Scale-Out Storage Solutions

Scale-Out Storage Solutions Overview

What are Scale-Out Storage Solutions?

Scale-out storage is expandable network-attached storage (NAS) architecture not confined to a single form factor, but extensible and configurable as needed, intended to scale with business storage and performance needs.

Scale-Out Storage Products

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IBM POWER9 Servers
97 ratings
28 reviews
IBM offers the POWER9 series of servers, available in scale-out or scale-up variants.
Pure Storage FlashBlade
38 ratings
19 reviews
Pure Storage offers FlashBlade, a scale-out file and object storage – architected to consolidate complex data silos (like backup appliances and data lakes) while accelerating tomorrow's discoveries and insights.
IBM POWER8 Servers
2 ratings
2 reviews
IBM offers a wide range of scale-out servers and storage options, including their POWER8 line of scale-out enterprise grade servers, part of the IBM Power Systems family of servers.
Quantum StorNext
1 ratings
1 reviews
StorNext, from Quantum, is file system software.
StorageCraft OneXafe
1 ratings
1 reviews
StorageCraft OneXafe is a high performance scale-out file storage appliance, replacing the former Exablox line of scale-out devices acquired by StorageCraft in January 2017 to boost that company's product line.
Oracle ZFS
4 ratings
1 reviews
Oracle ZFS is a file storage appliance.
DDN IME All-Flash Cache
DataDirect Networks (DDN) offers their Infinite Memory Engine (IME) offered in the IME140 and IME240 appliances or via an IME software only edition, DDN IME Flash-Native Cache.
Fujitsu Primergy CX Series
Fujitsu's Primergy line of servers includes the CX series, a scale-out storage solution supporting HPC and server farms.
HP PolyServe (Discontinued)
HP acquired PolyServe and has since discontinued the product line.
QCT Rackgo X
QCT, a Quanta Computer company headquartered in San Jose, offers Rackgo X, a scale-out rack server.
Harmonic MediaGrid
Harmonic headquartered in San Jose offers MediaGrid, scale-out storage solutions designed to support digital media delivery.
NEC DX2000 Server
NEC offers the Dx2000 server series, a hyperdense modular scale out server series.
NEC HYDRAstor HS8-5000
NEC offers the HYDRAstor HS8-5000 scale-out grid storage and deduplication appliance.
Western Digital Ultrastar Serv Series
The Western Digital Ultrastar Serv Series is a line of flash, software defined storage (SDS) optimized solutions available in the Serv24 series. The Serv series includes the Serv24, Serv24-4N, Serv24HA, Serv24-A, Serv24+6 and Serv60+8 hybrid storage series.
Cloudian HyperFile NAS
Cloudian offers HyperFile NAS, a scale-out NAS which delivers scalable enterprise file services, on-prem. Together with Cloudian HyperStore®, HyperFile provides a cost-effective solution for capacity-intensive, less frequently used files.