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DataMotion integrates modern secure information exchange into the systems users are in today. A variety of flexible APIs, a no-code web component, connectors, and pre-built solutions enable integration with existing workflows without having to replace systems or develop a new solution…

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DataMotion integrates modern secure information exchange into the systems users are in today. A variety of flexible APIs, a no-code web component, connectors, and pre-built solutions enable integration with existing workflows without having to replace systems or develop a new solution…


SimplePractice is a practice management platform, made specifically for small business owners in the health and wellness space. SimplePractice’s feature set includes secure messaging, customizable paperless intake forms, a template library, free appointment reminders (SMS, email,…

NeoCertified Secure Email

NeoCertified offers their HIPAA compliant Secure Email service, providing email encryption across all devices, including mobile and tablet devices.

Imprivata Cortext

Imprivata Cortext is a messaging security system that is HIPAA compliant and oriented towards the needs of those in the healthcare industry.


PerfectServe aims to improve patient safety and reduce provider burnout by automating workflows, speeding time to care, optimizing shift schedules, and streamlining communication. Its scheduling features are designed to satisfy provider preferences and organizational requirements…


Relatient partners with health systems and medical practices - comprising more than 40,000 providers across the US - to optimize the patient journey, from alerting patients to needed care, helping them find the right provider, scheduling appointments across multiple channels, and…

Welligent, Part of the ContinuumCloud

ContinuumCloud, headquartered in Tampa, now offers Welligent EHR Software, a solution combining EHR with direct secure patient communication, telemedicine, and revenue cycle management for mental health professionals.

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Updox is a collaboration platform for out-of-hospital healthcare providers. Updox is integrated with more than 100 electronic health records (EHR) and pharmacy management systems and boasts users among more than 400,000 users and 150 million patients. Updox offers capabilities for…

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Rhinogram’s virtual care platform allows providers to offer virtual visits through live video consults, text-based image and document exchange without the patient downloading an app or logging into a portal. Patients can text the user's practice phone line making it convenient to…

Buzz Communication & Collaboration Platform

Buzz® from Skyscape® is a platform for healthcare providers, administrators and operation managers, patients, and their families to communicate securely for better care coordination. Buzz streamlines patient care and collaboration and helps users to save on healthcare delivery costs,…

iShare Medical Messaging

iShare Medical is an online platform for securing, sending, and sharing medical information among patients, providers, and payers, from the company of the same name in Kansas City.

Secure Exchange SES Direct
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SES Direct, from Secure Exchange Solutions in Rockville, is a direct secure messaging service with end-to-end message encryption, integration options and directory services so end users and administrators have data security as well as connectivity.

Halo Clinical Collaboration Platform

The Halo Clinical Communication and Collaboration Platform, from Halo Health in Cincinnati, enables secure messaging, on-call scheduling, VoIP and mobilization of critical results and alerts.

Elation Health

Elation Health is a technology platform for high-value primary care built on a collaborative EHR platform that help practices deliver personalized care to patients. Elation Health states they serve 24,000 clinicians caring for millions of Americans.

QliqCHAT HIPAA-Compliant Messaging

QliqCHAT HIPAA-Compliant Messaging is a real-time, secure healthcare communication platform that connects every care team member and facilitates effective, patient-focused collaboration. It is used to securely bridge the communication and collaboration gap between doctors, nurses,…

Mimecast Secure Messaging Service

Mimecast’s Secure Messaging solution provides secure email communications from employees' email client. Administrators can set overarching security policies, which are applied automatically in the Mimecast service.

Voalte Platform

The Voalte Platform, by Baxter, is a unified digital care communications solution that allows healthcare teams to connect with each other and their patients. The platform integrates with existing hospital systems, putting vital information at nurses' and doctors' fingertips — when…

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Klara, headquartered in New York with an office in Berlin, supports healthcare communication, enabling healthcare providers to securely communicate with their patients and with each other, without worrying about HIPAA compliance or losing track of patient information, while streamlining…

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Kno2 offers their communication API for healthcare. With a connection to the Kno2 network, users can integrate product with the capabilities required to communicate with anyone participating in the healthcare ecosystem.

Spruce Health
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Spruce is a platform for HIPAA-compliant healthcare communication, used to send messages, files, and audio notes, and able to support telemedicine from a phone or desktop.

