Streaming Analytics Software

Best Streaming Analytics Software include:

TIBCO Streaming, Confluent Platform, and Amazon Kinesis.

Streaming Analytics Software Overview

What is Streaming Analytics Software?

Streaming Analytics is performing analytic computations on streaming data. Data streams can come from devices, sensors, websites, social media, applications, infrastructure systems, and more.

The emergence of the big data revolution means that vast amounts of data are flowing at high velocity, and corporations must process this streaming data in real time to achieve differentiation from their competitors.

Streaming Analytics Features & Capabilities

  • Visualization dashboards

  • Real-time data analysis and reporting

  • Compatible with multiple data sources

  • Integrated development tools

  • Data wrangling/prep

  • Data enrichment

  • Automation through machine learning

Uses of Streaming Analytics Software

Streaming analytics is uniquely important in real-time stock-trading analysis by financial services companies. it has also become crucial for real-time fraud detection; data and identity protection services, and analysis of Internet of Things data from sensors embedded in physical objects.

Streaming Analytics vs. Complex Event Processing

This category of tools is an evolution of Complex Event Processing (CEP) software, designed specifically for the big data era. Some of the differences between these two related categories are:

  • Stream Processing Engines tend to be distributed while CEP engines tend to be more centralized

  • Stream Processing Engines require custom code while CEP engines often have a SQL like a query language.

  • CEP engines are tuned for low latency and often they respond within few milliseconds while Stream Processing engines take close to a second to generate results.

Pricing Information

Some companies elect to build their own solutions using sometimes components like message brokers, stream processing engines, data extraction tools, and more. However, the degree of expertise required to build easy-to-use scalable platforms can be daunting. For this reason, many prefer to purchase end-to-end platforms. These products are often provided as cloud services and pricing plans vary, making direct comparison difficult. Some products charge users by streaming units consumed and the amount of data processed. Other vendors charge by usage hours.

Streaming Analytics Products

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TIBCO Streaming (StreamBase)
30 ratings
14 reviews
The TIBCO Streaming (StreamBase®) platform is a high-performance system for rapidly building applications that analyze and act on real-time streaming data. Using TIBCO Streaming, users can rapidly build real-time systems and deploy them at a fraction of the cost and risk of other alternatives.
IBM Streaming Analytics
59 ratings
8 reviews
IBM Streaming Analytics is a fully managed service that frees you from time-consuming installation, administration, and management tasks, giving you more time to develop streaming applications. It is powered by IBM Streams, an advanced analytic platform that you can use to ingest, analyze, and corre…
Amazon Kinesis
11 ratings
3 reviews
Amazon Kinesis is a streaming analytics suite for data intake from video or other disparate sources and applying analytics for machine learning (ML) and business intelligence.
Confluent Platform
13 ratings
1 reviews
The Confluent Platform is an event streaming platform for enterprises from the company of same name in Mountain View, developed by the original developers of Apache Kafka.
Vitria VIA
VIA, from Vitria in Menlo Park, is an analytics platform which can consume large quantities of data from disparate systems and produce multi-dimensional, time-series and predictive analyses.
SQLstream Blaze
San Francisco-based SQLstream offers SQLstream Blaze, a streaming analytics platform for high throughput data, supporting a variety of streaming sources, data discovery, data wrangling, real-time threat detection and analytics.
Informatica Data Engineering Streaming
The AI-powered Informatica Data Engineering Streaming enables data engineers to ingest, process, and analyze real-time streaming data for actionable insights.
BlackLynx Accelerated Analytics (formerly Ryft)
BlackLynx (formerly Ryft) offers their Accelerated Analytics service.
Enterprise Fluentd
Used by Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and many more, Fluentd was invented by Treasure Data to easily collect, parse, and deliver massive amounts of data from applications, infrastructure, network devices, and log files. Enterprise Fluentd expands on that original vision and brings enterprise-grade secu…
Solace PubSub+
Solace in Ottawa offers the Solace Cloud to support a cloud infrastructure with enterprise messaging-as-a-service to speed cloud app development in an event-driven architecture, bridge on-premise services to cloud services, and support Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications.
Azure Stream Analytics
Microsoft offers Azure Stream Analytics for IoT and connected devices, supporting real-time analytics and reporting.
Apache Flink
Apache Flink is a streaming analytics for tracking real-time events over event-based applications, for managing high throughput with guaranteed correctness and consistency.
SAS Event Stream Processing
SAS Event Stream Processing is a real-time streaming data analytics platform supporting high throughput workflows and processes such as IoT, sensors, and other transactions.
Impetus in Los Gatos offers StreamAnalytix, a streaming analytics platform for receiving multi-structured data (NoSQL and RDBMS), messaging services, and cloud data stores, and supplying real-time actionable analytics on high velocity data.
Esper Enterprise Edition
Esper Enterprise Edition is an enterprise ready, complex event and streaming analytics processing platform.
Apache Samza
Apache Samza is an open-source near-realtime, asynchronous computational framework for stream processing developed by the Apache Software.
Hitachi Streaming Data Platform (HSDP)
Hitachi Vantara offers the Hitachi Streaming Data Platform (HSDP) supporting IoT operations with data-in-motion streaming analytics.
Altimetrik A3P
Altimetrik headquartered in Southfield offers the A3P analytics tool.
Kinetica Active Analytics Platform
Kinetica headquartered in San Francisco offers the Kinetica Active Analytics Platform, a streaming analytics platform based on an embedded database.
Xavient Data Ingestion Platform (DiP)
Xavient Digital Data Ingestion Platform (DiP) provides a streaming analytics solution for telecoms.
Jet-Stream Pro
Jet-Stream is a multi-CDN streaming platform for leading broadcasters, publishers, sports clubs, events, studios, video producers and brands. Jet-Stream’s multi-CDN integration enables availability, performance and scalability with active request routing (no DNS lag) and intelligent algorithms. Acco…
Striim is an enterprise-grade platform that offers continuous real-time data ingestion, high-speed in-flight stream processing, and sub-second delivery of data to cloud and on-premises endpoints.
Rockset is a serverless search and analytics engine that does fast SQL on NoSQL data from Kafka, DynamoDB, S3 and more. According to the vendor, it delivers millisecond-latency SQL over TBs of raw data, without any ETL. Rockset integrates with the user's database, data stream or data lake to continu…
EVAM Event Streaming Platform
EVAM is a real-time Event Stream Processing Platform (ESP) having real-time data integration and streaming advanced analytics with ML/AI and Microservice enabled capabilities.EVAM ESP exists at leading global companies in different industries including Telco, Banking, Retail & Loyalty and Transp…