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BlueCherry, Handshake B2B Commerce, from Shopify, and A2000.

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Netsuite SuiteSuccess
7 ratings
2 reviews
NetSuite boasts a deep understanding of retail businesses and the many challenges they face. Leveraging this experience, NetSuite has developed SuiteSuccess, a new methodology focusing on four key areas including BI, continuous customer engagement lifecycle, retail best practice, and phased implemen…
0 ratings
1 review
Forma is building photorealistic avatars, and its first application is to provide digital tryons for e-commerce shopping. The vendor says consumers are overwhelmed by choice in the digital world, which manifests in high customer acquisition costs, 'I look nothing like your model' complaints, short s…
Handshake B2B Commerce, from Shopify
1 rating
1 review
The Handshake B2B Commerce platform, now from Shopify (acquired May 2019), is an ecommerce tool designed to make buying and selling simple, intuitive and mobile. With it, sales reps and their customers can place orders on any device, anywhere, anytime.
2 ratings
1 review
CGS’s BlueCherry Enterprise Suite has the built-in capacity to address the fundamental needs of all core management, planning, design and product development, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics and sales functions. With end-to-end capabilities, the BlueCherry Enterprise Suite enables consumer lifes…
Cegid Retail (Yourcegid)
Cegid's omnichannel retail solution is designed to address the needs of retailers, particularly fashion, and brands operating single or multiple store formats including own stores, franchises, concessions, boutiques, department stores, superstores, travel retail and across multiple sectors of activi…
Australian company DecoNetwork provides a website with online designer and customer management features for online retailers to manage their web business.
British company Hark Solutions offers aWorkbook, which they describe as a digital sell-in and order writing software, essentially helping familiar brands create organized and tailored sales presentations to dealers of their products.
GCS Software in New York offers A2000, a B2B solution and ERP solution for apparel, footwear, and similar brands. A2000 is meant to provide a singular comprehensive solution for product lifecycle, warehousing and sales operations.
Vision Suite
Vision Suite from Jesta I.S. in Montreal provides supply chain operational support to apparel retailers for merchandise and inventory planning.
TRIMIT Fashion
TRIMIT Fashion makes it easier to run a fashion business. It is an end-to-end business software solution that automates and optimizes your business processes - from development to delivery.Some Benefits You work in one single IT system that is specific to your industry.TRIMIT Fashion is built from a…
Trendalytics in New York offers their analytics platform for retail merchandise (e.g. apparel) planning, as the name might suggest attempting to quantify trends that may inform pricing and product placement optimization.
QArt Fashion
QArt is a B2B mobile first platform for fashion brands enabling them to collect and manage orders effectively via different channels. It enables the brands to capture orders/estimates from Retailers and Stores during fashion line launches (Tradeshows) in a fast and intuitive way and then enable the …
Centric PLM
Centric PLM is a product lifecycle management suite designed for retail, fashion, and apparel (e.g. shoes), developed by Centric Software and acquired by Dassault Systemes in 2018.
NGC Software Andromeda Cloud Platform
NGC Software supports retailers and brand owners with the Andromeda Cloud Platform, including cloud solutions for Supply Chain Management (SCM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Global Quality Control (QC) and Vendor Compliance (VC). NGC’s Andromeda links retailers and brands with their vendors, …
VStitcher by Browzwear
Browzwear aims to is drive digital transformation in the fashion industry through 3D prototypes that are identical to physical samples. With the use of digital samples that are true to life throughout the apparel workflow, apparel companies can speed up time to market and reduce the cost of goods su…
OptaFloor is a real-time production tracking system for the apparel industry whichthe vendor states can boost productivity and efficiency by up to 25%. It’s a cloud-based software consisting of a web and an android application. Real-time data is captured through a tablet or mobile device installed a…
OptaCut is a fabric cut plan optimization software tool which the vendor states can save up to 3% fabric, reduce planning time by 90% and gives users excellent process control. The vendor states that most companies focus only on marker efficiency for optimizing the fabric. Jaza Software approach is…
OptaPlan is an order management tool. Make custom TNA for each buyer, execute & review them as they progress. Works as an early warning system for pro-active decision making. The application is specifically designed for export houses where managing TNA is very critical for successful execution …
Mobile Tailor
Mobile Tailor, is a body scanning contactless solution for made-to-measure and bespoke businesses that brings customer's body measurements virtually, with just two photos. How does it work? Log into Mobile Tailor's cabinet and create a customer profile. Send customers a personal measurement link f…
Visulon GoToMarket
Visulon’s GoToMarket system accelerates seasonal Line Planning, Visual Assortment Planning along with data-driven SKU plans for margin, IMU, and target calculations. The cloud-based platform aggregates product data/attributes and images in real-time for complex tasks of seasonal product releases fo…
Intellocut is fabric cutting and planning software from ThreadSol / Coats Digital.
Morgan Tecnica
Morgan Tecnica headquartered in Adro offers a suite of software tools to support the apparel and fashion industry.
Optitex in New York offers 2D & 3D CAD/CAM software solutions for the apparel and fashion industries.
o9 Solutions
o9 Solutions headquartered in Dallas provide their suite Integrated Business Planning solutions oriented to the long-term planning needs of retail and apparel, supporting demand and sales forecasting on the product feature (e.g. product planning and change) or product marketing (e.g. promotions) lev…
Stitch-Custom Tailoring Platform
Stitch is website design software especially developed for creating online custom tailoring portals. According to the vendor, this is a platform for budding entrepreneurs who are looking to start a new online business like Blacklapel or ModernTailor within a small budget. Stitch is a solution that …