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12 Ratings
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I believe SmartDraw is a great tool for small- to mid-sized organizations for simplifying the production and management of org charts. We've also had the PMO experiment with the use of some of their flow charts as well.If an organization has an HCM with the capability of producing (good!) org charts, that is likely the best option... but many that I have used in my 30-year HR career don't. So there is definitely a need for SmartDraw in the market!
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  • Provides examples to work off of--these are helpful when you don't know exactly where to start.
  • Provides a number of stylistic options without making things too complex, so you can be creative without getting overwhelmed.
  • Provides a wide variety of templates, meets a wide variety of needs.
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  • I would like to be able to select multiple objects and right click to align them. So far I have only found one way to get to the alignment and that is on the Design Screen.
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Alternatives Considered

Indigo Studio and Visio were other products used in my department.We chose SmartDraw over Visio on both features and cost.
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Return on Investment

  • SmartDraw is easy to learn and the impact is that our new team could come up to speed very quickly. Shortened the tool learning curve.
  • SmartDraw templates provide uniformity among the documents created by my team which saves time in sharing information and design work.
  • The in application file sharing saves time along with the in application save to another format to ship around to others who do not have the tool.
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