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11 Ratings
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Brand Embassy

Brand Embassy is excellent for brands that utilize a great influx of traffic, though even smaller channels will surely see a ton of improved feedback by using the platform. Having the ability to approach each audience differently yet organize the results and responses together, with the option for comparison and having the report issued separately or together is a great deal better than to have to do the manual work yourself (not to mention it is not going to be as insightful nor precise).
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  • Easy to understand and use interface with detailed perks for responding, evaluating and tracking user feedback.
  • Excellent and easy to generate reports with lots of relevant data for day-to-day operations.
  • Agent performance and team management.
  • Easily measurable KPIs thanks to detailed reporting.
  • Use of tags and sentiment help make analysis of customer behavior easier.
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  • Perhaps a tad easier function for starting our new conversations with users (though I understand there is already a fix planned for this particular field).
  • I would like to have more control over tag creation, maybe added keyword complexity.
  • Conversation numbering based on topic (by customer individually or by a tag) could also improve some of the reports.
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Likelihood to Renew

Brand Embassy7.7
Based on 5 answers
Good terms and pricing + cooperation with the team while implementing custom stuff.
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Brand Embassy9.1
Based on 3 answers
It is difficult to describe just how awesome the support guys and gals at Brand Embassy are. Ever-present and eager to help, with kind and helpful attitude and you can really feel they are doing this to help you make results
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Alternatives Considered

Better organized, with more identifiable and easily accessible data, not to mention, these two offer the bare bones of functionality. Sure you can see raw data but you cannot actually do anything with them as a whole - you need to do all the comparison and analysis yourself which can take a long time
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Return on Investment

  • Very positive in terms of customer engagement - improved response and issue resolution times.
  • Excellent in terms of agent involvement - we have more control and way more insight into what is being said, done and talked about on our social media channels than ever before.
  • Very positive in terms of identifying strengths and weaknesses of our own internal departments, i.e. what we can improve in order to gain significantly greater customer satisfaction.
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Brand Embassy

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Brand Embassy

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