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Best Manufacturing Execution Systems include:

Tecnomatix, Oracle Manufacturing Cloud, TrakSYS, Epicor Advanced MES, Critical Manufacturing MES, DCS / SCADA / MES - Manufacturing Execution System, Odoo Manufacturing, L2L Smarter Manufacturing, FactoryTalk by Rockwell Automation and MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence.

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aPriori Technologies

The aPriori Manufacturing Insights Platform automates and simulates the entire production process for a digital twin CAD model. The heart of the platform is its Digital Factories which generate an array of manufacturing data that can be used by product design teams, cost engineers…


Siemens' Tecnomatix is a portfolio of digital manufacturing solutions that help digitalize manufacturing and the process of turning innovative ideas and raw materials into transformative products. With Tecnomatix software, the vendor states users can achieve synchronization between…


JobBOSS is a cloud or on-premise manufacturing ERP developed by global, Dutch headquartered software company Exact and acquired by ECI Software in 2017.

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Siemens Opcenter is a holistic Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution that enables users to implement a strategy for the complete digitalization of manufacturing operations. Siemens Opcenter provides end-to-end visibility into production, allowing decision makers to readily…

Honeywell Connected Plant

Honeywell Connected Plant is a cloud-based manufacturing execution system designed to improve pant performance in underperforming areas.


TrakSYS is a manufacturing execution system built to maximize production efficiency.

SAP Manufacturing Execution

SAP Manufacturing Execution is the company's MES designed to digitally control, monitor, and automate manufacturing operations.

Odoo Manufacturing

The Odoo Suite of Manufacturing Apps allows users to automate manufacturing processes.Odoo’s database offers a fully integrated solution to MRP, Quality, Maintenance, and PLM. Odoo MRP allows multi-level BoM tracking, which ties in with the user's whole inventory and product catalog.…


DELMIA Apriso helps manufacturers to transform global production operations. As a Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) / Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution, DELMIA Apriso creates a foundation for digital transformation that is unified, flexible, scalable, secure and…

Visual Shop by Cornerstone Systems

Visual Shop is an ERP system designed for process-oriented job shops. Visual Shop handles quoting, order entry, shipping, invoicing, accounts receivables, shop-floor tracking, order scheduling, process management, parts database, and customer portal. Cornerstone Systems is the provider…

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The Bluestreak™ platform from Throughput Consulting headquartered in Wisconsin is a suite of integrated applications for a variety of industries that require end-to-end workflow control with integrated quality management. It is built to support entities that conduct Heat Treating,…

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MSUITE is cloud-based fabrication management software that connects BIM, Fab, and Field Construction Teams. BIM is a plug-in for Autodesk Revit that automates spooling selection, and sheet creation.

Fitfactory MRP

Fitfactory, headquartered in Warrington, offers their manufacturing execution system and modular ERP, designed to help users intelligently plans in jobs according to live capacity availability to optimise resources and plan production to achieve delivery efficiencies and cost targets.…

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Rapidworks is a modular process tracking system for manufacturers that enables data sharing, collaboration and central decision-making. Processes, full of excel files and folders, are incrementally digitalised by Rapidworks’ experts in a matter of days without any need for extensive…

Steelhead Technologies Job Shop Software

Steelhead Technologies offers Job Shop Software, specifically designed for the processing industry, and is designed to provide granular, actionable insights without being difficult to use. Features like Workboards provide an interface that is simple that any Operator can be trained…

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akaMES is a manufacturing execution and operational analytics solution from FPT Software headquartered in Hanoi, designed to collect large stream of data and distribute the intelligence to shop-floor in real-time to truly transform manufacturing operations.

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OptaPlan is an order management tool. Make custom TNA for each buyer, execute & review them as they progress. Works as an early warning system for pro-active decision making. The application is specifically designed for export houses where managing TNA is very critical for successful…

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SecturaSOFT was founded to develop web-based applications for the metal fabrication industry. Our SecturaFAB quoting solution is the perfect option for steel fabricators, job shops and service centers who are looking to increase efficiencies, while reducing time and costs of standard…

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Vanti offers AI-based solutions for manufacturers that help optimizing the production process such as detecting failures early in the process, offering faster calibration process and detecting visual defects.

Janus Data Capture

Janus Data Capture is an Automated Shop-floor data capture system that enables organisations to create efficiencies and remove ineffective steps within the production processes. It gives organisations visibility into the manufacturing processes. Its live monitoring and analysis of…

Nulogy's Operational Solution

Nulogy’s Operational Solution (formerly known as PackManager) is a cloud-based software solution designed to meet the complex requirements of packaging and manufacturing operations. The Operational Solution consists of 6 modules that enable external suppliers of manufacturing and…

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FactoryFour is a Manufacturing Execution System for scaling production that enables users to configure, capture, and analyze operations to enable lean manufacturing principles.

