High Availability Cluster Software

High Availability Cluster Software Overview

What is a High Availability Cluster?

A High Availability Cluster (or HA Cluster, also called failover clusters) are servers that have been grouped together so that if one server providing an applications fails, another server immediately restarts the application. In this way application reliability is maintained and down-time is minimized or nearly eliminated.

High Availability Cluster Software (or just High Availability Software) are the automated cluster management platforms designed to achieve constant application availability without intervention by a human operator.

High Availability Cluster Products

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Windows Server Failover Clustering
11 ratings
6 reviews
Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) is a group of independent servers that work together to increase application and service availability.
IBM PowerHA SystemMirror
2 ratings
1 review
IBM offers PowerHA SystemMirror, for high availability clustering.
NetApp MetroCluster
0 ratings
1 review
NetApp MetroCluster software is a solution that combines array-based clustering with synchronous replication to deliver continuous availability and zero data loss at the lowest cost. The vendor states administration of the array-based cluster is simpler because the dependencies and complexity normal…
DxEnterprise is multi-platform Smart Availability software built on patented technology to achieve the highest levels of availability for SQL Server instances, Availability Groups, containers, and apps across both Windows and Linux environments. It can be used to manage a variety of workloads at the…
Stratus Technologies headquartered in Maynard offers everRun, a high availability software solution supporting virtualized workloads and applications.
NEC ExpressCluster
NEC offers ExpressCluster, a high availability clustering and disaster recovery solution.
Huntsman High Availability (HA)
Australian company Huntsman Security offers Huntsman High Availability (HA), an add-on service supporting their primary security products for enterprises that need it.
NEC Express5800 Fault Tolerant (FT)
NEC offers the Express5800 Fault Tolerant (FT) model to support high availability.
SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension
SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension is a high availability cluster availabe from German company SUSE, for users of its Linux Enterprise Server solution.
Percona XtraDB Cluster
Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) is a high availability, open-source, MySQL clustering solution that helps enterprises minimize unexpected downtime and data loss, reduce costs, and improve the performance and scalability of database environments. The vendor states PXC can support critical business appli…
HelpSystems Robot HA
Robot HA from HelpSystems is High Availability Software for IBM i, presented by the vendor as a simple, scalable business continuity solution available in the cloud and on-premises, allowing users to use a secondary system to perform nightly backups, queries, and planned maintenance activities witho…
InfoScale Availability (formerly Veritas Cluster Server)
InfoScale Availability (formerly Veritas Cluster Server) is a high availability cluster based on software developed by Veritas Software.
HPE Serviceguard
HPE Serviceguard is a high availability clustering solution, from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.