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Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud

Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud


What is Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud?

Antavo is an Enterprise Loyalty Cloud, providing technology to manage experience-based, paid, and lifestyle loyalty programs online, in-store, or on mobile. Antavo’s no-code, API-centric platform makes the loyalty program experience customizable so loyalty and marketing teams can run their program…

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What is Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud?

Antavo is an Enterprise Loyalty Cloud, providing technology to manage experience-based, paid, and lifestyle loyalty programs online, in-store, or on mobile. Antavo’s no-code, API-centric platform makes the loyalty program experience customizable so loyalty and marketing teams can run…

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Product Details

What is Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud?

Antavo is an Enterprise Loyalty Cloud, providing technology to manage experience-based, paid, and lifestyle loyalty programs online, in-store, or on mobile.

Antavo’s no-code, API-centric platform makes the loyalty program experience customizable so loyalty and marketing teams can run their program internally, without IT help. The vendor states Antavo invests 60% of its revenue into its product and issues quarterly product releases. Antavo helps global clients like BMW, KFC or Kathmandu and global businesses in air travel, pharma and fashion.

Antavo differentiators:

  1. Omnichannel solution: Alongside its online eCommerce capabilities, Antavo offers in-store and mobile technologies to bridge the gap between online and offline.
  2. Emotional and lifestyle loyalty capabilities: Helps to encourage valuable behaviors and establish lasting brand love by rewarding customers for living in accordance with their ideals, values, and aspirations.
  3. 10 loyalty program types: A variety of solutions to suit a brand, including tools to impress customers with gamification and experience-based concepts, and engage them outside of the buying cycle.

  4. No-code and API-centric: With its API-centric nature, the loyalty program experience is customizable and easy to integrate. Antavo’s no-code approach reduces reliance on IT teams.

  5. Secure and scalable: Data security is a cornerstone for Antavo, with data protection based on ISO standards and a cloud-based technology that enables full scalability.



  • No-Code Loyalty Engine:

    • Points Economy: Points Economy refers to the system in Antavo for managing activities of point mechanics, such as point earning and spend, return/refunds, expirations, and more.

    • Tier Management: Tiers and hidden ranks have a significant impact on loyalty programs. Antavo provides flexible capabilities to manage them.

    • No-Code Workflows: The Workflows tool provides a no-code approach to define, schedule and set up ad-hoc and ongoing loyalty campaigns. Enhance campaign relevance by using sophisticated filters such as customer data.

  • Reward and Offer Management:

    • Set up a list of different types of rewards to offer customers, specify customer segments that rewards are available for, and define any limitation and/or requirements to unlock them.

    • Flexible Coupon Management: Antavo can generate coupon codes directly (just define a pattern), you can upload them manually or get the coupon codes from any 3rd party, via a callback URL endpoint.

    • Types of Rewards:

      • Discounts & Coupons

      • Physical Items

      • Experiences

      • Virtual Badges

      • Content & Sweepstakes

      • Custom rewards (e.g. donations)

      • Special Interest Clubs

  • Omnichannel Gamification Modules:

    • Gamified Profiling: Acquire zero-party data on customers’ preferences through simple, interactive quizzes and reward them for answering. Use the collected data to further personalize the loyalty experience.

    • Friend Referrals: Among social media engagement modules, Antavo offers a friend referral functionality that allows users to invite their friends to join the program either publicly or through personal messaging apps.

    • Instagram Contests: To encourage loyalty members to share UGC on their Instagram accounts with Instagram hashtag contests and prompt them to consume content with comment contests.

    • Gamified Challenges & Badges: To make the loyalty experience more engaging with challenges and badges: encourage customers to either complete a series of actions or repeat an activity periodically. Any trackable action can be part of a challenge, this module motivates day-to-day customer engagement for special rewards.

    • Games: A modern loyalty program should engage customers with captivating touchpoints, so Antavo designed a series of fun games - Online/Offline Treasure Hunts, Prize Wheel - for customers to play online, in-store and on mobile.

    • Daily Life & Brand Engagement: Solutions used to connect with customers during their everyday life, like tracking sport activities, encourage customers to write reviews and build social proof, connect the loyalty program with applications like a store locator or a mini-game.

    • Community Building: Antavo’s loyalty features are used to build a community around a brand through public or VIP groups.

  • Multi-Country Capabilities: With Antavo’s multi-country, multi-language and multi-currency capabilities, the user can expand a loyalty program’s presence to any country on the globe.

  • Reporting: Create custom charts using the Antavo dashboard through a WYSIWYG editor. Synchronize any loyalty metrics in real-time with pre-built data connectors and templates for BI tools.

  • Loyalty AI: Antavo provides specialized loyalty AI, which helps to reduce churn, prevent fraudulent actions and predict the next best action based on accurate loyalty data.


  • Stable technology backbone: Antavo’s plugins, SDKs, APIs, webhooks, and mobile SDKs enable wiring the solution with all the tools in use. Depending on the user's policies and priorities, Antavo can store data in the cloud or work in private servers on-premises.

  • Scalability: As a cloud-based SaaS provider running on Google Cloud, Antavo's technology allows full scalability when it comes to various geographic layers, data storage, and user numbers. Antavo mainly scales vertically, but horizontal scaling is also supported through Kubernetes cloud providers' native technologies.

