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Knowledge Management Software Overview

Knowledge Management Software provides a platform for sharing frequently requested or needed information. Knowledge sharing software may be designed to support specific use cases. Internal knowledge management systems can include work instructions (especially for technical work), onboarding instructions or HR documentation, or standard operating procedures (SOPs). Externally facing knowledge sharing systems can provide FAQs for customers or site visitors, Wikis and forums, or support customer self-service.

Knowledge Management Products

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70 ratings
110 reviews
MindTouch is a customer experience management platform with content management and help authoring capabilities. Formerly known as MediaWiki, it is optimized for building knowledge bases for customer self-service and agent assistance purposes.
Atlassian Confluence
968 ratings
82 reviews
Top Rated
Confluence is a collaboration and content sharing platform used primarily by customers who are already using Atlassian's Jira project tracking product. The product appeals particularly to IT users.
ServiceNow IT Service Management
307 ratings
69 reviews
Top Rated
ServiceNow is a fast-growing service management provider that went public in 2012. Built on the ServiceNow Now Platform, the IT Service Management bundle provides an agent workspace with knowledge management, and modules supporting issue tracking and problem resolution, change, release and configura…
26 ratings
66 reviews
Bloomfire provides knowledge engagement, aiming to deliver an experience that connects teams and individuals with the information they need to excel at their jobs. Their cloud-based knowledge engagement platform aims to give people one centralized, searchable place to engage with shared knowledge an…
29 ratings
25 reviews
Top Rated
Guru is a knowledge management platform that integrates with Slack, as well as feeds product information into a company's sales enablement, customer support, and content marketing channels.
SDL Tridion
22 ratings
18 reviews
SDL Tridion aims to connect people, processes, and information through a complete portfolio of collaborative Content Management, Knowledge Management and Headless delivery technologies. Combine with Accelerators for fast time-to-value and SDL Translation Management solutions for global reach. Its ke…
eXo Platform
4 ratings
17 reviews
eXo Platform is an open-source, social-collaboration software designed for enterprises. Some key features include: Enterprise Social Network, Enterprise Content Management and Social Collaboration.
4 ratings
6 reviews
Igloo Software is a social business software company that builds digital workplaces and intranet solutions to support online communities and businesses of any size. It is a suite of content management, collaboration and knowledge sharing tools within one secure social networking platform. Online com…
4 ratings
3 reviews
Trainual is a modern training manual for growing businesses. It provides one simple tool that aims to help users centralize processes and policies, automate onboarding and training, and build a foundation to scale faster. The vendor says Trainual is designed for small to medium sized businesses that…
Zendesk Guide
4 ratings
2 reviews
Zendesk Guide is a smart knowledge base built to help support teams continuously improve content, keep it up to date, and serve it to customers.
3 ratings
2 reviews
Tettra helps teams that use Slack organize and share important knowledge in one central, searchable, manageable place.
2 ratings
2 reviews
NAVEX Global offers PolicyTech, a software solution designed to enable organizations to improve efficiency and provide employees with easy access to all the policies and procedures that they need. Healthcare, financial, life sciences and industrial manufacturing organizations all use PolicyTech to e…
1 rating
1 review
Slite in Paris provides a digital workspace platform, usable as a corporate knowledge management solution.
Knova Knowledge Management
0 ratings
1 review
Knova KM is a full-featured knowledge management software solution for large customer service and support organizations, especially those that must handle complex queries across channels in industries such as high tech, telecommunications, financial services, and the IT help desk. It is supported b…
ServiceNow Customer Service Management
3 ratings
1 review
Built on the Now Platform, ServiceNow offers their Customer Service Management solution through the Standard and Professional Customer Service Management bundles. Both include agent workspace, knowledge management, survey and assessment module, and the community module, oriented in this edition to s…
Elium is a knowledge sharing platform from the company of the same name in Belgium, designed to helps users easily build a central hub for scaling teams that need to organise and access crucial content to get work done.
MAANA headquartered in Menlo Park is a digital knowledge layer designed to expedite extracting knowledge from data in silos, to reveal the relationships within the context of an asset or process companies wish to optimize.
KnowledgeHound from Vyzion (dba KnowledgeHound, Chicago) is designed makes it incredibly easy to organize and explore all your research data in one place. Instantly import data from favorite platforms via integrations or upload research from any third party research provider. Eliminate silos and hel…
Haydle Enterprise Q&A
Haydle Enterprise Q&A is built to improve knowledge retention through question and answer throughout an organization streamlined with an advanced search engine. Haydle is built with third-party integration like SharePoint, Yammer, and Sitrion.
Inkling Knowledge
Inkling Knowledge is a mobile content, point-of-need training tool that provides field workforces with access to policy and procedure information, as well as alerts/updates. The system tracks content usage for performance management purposes.
Knowledge Center
Unymira Knowledge Center is a knowledge base for contact centers. The vendor says they can help your customer facing agents with relevant, easy to understand knowledge so that they can provide better, more efficient customer service. The vendor says that, today, dealing with the sheer volume of inf…
Serviceware Knowledge (formerly SABIO)
Serviceware Knowledge, formerly known as SABIO, is a knowledge management system designed to help employees find everything they're looking for. Find relevant knowledge either in self-generated content or uploaded documents. Serviceware acquired SABIO in August 2018.
ProcedureFlow in Saint John offers their cloud-based knowledge management application designed to make company procedures easier to understand and faster to learn by providing instant ready access to expert knowledge.
Shelf headquartered in Stamford offers their knowledge management system, designed to make finding, maintaining, and updating critical knowledge easier than ever before.
Obie, from Tasytt in Hamilton, integrates internal company documentation into one single source of truth for knowledge sharing and management.