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What is CloudShare?

CloudShare is a solution for hands-on software experiences. From sales demos and POCs, to customer and employee training, certification, and testing, our virtual environments are customizable and allow the end-user to experiment with software in a safe environment that mimics their own, to…


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CloudShare Alternatives Pricing

The following is a quick overview of editions offered by other software in similar categories

A Cloud Guru (Linux Academy)

What is A Cloud Guru (Linux Academy)?

A Cloud Guru (ACG) is a cloud learning provider that states they have helped 2,000,000+ people and more than 4,000 organizations level up their cloud skills. Founded in 2015, ACG was started by brothers Sam and Ryan Kroonenburg who recognized cloud learning through traditional training providers…

CBT Nuggets

What is CBT Nuggets?

CBT Nuggets is an e-learning platform for IT professionals. It includes a library of more than 9,000 training videos, along with quizzes, practice exams, virtual labs, and access to coaches and peers in the Learner Community. The average length of a training video on CBT nuggets is 20 minutes.…

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CloudShare Pricing 2022

One of the biggest obstacles for ideas today is learning the software you need to use to do it. Complex cloud computing platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are the star nurseries for software, projects, and startup teams making progress and innovation. How can you fight the learning curve for these platforms?

CloudShare is a powerful service for virtual training on cloud computing services. You can build IT labs on their virtual machines for the purpose of employee training or customer support and training. Here is an overview for those unfamiliar with CloudShare.

What is CloudShare is a software company focused on providing other businesses with virtual training that they can offer their own customers or their employees. They offer a software-as-a-service (SaaS) for simulating an interactive learning experience through virtual machines.

The virtual machines are used to create virtual IT labs. In these labs users can get hands-on practical training in the software application of your company’s choice. Cybersecurity companies can use CloudShare to build a training program for employees or for customer education.

Universities can use them for virtual labs to teach cloud computing platforms like AWS or Azure. Startups can offer their software self-service trials with important management and distribution features such as through email and on web pages.

Enterprises can also access their resources for customer support. You can build virtual support labs with a library of templates. There you can create customer service environments like help desks where you can answer questions and solve problems.

CloudShare also has features for building and managing sales demos, and sales enablement resources. Their integrations can also include customer relationship management (CRM) software that can integrate with CloudShare APIs.

The service can be used with hybrid clouds, which means you can use it for private and public clouds. You can speed up the process of developing your software application on CloudShare using sandboxes. There you can use ready-to-go templates and automation functionality.

Their virtual classrooms are designed for digital accessibility, privacy, and allow you to incorporate multimedia to improve learning experiences. Anyone that needs to create a virtual learning environment for end users can do so with CloudShare.

CloudShare also had advanced analysis for your proof of concept (POC). A POC is a test where the functionality of an idea is tested to see if it’s going to work. The advanced analysis CloudShare provides allows you to track the metrics of end-user usage.

The cloud platform offers a selection of training certifications and accreditation programs. These trainings come with great cost control and self-paced options. You can even integrate them with learning management systems (LMS). On top of that, they have several webinars that you can sign up for. Topics include customer success and self-paced learning.

CloudShare Pricing

CloudShare unfortunately does not offer upfront pricing. If you have already googled CloudShare’s pricing you might see an answer saying it has plans starting at $49.

Computerworld reports that CloudShare has a ProPlus plan starting at $49 a month and an Enterprise plan at an undisclosed amount. The article is from 2011, and we cannot confirm any of that information according to CloudShare’s up-to-date pricing information on their site.

CloudShare currently offers a pay-as-you-go pricing plan and an annual subscription plan.


Annual Subscription

Flexible pricing based on your needs.

Discounted flat fee.

Based on user hours each month.

One Flat rate.

All features.

All features.

Unlimited user seats.

Unlimited user seats.

Each plan is perfectly capable of handling single cloud and hybrid clouds, and has a full range of features so you can develop whatever software you need. The only difference between the pricing is how you want to arrange the payment style.

If you’re hesitant to commit to CloudShare, pay-as-you-go is a more flexible option. It’s also ideal for new startups that don’t have too many products that offer training. Since the plan is priced on hours it’s better designed for teams that don’t expect high usage. The flat price is a great fixed amount for those with a higher volume of projects and will be using it very often.

CloudShare has some amazing educational features and valuable pricing models, but it would be nice to see a competitor with upfront pricing.

Alternatives: A Cloud Guru

One alternative to CloudShare is A Cloud Guru. A Cloud Guru acquired Linux Academy in 2019. The platform offers courses for practical learning for cloud platforms like Azure and GCP. They have a free plan to get started, but have limited lessons and quizzes. All paid plans have unlimited lessons, access to labs and practice exams as well as a learning scheduler.

A Cloud Guru Pricing Model

Free (forever)

Personal Basic

Personal Plus

Business Basic

Business Plus

Annual Plans


$348 per year

$468 per year

$420 per year

$588 per year

Month to Month Plans


$35 per month

$47 per month

No month-to-month option.

No month-to-month option.

A Cloud Guru is perfect for students, universities, and employee growth training. It doesn’t come with the capability to design your own software to be tested. You can design custom learning paths for training but using the platform to sell your own software isn’t a function.

For more competitors of CloudShare you can see our list here.

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Index of Terms

We included extra information on some important terms in this article for those who are unfamiliar or need a refresh.

VM Virtual Machine

A virtual machine is a computer simulation that lets you experience and test different operating systems or devices. This way applications can be designed for Mac and Windows, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and web browsers.

For more information about CloudShare’s VMs you can go here.


A sandbox environment is a controlled virtual machine separate from other applications. This way you can protect the code of your other software from being affected as well as better debugging for the isolated environment. CloudShare offers more information about sandboxes and their unique and integral benefits.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Application Programming Interface is an interface connecting programs or computer programs. They’re used as an interface to perform services for other systems. API’s instruct the system what to do, so it can function properly for you. APIs you may know of include Google Maps, Twitter, and Instant Message systems.


Linux is an open source operating system (OS). It can be used on computers as well as virtual environments. It’s open source code makes it one of the most popular choices for running online clouds, databases, and other online applications.

You might recognize linux as the happy penguin logo. His name is Tux. He also has a brother named Tuz, who is actually a tasmanian devil wearing a penguin’s disguise.

This makes sense actually because Linux runs a massive amount of technology today but they’re not named. Android is the perfect example because they are based on a version of Linux.