness interactions of your investments, portfolio performance, and back-end systems to scale your growth. The vendor aims to help you successfully raise and deploy capital, ensure compliance and deliver a trusted and transpar…
Navatar is ta financial services cloud software of choice for alternative asset, asset management and wealth management firms from the company of the same name in New York. With over 600 clients across 35 countries, Navatar combines workflows for investor relations, deal management, virtual data roo…
Founded in 2013 by ex-Venture Capitalists, Tracxn is a platform for tracking startups and private companies spread across 300+ technology sectors and 800+ emerging themes, with dedicated coverage on 30+ countries. It is powered by a unique combination of human analysts and artificial intelligenc…
Vertalo is a suite of blockchain based investor relations technologies from the company of the same name in Austin, featuring their Digital Assets platform, Cap Table Management solution, Digital Security Issuance, and the Vertalo Distribution Network.
HighCastle Fundraising and Cap Table Management
HighCastle provides a solution to manage investor pipeline, connect with new investors, close a funding round with all necessary legal documents, issue and manage equity and debt securities, convertibles, options and maintain shareholder relations. HighCastle equity management software is designed f…
Platform Group, a capital markets technology company in Toronto, offers Irwin, designed to find, engage and build relationships with the right investors at the right time.