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Database Management Software

Database Management Software Overview

What is Database Management Software?

Relational database management systems enhance the functionality of standard databases. They do this by monitoring database performance and enabling database administration.

Databases usually contain some built-in management tools, but generally, they do not provide adequate functionality for large-scale database development.

Database Management Software Features & Capabilities

  • Management of user, roles, and infrastructure

  • Schema maintenance, including compare and sync

  • Performance optimization to measure and maintain overall responsiveness and efficiency of queries, database structures, etc.

  • Automated scripts for implementing database changes

  • Database security

Monitoring involves monitoring and optimizing the underlying hardware and software on which the system runs, the database structure or organization, and the SQL queries use to access the data.

Standard database administration includes making changes to the database, loading and unloading data, and other administrative tasks.

Additional Database Management Challenges

Development tools help database developers build and maintain the correct database structures to support various business applications. Once the database structure has been created, it must be tested by providing and editing test data. Development also involves the creation of stored procedures and User Defined Functions (UDF).

An additional set of challenges for these tools is the integration and administration of emerging “big data” technologies such as noSQL databases and the Hadoop framework. These tools require storage and processing of very large data sets from clustered commodity hardware.

Pricing Information

Database management software varies greatly in price depending on the feature set and scalability. Pricing schemes also vary. Some products are priced per user per month, while others are priced by CPU or processor core.

Database Management Products

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DBmaestro introduces DevOps and automation best practices to databases for the enterprise. The DBmaestro approach simplifies, accelerates, and improves release processes while modernizing database development via release pipelines long enjoyed elsewhere in the industry. Using our products, you wi...

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SQL Server Management Studio is the most popular integrated environment for developing T-SQL code and managing SQL Server infrastructure. SSMS provides many tools to monitor, configure, and administer SQL Server instances and databases. Still, SSMS lacks functionality that may increase developer'...