Credentialing Software

Best Credentialing Software include:

Accredible and Credly.

Credentialing Software Overview

What is Credentialing Software?

Credentialing software is used by professionals or HR personnel to digitally track and administer professional licensure, certifications, and documents that indicate the holder is legally or, in accordance with any governing policy, able to perform work. They are also used to certify that employees and individuals possess certain specialized skills or qualifications.

Credentialing and credentials management software allows businesses to convert from physical credential and badge management to digital credentials. This poses several benefits, including better visibility, increased administrative efficiency, and more accessibility, especially for distributed or remote teams.

There are several common areas of credentials that credentialing software focuses on. The most general-use credentials include common HR credentials, such as employee badges. Credentialing software can also manage skills-based credentials based on professional coursework employees have conducted. However, the most crucial application of credentialing software is for management credentials necessary for regulatory compliance. Fields like healthcare have been heavily reliant on these systems already, but credentialing software can also be valuable in other highly regulated industries, or in large enterprises with strict internal training requirements.

Any credentialing system a business uses should integrate with its learning management system (LMS) as a core requirement. Some LMS’s are preempting the need for 2 systems by building in credentialing and credential management capabilities natively. Whether through a first or 3rd party feature, credentialing and credential management should have a low or no-friction workflow from the organization’s LMS.

Credentialing Software Features & Capabilities

Credentialing software may vary in feature sets depending on what niche a particular product caters to. However, credentialing software should cover most or all of these feature areas:

  • Tracking employees’ earned credentials

  • Tracking credential’s recertification or expiration dates

  • Integrations with 3rd-party learning management platforms

  • Credential design and creation tools

Credentialing Software Comparison

  1. Skills Credentials vs. Compliance Credentials: Does the business have a focus on facilitating/giving visibility to credentialing skills employees have/acquire, or do they prioritize managing the credentials necessary to comply with industry-specific standards? This distinction determines how important features like credential expiration tracking, integrations with credentialing associations, and native credential design tools are to the business.

  2. Standalone credentialing vs. Identity Management/LMS Add-On: Does the business already have a learning management system that offers credential management features? This is most relevant when businesses are interested in managing skills-based credentials. However, for industry specific or compliance-focused use cases, standalone credentialing may be a necessity. In this case, buyers should ensure that every credentialing option integrates well with their LMS to allow for scalability.

  3. Managing Credentials vs. Building Credentials: Most can both create credentials and manage existing ones. However, many are stronger in one area over the other. Buyers should look to reviewer feedback for the best sense of where each product is stronger or weaker.

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Pricing Information

There are some free versions of credentialing software for individual use or small businesses. Paid plans start around $50/month and scale up with custom pricing, larger use bases, implementation, and other add-on costs for larger deployments.

Credentialing Products

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Accredible is a digital credentialing platform that enables users to securely issue, manage, track, and verify credentials. The Accredible suite includes digital certificates, open badges, digital wallet cards, the Spotlight 'Certified Professional' directory, and white labeling. Accredible boasts…
2 ratings
1 reviews
Credly, headquartered in New York, offers an employee or specialist digital credentialing (alternately "digital badge") program, providing tools to provide and track employee or trainee certification and certifying processes.
BadgeCert, from the company of the same name in Northbrook, is an enterprise-class platform for creating, issuing, storing and sharing digital badges that verify earners’ skills, credentials and continuing education experiences. Boasting functionality ensuring real-time authentication for viewers, …
Aversafe headquartered in Singapore provides decentralized credential verification at a global scale. Designed to connect individuals, employers, universities and credential issuers through a single, secure, self-sovereign identity platform designed to reduce risk in the hiring process.
Modio Health OneView
OneView from Modio Health headquartered in San Francisco is a cloud-based platform that keeps organizations compliant. It allows users to securely manage and store their team's credentials and licensure in one accessible place.
SkillSurvey Credential OnDemand
Credential OnDemand from SkillSurvey in Berwyn is designed to help solve many of the most painful and delay-inducing steps in the credentialing process. While credentialing databases provide a data repository for provider information, the Credential OnDemand solution provides a system of engagement …
The Smart Certificate platform from CVTRust in Brussels gives institutions the tools to securely create, manage and deliver credentials and related documents (e.g. transcripts, badges, letters of attestation, etc.).
Certelligence a comprehensive credentialing management software for managing certification and accreditation programs from ACGI Software headquartered in Columbia, Maryland. Certelligence centralizes data allowing users to work from one system. Through workflow automation, Certelligence helps creden…
Parchment, headquartered in Scottsdale, offers their digital credential management system, featuring modules providing electronic transmission of transcripts, document and credential storage management, and related student achievement information management features.
Sertifier is an integrable web application that aims to revolutionize certificate designing and printing processes by allowing users to create, design, store on blockchain, and distribute varying certificates online in an efficient, easy, and eco-friendly way. Also, it is an open-source for everyone…
Concentric Sky headquartered in Eugene offers Badgr to create branded learning ecosystems that support their communities with skills-based digital credentials, stackable learning pathways, and portable learner records.
Digitary headquartered in Dublin provides credentialing software, supporting immediate verification of records with full Learner consent, maintaining regulatory compliance and eliminating the hassle of manual verification.
symplrPass and the symplr vendor management app, from symplr headquartered in Houston, are designed to make vendor credentialing easy for vendors and hospital administrators alike, so users can manage access from anywhere in a healthcare facility.
TrueCred, by Accreditrust Technologies, LLC in Alexandria, is a credentialing solution which according to the vendor delivers sustainable trust and data security through verifiable and portable digital credentials.
Badgewell, from the company of the same name in Newark, is a platform for Blockchain based digital badging and education credential management, helping learners manage and share lifelong achievement and accreditation.
Intiva Health Ready Doc
Intiva Health headquartered in Austin allows providers or facilities to upload credential documents to their Ready Doc platform, allowing facility staff, managers, and CVOs to review and share the documents. They state means spending less time on credentialing, privileging, and payor enrollment–lead…

Frequently Asked Questions

How is credentialing software used?

Credentialing software is used to digitally track and manage employees’ credentials and badges. They are primarily used to ensure skills tracking and regulatory compliance.

Who uses credentialing software?

Credentialing software is used heavily by heavily regulated industries, such as healthcare, and large enterprises with stringent internal training requirements and processes.

What are the benefits of credentialing software?

Credentialing software improves administrative efficiency by removing the need for physical certifications or badges.

How much does credentialing software cost?

Some credentialing software has free versions, but more commonly starts at around $50/month of small businesses and scales up past $400/month for larger businesses and enterprises.