  • Security: Antavo's data protection is based on ISO standards. As a Data Processor (based on GDPR terminology) of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Antavo provides a platform designed to meet the needs of even the highest regulated markets and industries in terms of security.

  • Integrations: Antavo enables hyper-personalized communication through integration with data + commerce + marketing technologies, and Antavo-certified System Integrators, BIG4 consultants and Digital Transformation Agencies. Antavo states they are constantly adding new dedicated integrations, and a general solution is also available. The Incoming Webhook module can accept and handle webhooks from any 3rd party tools.

  • Available Integrations: Bloomreach, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, mParticle, Ometria, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Dotdigital, Maitre'D, Shopify, Strava, Yotpo, Vertical Life, Emarsys, Listrak, Magento, Oracle Responsys, Sailthru, Salesforce Commerce Cloud

MOBILE WALLET SOLUTION - standalone product:

Bridge the gap between online and offline purchases with a turnkey solution that helps reach the smartphone-loving generation. Mobile Wallets are native applications available on every iPhone and Android smartphone. Antavo helps to engage with a customer base using digital:

  • Membership cards

  • Coupons

  • Event tickets

COALITION LOYALTY HUB - standalone product:

For malls and multi-brand companies, the purpose is to connect brands to the loyalty provider, and enable identification and point collection/redemption. It’s a multifunctional device that helps put flexible brand-level instructions and calculations at your staff's fingertips, driven by Antavo's loyalty platform setup.

STORE ASSISTANT PORTAL: standalone product:

Having access to all the customer information, the Store Assistant Portal can make relevant recommendations, drive upsell and x-sell in the store while granting a better experience for customers. Paired with a Mobile Membership App it can be used to increase enrollment rates with virtual coupon promotions as well as to grow the customer base.


Alongside the core loyalty mechanism, Antavo provides additional services:

  • Onboarding Services

    • Platform training

    • On-demand implementation team: Project Manager, Product Experts, Business Analysts

    • Kick-start Implementation package to be self-dependant

    • Program expansions & change requests

  • Proactive Customer Success

    • Dedicated customer success manager with loyalty expertise

    • Engagement plans & monthly meetings

    • Program performance tracking & semiannual business reviews

  • 24/7 Global Support

    • Support team members in 3 continents

    • Help & advice on product configuration

Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud Features

  • Supported: No-Code Loyalty Engine
  • Supported: API-Centric
  • Supported: Reward and Offer Management
  • Supported: Omnichannel Gamification Modules
  • Supported: Multi-Country Capabilities
  • Supported: Reporting
  • Supported: Loyalty AI
  • Supported: Stable technology backbone
  • Supported: Scalability
  • Supported: Security
  • Supported: Integrations

Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud Screenshots

Screenshot of Antavo is a pure-play loyalty program technology vendor.Screenshot of Antavo’s no-code Workflows tool has a visual editor, so creating, running, and modifying loyalty campaigns & offers requires neither coding nor help from the IT department.Screenshot of A comprehensive look at a member’s stats, transaction and reward history inside the loyalty platform. Antavo’s Customer Insights helps to answer these questions.Screenshot of Antavo provides a variety of gamification elements and makes it easier for clients to set up their gamified loyalty program.Screenshot of Build and manage a reward catalog in Antavo’s Back-office, to allow users to ffer a range of incentives, including experiential rewards, coupons, vouchers, products or even services.Screenshot of Antavo’s platform offers a built-in editor for Mobile Passes that can be used without a learning curve. The editor is integrated with both Android & iOS platforms.Screenshot of Drive user-generated content by setting up a hashtag contest on Instagram, or offer a prize to those who leave the best comment on an Instagram post.Screenshot of Antavo’s platform is equipped with a series of built-in functionalities that boil down program performance into comprehensive reporting to help you decide the next steps.

Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud Video

Antavo creates technology to help brands and retailers manage their experience-based, paid, and lifestyle loyalty programs online, in-store, or on mobile. With its no-code and API-centric nature, Antavo’s loyalty platform makes the loyalty program experience fully customizable...
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Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux, Mac
Mobile ApplicationMobile Web
Supported CountriesNorth America, EMEA, APAC
Supported LanguagesEnglish
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Shashank Pathak | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Antavo is very useful for many fashion-related loyalty required businesses. Basically it is a very useful customer loyalty platform for fashion and accessories customer loyalty. When we firstly interacted with this client when we required the loyalty-based platform, it was very helpful to set up a very successful campaign through Antavo.
  • Extremely user friendly.
  • Contributes advice and help consistently.
  • Great feedback and assistance.
  • Great for optimizing campaigns and conversions.
  • Can't access through mobile devices.
  • Sometimes uploading files doesn't work.
  • Regional languages are not supported in app.
It is well suited as a fashion and accessories industry customer loyalty programme platform. It is also a well organized way of managing reports and campaigns. It is also very suitable for low-budget programmes and we are satisfied with the services. So it is very suitable for my requirements.
  • Easily track all the activities on your campaign.
  • Great user behavior tracking.
  • Reporting is very good with special requirements.
Customer support is not well organised and you can make many efforts to get the resolution. For email or phone support you have to have the patience to deal with the support team, also if you submit a query the responding time is usually high.
Overall usability is very satisfying and it is a good systematic user experience, all the systems having some issues so it is also having issues in the system. But it makes some of our campaigns easily manageable and you can get the best return on investment on our campaigns. It is also very easy to manage too.
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