Modular Storage Area Network (SAN) Solutions

Best Modular Storage Area Network (SAN) Solutions include:

Dell EqualLogic PS Series.

Modular Storage Area Network (SAN) Solutions Overview

What are Modular SAN Solutions?

A Modular Storage Area Network (or Modular SAN) infrastructure emphasizes a scalable, flexible architecture that can be set up with relative ease and simplicity, and at affordable pricing, without making overly great sacrifices in performance.

Modular Storage Area Network (SAN) Products

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Nutanix AOS
122 ratings
76 reviews
Top Rated
Nutanix in San Jose, California offers their software-defined Enterprise Cloud as a hyper-converged infrastructure solution. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud solution combines the Nutanix Acropolis virtualization solution, Nutanix AHV hypervisor (though Acropolis works with other hypervisors), Prism clu…
HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage
19 ratings
8 reviews
HPE 3PAR StoreServ is a flash storage option, from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.
NetApp FAS series
33 ratings
6 reviews
NetApp's FAS series systems offers a storage array system for enterprises.
Dell EMC SC Series (Compellent)
27 ratings
5 reviews
Since it's acquisition in 2011 Compellent became a Dell product line of storage solutions (e.g. Dell Compellent Storage Center). Compellent products have been folded into the Dell EMC SC Series of enterprise flash and SAN storage devices.
Dell EqualLogic PS Series
12 ratings
3 reviews
Dell's EqualLogic PS Series is a line of storage appliances, from Dell.
EMC VNX (Discontinued)
21 ratings
3 reviews
The former EMC VNX series is EOL. The vendor invites users to instead try Dell EMC's Unity series family of midrange storage appliances.
2 ratings
2 reviews
HPE MSA (modular smart array), formerly HP StorageWorks MSA, is a series of storage appliances, from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, a product line built for a modest budget, available as the HPE MSA 2052 hybrid flash array, the HPE MSA 2500 SAN storage appliance, and the MSA 1050 SAN storage.
X-IO Intelligent Storage Element (ISE)
X-IO Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) is a modular scale out storage system from X-IO Technologies in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Infortrend ESVA Storage Array
Taiwanese company Infortrend's ESVA Storage Array is an enterprise storage system.
Fujitsu Eternus DX400 S2
Fujitsu's Eternus DX400 S2 is a storage appliance.
NetApp V-Series
NetApp V-Series is a backup and storage solution from global company NetApp.
Fujitsu Eternus DX400 series
Fujitsu Eternus DX400 series is a line of storage systems.
Huawei Symantec OceanSpace S5000
Huawei Symantec was a joint venture disbanded in 2012; OceanSpace S5000 is a storage system developed during the venture, now owned by Huawei.
Huawei Symantec OceanSpace S6000
Huawei Symantec OceanSpace S6000 is a storage system.
Nexsan Assureon
Imation company Nexsan offers Assureon, a secure storage appliance.
EMC Cellera NS
EMC's Cellera NS is a storage platform.
Dell/EMC CX4 series (Clariion)
Dell/ECM CX4 series (from Dell) is a line of storage appliance, replacing the former EMC Clariion series of storage appliances.
HPE EVA P6000 (Discontinued)
HPE EVA P6000 is end of life (EOL).
Nexsan E-Series
The E-Series from Imation company Nexsan is a storage system.
Nexsan SATABeast
Nexsan SATABeast is a storage system.
Nexsan SASBeast
Nexsan SASBeast is a storage system.
NEC D3 Series
NEC D3 Series is a line of storage system.
NEC D8 Series
NEC D8 Series is a line of storage systems.
Nexsan SATABeast Xi
Nexsan SATABeast Xi is a storage system.
Nexsan BEAST
Nexsan BEAST is a storage system.