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18 Ratings
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Livefyre Studio

I was strictly the implementor of Livefyre (for my company only). That task alone was at least 3 weeks worth of work. From a user standpoint, Livefyre is a good product which is why this review is strictly about how difficult it was to implement. Therefore, if a colleague was to ask me if I recommend Livefyre, it's not a straight answer. Questions like, 'how fast do you need it?', 'how centralized is your user database?', 'do you want social login?', all come into question and were details that made my job not easy (hence, my review of 5/10 for suggesting it to others). Once implemented, Livefyre is a great product (notice my overall review is higher), but based on my experience with implementation, it certainly requires a senior developer's dedicated time and patience to set up exactly as desired. For smaller companies with small/simple user bases and websites, the process may be more straightforward, but from my experience, it wasn't out-of-the-box at all.
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  • Allows users to communicate.
  • Gives users social options.
  • Adds SEO value to page.
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  • Sometimes service is inconsistent.
  • Migrating Livefyre data is difficult.
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Livefyre Studio8.8
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Pros and cons using any 3rd party vs building your own
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Alternatives Considered

We felt Livefyre was more innovative and better at SEO. It felt like we were working with a partner for the long haul who was interested in our business and how to improve it.
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Return on Investment

  • Increased user engagement.
  • Increased time on site.
  • Increased page views.
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Livefyre Studio

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Livefyre Studio

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