Monolithic Frame-based Disk Arrays

Best Monolithic Frame-based Disk Arrays include:

HP StorageWorks XP20000 (Discontinued).

Monolithic Frame-based Disk Arrays Overview

Monolithic Frame-based Disk Arrays may require a higher upfront cost than alternatives but offer high availability from redundancy features leading to fewer single points of failure.

Monolithic Frame-based Disk Arrays Products

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Dell EMC VMAX All Flash Storage
8 ratings
1 review
Dell EMC VMAX All Flash is the latest iteration in the former Symmetrix series of enterprise flash array storage, available in the Dell EMC VMAX 250F edition, or the Dell EMC VMAX 950F edition.
Hitachi Universal Storage Platform V
Hitachi's Universal Storage Platform V is a monolithic frame based disk array storage system.
Hitachi Unified Storage VM
Hitachi offers flash array storage, Unified Storage VM.
HP StorageWorks XP24000 (Discontinued)
HP StorageWorks XP24000 is a line of storage systems, from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise that is now end of life.
HP StorageWorks XP P9500
HP StorageWorks XP P9000 is a storage appliance.
HP StorageWorks XP20000 (Discontinued)
HP StorageWorks XP20000 is a disk storage system, from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise that is now EOL.
NEC iStorage S4900
NEC's iStorage is a disk storage system.
Fujitsu Eternus DX8000
Fujitsu Eternus DX8000 is a disk storage system.