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219 Ratings
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HireVue is great for pre-screening candidates. It can be difficult to get managers to use a new tool. Some don't like being recorded, so for those that are uncomfortable we turn the record feature off. After using the tool though managers and candidates typically have a good experience. It is nice to be able to share interviews with different evaporators.


  • OnDemand Interviews is a great feature that lets you set up video/multiple choice/codevue questions. You send it to the candidates and they are able to take the interview on their time and in the comfort of their own home.
  • HireVue and HireVue Pro apps. This is a great tool for manager and candidates to take/review interviews on the go.
  • HireVue has the ability to upload candidates via a CVS file, which is nice when you have tons of applicants.


  • Sometimes videos come through that don't have audio or something is messed up on the video. It would be nice if the system would detect this and let the user know before completing. (Maybe it already does and the user is lacking?).
  • Don't show all the user ratings on an individual until you have given a rating. I think sometimes we are swayed by how our peers review someone. I think it would be helpful to not see any of this feedback until the reviews have been completed. So showing the rating and comments after all reviewers have had the chance to complete the review.

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Alternatives Considered

I was not initially a part of the selection process for HireVue. Skype for Business is often recommended by the business since it is the current internal messaging platform. Unfortunately with Skype for Business we are not able to interview external candidates, evaluate candidates, schedule/invite candidates, comment and rate interviews, etc. Skype for Business is a video conference platform whereas HireVue is specifically for digital interviewing

Return on Investment

  • Faster completion of the overall process.
  • If we have to select an employee quickly (sometimes we may lose positions if not selected fast enough) then HireVue helps us to be confident in our selections.
  • We are able to go back to previous applicants and review again if necessary. So the library of applicants is helpful.

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