Fraction ERP
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Fraction ERP is a cloud ERP provider for small to medium sized manufacturing companies, based in the UK. The platform works for make-to-stock and make-to-order operations. The product includes unlimited free support, and is presented as ideal for engineering, component manufacturing,…

Rapidfacture Automation Pro

Rapidfacture offers Automation Pro as a practical, complete solution for manufacturing companies. They present themselves as an intermediary between the customer's company and the digital world. Industry 4.0., one shouldn't even notice that they are working with software. Software…

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MVP One is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS software), also known as a facilities asset management system (FAMS). Maintenance and facilities managers use the information in a CMMS / FAMS to increase reliability and save time and money.

Learn More About Manufacturing Execution Systems

What are Manufacturing Execution Systems?

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are suites of tools used to monitor and optimize production processes as they happen on the shop floor. This can include managing raw material inventories, ensuring regulatory compliance, processing production orders, tracking employee productivity and automation efficiency, detecting and sourcing defects, and generating reports. This data is processed across multiple production centers in real time, allowing for an accurate snapshot of production. MES can be applied broadly or developed to meet the needs of a specific industry.

By providing thorough insight into the production process in real time, MES are useful observability and productivity tools. They track inventory use in real time, compare it against consumption history, and report production efficiency accordingly. Additionally, MES can automate data collection from machines and QA processes, provide resources for plan and project management, and handle documenting and accounting tasks. MES as a category is quite diverse, so it’s easy to find MES products for broad use or specific industries.

MES are closely related to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems, and the two products are sometimes described interchangeably. Compared to MES, ERP Systems are broader in their approach. They include tools to monitor and manage workflows outside of a production shop floor. For this reason, MES can be considered a subset of ERP Systems that provide additional utility to manage manufacturing resources with greater control and proficiency.

Manufacturing Execution Systems Features

The most common Manufacturing Execution Systems features are:

  • Production order scheduling and processing
  • Plan management and distribution
  • Human and material resource management
  • Worker scheduling and task assignment features
  • SCADA system data capture
  • Work order management
  • Physical workspace mapping
  • Raw material tracking
  • Performance monitoring
  • Efficiency analysis
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Automated machine management
  • Fault-tolerance
  • Defect identification and management
  • KPI management, analytics, and reporting
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Third-party product integration
  • Document management
  • ERP and PLM Integration
  • Accounting management
  • Version history management
  • Cloud-, web-, and on-premise deployment

Manufacturing Execution Systems Comparison

When choosing the best Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for you, consider the following:

Industry. Many MES products can be applied to a broad range of industries and used effectively by almost any business. However, there are several products that are geared toward certain industries. These products may include production templates, compliance governance checks, and QA or defect testing that are more efficient for manufacturers in those fields. The most common industries with specific MES solutions tend to be medical supplies, hardware production, and industrial engineering.

Customizable service plans. Each MES product is basically a schema of available features that can be modularly employed into your workflows. For these reasons, many users create customized MES service plans - either from one vendor or from many of them - to address the unique needs of their business. An entire MES product can be very costly, especially for larger organizations. Vendors should be consulted directly about customized MES solutions.

Integrations. More so than with most other categories, MES products require users to carefully consider their degrees of integration. Due to their diversity, different MES productions have a different range of third-party software they can work with. These limitations are usually tied to industry or production processes, but they may also be tied to specific workflow solutions or third-party vendors.

Pricing Information

Manufacturing Execution Systems have many common pricing plans. Some products are priced at a flat rate per month, while others are priced according to the number of users per month. As each MES can be configured to meet the needs of a specific business, vendors will need to be contacted for specific prices. Many offer free trials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do manufacturing execution systems do?

Manufacturing Execution Systems help monitor and manage the production processes on work floors. This can include automating daily tasks, measuring worker efficiency, track production, monitor QA, and generate tasks.

What are the benefits of using manufacturing execution systems?

Manufacturing Execution Systems provide observability into the everyday processes of production. Since MES automates many tasks and gathers performance data, they can also improve product quality and reduce labor costs.

How much do manufacturing execution systems cost?

Due to the unique needs of each business, Manufacturing Execution Systems usually require a tailored plan from the vendor. Free trials are available.

What is the best manufacturing execution system?