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Best Data Lakehouse Software include:

Databricks Lakehouse Platform (Unified Analytics Platform).

Data Lakehouse Software Overview

What are Data Lakehouses?

As businesses begin to use data from more and more sources simultaneously, it has become necessary to have repositories for large amounts of semi-structured data. These data sources are called data lakes. Data lakes allow for more flexibility in storage, at the expense of easy transaction support and schema governance. Though data warehouses allow for more control over the data, data lakes are an affordable way to store a lot of data from different sources.

A data lakehouse is an emerging technology that keeps the flexibility and openness of data lakes while expanding on their functionality to include some of the advanced features offered by data warehouses. Data lakehouses still hold data from many different sources, but they also allow for features more commonly associated with data warehouses, like concurrent data reading and writing, and additional support for data governance. These features enable real-time analytics tools that are becoming the norm in many industries. Data lakehouses are also highly scalable, allowing businesses to scale their compute resources up and down as needed.

The main benefit of a data lakehouse is a more affordable way to store disparate data compared to a data warehouse, without sacrificing the features like high-performance SQL.

Data Lakehouse Features & Capabilities:

The following features are common in Data Lakehouse solutions:

  • Schema support

  • Data reading and writing

  • End to end streaming

  • Transaction support

  • High performance SQL

Data Lakehouse Pricing Information:

Pricing for Data Lakehouses is highly dependent on the needs of the business. Most services allow users to turn compute resources on and off, so a diligent staff only has to pay for what they use. This also allows for simple scaling with a dynamic price point.

Data Lakehouse Products

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Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is a hosted data warehouse solution, from Amazon Web Services.


The Snowflake Cloud Data Platform is the eponymous data warehouse with, from the company in San Mateo, a cloud and SQL based DW that aims to allow users to unify, integrate, analyze, and share previously siloed data in secure, governed, and compliant ways. With it, users can securely…

Databricks Lakehouse Platform (Unified  Analytics Platform)

Databricks in San Francisco offers the Databricks Lakehouse Platform (formerly the Unified Analytics Platform), a data science platform and Apache Spark cluster manager. The Databricks Unified Data Service aims to provide a reliable and scalable platform for data pipelines, data…

Azure Synapse Analytics (Azure SQL Data Warehouse)

Azure Synapse Analytics is described as the former Azure SQL Data Warehouse, evolved, and as a limitless analytics service that brings together enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics. It gives users the freedom to query data using either serverless or provisioned resources,…

Amazon Athena

Amazon Athena is an interactive query service that makes it easy to analyze data directly in Amazon S3 using standard SQL. With a few clicks in the AWS Management Console, customers can point Athena at their data stored in S3 and begin using standard SQL to run ad-hoc queries and…