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Best Scale-Out Storage Solutions include:

Dell PowerScale, Oracle ZFS, Arcserve OneXafe and Quantum StorNext.

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Pure Storage FlashBlade

Pure Storage offers FlashBlade, a scale-out file and object storage – architected to consolidate complex data silos (like backup appliances and data lakes) while accelerating tomorrow's discoveries and insights.

Dell PowerScale

Dell Technologies presents Dell PowerScale (replacing EMC Isilon) as a scale-out NAS solution and server technology that provides the flexibility of a software-defined architecture with accelerated hardware innovations to harness the value of data. Isilon Systems was acquired by…

EMC XtremIO Flash Storage (discontinued)

XtremIO was a flash storage from EMC that is now discontinued. Dell Technologies instead offers the PowerStore series.

Oracle ZFS

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance is designed to power diverse workloads so users efficiently consolidate legacy storage systems and achieve universal application acceleration and reliable data protection for data.

Quantum StorNext

StorNext, from Quantum, is file system software.

Arcserve OneXafe

Arcserve OneXafe (formerly by StorageCraft) is a high performance scale-out file storage appliance, replacing the former Exablox line of scale-out devices acquired by Arcserve in January 2017 to boost that company's product line.

DDN SFA7990XTM Hybrid Flash Storage Platform

The SFA7990XTM Hybrid Flash Storage Platform is designed to grow with the needs of accelerating business requirements. Select the optimal blend of price, performance and capacity, and the SFA7990X delivers, meeting the broadest range of workloads. The SFA7990X addresses intensive…

NEC DX2000 Server

NEC offers the Dx2000 server series, a hyperdense modular scale out server series.

Cloudian HyperFile NAS

Cloudian offers HyperFile NAS, a scale-out NAS which delivers scalable enterprise file services, on-prem. Together with Cloudian HyperStore®, HyperFile provides a cost-effective solution for capacity-intensive, less frequently used files.

QCT Rackgo X
0 reviews

QCT, a Quanta Computer company headquartered in San Jose, offers Rackgo X, a scale-out rack server.

Dell APEX Data Storage Services

A Storage-as-a-Service portfolio of scalable and elastic storage resources designed for OpEx treatment, boasting 99.9999% availability. It is pay-for-what-you-use, and deployed on-premises in an enterprise data center, or in a Dell-managed interconnected colocation facility, enabling…

NEC HYDRAstor HS8-50

The NEC Storage HS8-50* scale-out grid storage platform provides flexibility of independently scaling performance and capacity within single system for the life of stored data. It further optimizes storage efficiency with Global Deduplication across entire grid with high backup throughput,…

Western Digital Ultrastar Serv Series

The Western Digital Ultrastar Serv Series is a line of flash, software defined storage (SDS) optimized solutions available in the Serv24 series. The Serv series includes the Serv24, Serv24-4N, Serv24HA, Serv24-A, Serv24+6 and Serv60+8 hybrid storage series.

HP PolyServe (Discontinued)

HP acquired PolyServe and has since discontinued the product line.

Fujitsu Primergy CX Series

Fujitsu's Primergy line of servers includes the CX series, a scale-out storage solution supporting HPC and server farms.

DDN SFA NVMe Storage (DDN SFA200X2/SFA400X2)

DDN Storage Fusion Architecture (SFA) appliances, available in the SFA200NV and SFA400NV editions, provide a scalable flash storage solution.

Harmonic MediaGrid

Harmonic headquartered in San Jose offers MediaGrid, scale-out storage solutions designed to support digital media delivery.

Scality RING
0 reviews

Scality, headquartered in San Francisco, has built a storage and data management ecosystem to protect and propel our customers into the digital age. Scality storage unifies data management from edge to core to cloud. Their file and object storage software protects data on-premises…

Learn More About Scale-Out Storage Solutions

What are Scale-Out Storage Solutions

Scale-Out Storage solutions are a type of NAS (network-attached storage) architecture that allows organizations to add on device arrays as their total amount of data grows. That is, when capacity is reached in a scale-out system, new storage arrays can be added in order to expand the amount of storage available in the system.

Scale-out solutions enable organizations to purchase only as much storage space as they initially need, rather than trying to predict how much storage they may need in the future and then scale-out if necessary. Scale-out solutions are just one kind of NAS architecture. More traditional scale-up solutions exist as well. With scale-up solutions, users must purchase a new set of storage drives.

The addition of these new storage drives affects the network negatively in two ways. First, adding storage in a scale-up system disrupts the network because it must be shut down in order to add memory. And, secondly, it harms the performance of the network because the processing capacity of the system does not increase with the increase of storage.

Scale-out storage solutions solve both of these problems since IT administrators can add in storage arrays without shutting down and thus disrupting the network. And with scale-out storage, the addition of storage arrays also increases their processing capacity, avoiding negative effects on their performance. Scale-out storage gives a network the ability to scale without hardly any limitations.

Scale-Out Storage Solutions Features

Most scale-out storage solutions offer the following features:

  • Data Storage

  • Data Security

  • Data Migration

  • Data Consolidation

  • Data Insights

Scale-Out Storage Solutions Comparison

In order to choose the right Scale-Out Storage solution, prospective buyers should consider what kind of data they would be storing. A product may be better suited for blob storage like images or videos while others may be better suited for more structured file storage.

Another consideration prospective buyers should have is how much IT resources their organization has. Scale-Out Storage solutions vary with respect to their technical customer support options and how easy the system is to implement and maintain.

Pricing Information

Data storage needs differ significantly from organization to organization. Therefore, vendors offering scale-out storage solutions do not generally give “out of the box” pricing options.

For pricing, prospective buyers will need to contact vendors directly in order to get a quote based on their specific needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Scale-Out Storage Solutions do?

Scale-Out Storage solutions enable users to purchase the amount of storage they need for their NAS architecture and scale it out as needed by increasing the number of arrays in the system.

What are the benefits of using Scale-Out Storage Solutions?

Going with a scale-out storage solution can drastically lower the initial price of the storage solution. It allows businesses to purchase storage on an as-needed basis, rather than having to purchase large amounts of storage capacity upfront. This also ensures that storage space does not go to waste if an organization does not end up needing it.

Scale-out storage solutions also offer better performance for businesses that expect to scale out their data storage needs as they grow. Scale-up solutions tend to slow down performance as storage space is added because control function capacity does not scale alongside storage space.

What are the best Scale-Out Storage products?

How much does Scale-Out Storage Solutions cost?

Prospective buyers should reach out to the vendors directly in order to get a price quote for the level of service that meets their data storage needs.