GoNotice by InfoCert
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GoNotice by InfoCert is a software solution used to ensure secure and verifiable delivery and receipt of notifications of special contracting conditions, and facilitates secure and certified communication of complaints. It produces an audit trail with legal value, and tracks each…

DataMotion Direct Secure Messaging

DataMotion's API and pre-built Direct Secure Messaging solutions aim to enable healthcare providers, payers, vendors, HIEs and patients to experience frictionless and secure health information exchange. By taking the familiar structure of email and enhancing it with sender and recipient…

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Element is a Matrix-based end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) secure collaboration and messaging app.It provides instant messaging, voice and video calls, screen sharing and file sharing; for 1:1s to chat rooms. It’s available to use across Web, Android, iOS, macOS, Windows & Linux.Its…

Everbridge CareConverge

CareConverge from Everbridge allows users to begin working with a patient before they even arrive at the hospital. By using voice, text, images and video, clinical stakeholders can diagnosis the patient, share lab results, and treat the patient. With it the user can send code alerts,…

Surescripts Clinical Direct Messaging

Integrated with EHR workflows, Clinical Direct Messaging from Surescripts headquartered in Alexandria lets pharmacists and clinicians send and receive information across multiple care collaboration scenarios.

Learn More About Direct Secure Messaging Systems

What is Direct Secure Messaging?

Direct secure messaging is a method of transferring healthcare data within a private network. Healthcare providers use direct secure messaging to send referrals, transition patient care, and communicate with patients. Direct secure messaging systems ensure compliance with the HIPAA to maintain doctor-patient confidentiality.

Direct secure messaging systems use encrypted emails to facilitate the exchange of confidential healthcare data. Every direct secure messaging system requires access to a HISP, or Health Information Service Provider. The HISP network ensures that private messages are successfully transmitted to the proper recipient. These systems are also frequently utilized by patients to receive and transmit medical paperwork and diagnostic reports. Patients who utilize this software and services are provided the same level of protection and security over their information as the healthcare professionals who oversee them.

Direct secure messaging systems also integrate with Electronic Health Record (EHR) software, which stores electronic copies of a patient’s treatment history. Healthcare providers use EHR software to locate records that will be attached to a direct secure message. Once a direct secure message is ready to be sent, the HISP validates the recipient’s identity and provides notification of successful delivery.

Direct Secure Messaging Features

Most products in the Direct Secure Messaging have the following features:

  • Access to the HISP network
  • User credentials and permissions
  • Compliance with HIPAA privacy laws
  • Ability to transfer private healthcare information
  • Email messaging
  • Integration with Electronic Health Record (EHR) software
  • Automatic message deletion
  • Video and photo sharing
  • End-to-end encryption services

Direct Secure Messaging Comparison

When comparing Direct Secure Messaging software, businesses should consider the following factors:

Video Communication: While all direct secure messaging platforms offer communication capabilities with clients such as email and voice, not every platform offers the ability for video communication. For organizations that provide services such as teletherapy or check-ins, this capability is important for providing security to their online appointment services.

Platform Integrations: The ability to integrate across multiple platforms provides organizations the opportunity to sync messages across mobile, web, and desktop platforms. For businesses that work with a variety of professionals and patients, its imperative that all parties are able to access data and communications when needed, and aren’t prevented from access to do the fact they utilize a different device

Secret Chats: For organizations concerned about unintended users reading the data they send on platforms, they should consider vendors that provide the ability for secret chats. In these chats, users are only able to access their conversations on approved devices, minimizing the risk of an unauthorized party gaining access.

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Pricing Information

Most direct secure messaging systems are open-source regardless of the difference in features offered by various vendors. The Department of Health also offers this service free of charge to institutions that work with them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is direct secure messaging?

Direct secure messaging is used by healthcare providers to share confidential patient records. The records are sent in an email attachment and encrypted for more security.

How does a Health Information Service Provider (HISP) relate to direct secure messaging?

Health Information Service Providers facilitate the transfer of encrypted patient records. They ensure that the direct messages are sent to the correct recipient.

What are the benefits of using direct secure messaging?

Direct secure messaging allows healthcare providers to safely transfer patient records. All direct secure messaging systems are compliant with HIPAA privacy laws to uphold doctor-patient confidentiality.

How much does a direct secure messaging system cost?

Contact vendors to request a demo and get a quote for the cost of a direct secure messaging system. The price usually includes a one time startup fee and fixed monthly/annual payments.