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Release Management Tools Overview

What are Release Management Tools?

Release management Tools are concerned with the development, testing, deployment and support of software releases. The software release cycle from development to deployment and support is a kind of project management on steroids.

With the mainstreaming of agile methodologies in the last 10 years, releases are becoming much more frequent and the cycle is very compressed. The responsibility of software engineering departments to keep up with the relentless pace of the release cycle has led to a strong need for automation.

Increasingly, the release lifecycle includes automated processes like test automation, deployment automation and even feedback automation where needed fixes are gathered automatically and fed back into the development pipeline.

For example, code changes automatically get integrated with the rest of the modules. Integrated assembles are then automatically deployed to a test environment. whenever there are further changes, the environment gets automatically built and deployed on a test bed. Acceptance tests come next and include stress tests, performance, and reliability tests. Developers and/or leads are notified only when something fails keeping the focus remains on core development.

Release Management Products

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Azure DevOps Services (formerly VSTS)
245 ratings
42 reviews
Top Rated
Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS, Microsoft Visual Studio Team System) is an agile development product that is an extension of the Microsoft Visual Studio architecture. Azure DevOps includes software development, collaboration, and reporting capabilities.
Azure DevOps Server (formerly Team Foundation Server)
118 ratings
35 reviews
Top Rated
AzureDevOps Server (formerly Team Foundation Server, or TFS) is a test management and application lifecycle management tool, from Microsoft's Visual Studio offerings. To license Azure DevOps Server an Azure DevOps license and a Windows operating system license (e.g. Windows Server) for each machine …
Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform
85 ratings
26 reviews
The Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform (acquired by Red Hat in 2015) is a foundation for building and operating automation across an organization. The platform includes tools needed to implement enterprise-wide automation, and can automate resource provisioning, and IT environments and configuratio…
Chef, from Progress
28 ratings
16 reviews
Chef IT infrastructure automation suites were developed by Chef Software in Seattle and acquired by Progress Software in September 2020. The Chef Enterprise Automation Stack is an integrated suite of automation technologies presented as a solution for delivering change quickly, repeatedly, and secur… VersionOne, formerly from CollabNet
21 ratings
9 reviews VersionOne, formerly from CollabNet, is a value stream management solution designed to orchestrate delivery pipelines and value streams across any environment. With it users can measure and optimize DevOps performance to accelerate software delivery. CollabNet merged with VersionOne in 20…
AWS CodePipeline
21 ratings
7 reviews
AWS CodePipeline is a fully managed continuous delivery service that helps users automate release pipelines for fast, reliable application and infrastructure updates. CodePipeline automates the build, test, and deploy phases of the release process every time there is a code change, based on the rele…
2 ratings
2 reviews
Spinnaker is an open source continuous delivery platform with a range of cluster management and deployment management features, originally developed at Netflix.
Broadcom Automic Automation (formerly CA Automic Automation Platform)
5 ratings
2 reviews
Broadcom Automic Automation (formerly the CA Automic Business Automation Platform)is a workload automation and release / deployment management offering supported by Broadcom, which provides an open, scalable and unified approach to driving automation across, enableing the user to reduce time-to-valu…
JFrog Pipelines (formerly Shippable)
0 ratings
1 review
JFrog Pipelines (formerly Shippable, acquired by JFrog Feb 2019) is a build automation tool designed to provide simple continuous delivery.
1 rating
1 review
GoCD, from ThoughtWorks in Chicago, is an application lifecycle management and development tool.
XL Release
3 ratings
1 review
XL Release from XebiaLabs in Boston is a build automation platform.
IBM UrbanCode Deploy
5 ratings
1 review
IBM UrbanCode Deploy is a release management / deployment automation offering.
E-GEN from International Software Company (ISC) headquartered in Belgium, is a change, release, and deployment management option.
VNS3 is a security and deployment / release management from Cohesive Networks (formerly CohesiveFT) in Chicago.
Nolio Release Automation (formerly CA Release Automation)
Nolio Release Automation (formerly CA Release Automation) is a release deployment management option from Broadcom company CA Technologies, a dynamic application deployment tool that regulates and speeds app delivery across the enterprise—enabling zero-touch deployments from development to production…
Clarive, from multi-national Clarive Software headquartered in Madrid, is a release management platform.
SnapShot from DreamFactory Software in Campbell, California is a change, release, deployment management offering.
Micro Focus Release Control
Micro Focus Release Control (formerly Serna Software) is a DevOps tool for managing the product release process once a product has completed development and testing.
Codar is a release management application formerly from HPE, now owned and supported by Micro Focus since the September 2017 merger.
GalaxE.Solutions headquartered in Somerset offers GxMaps, a business process analysis tool which provides system change impact analysis for change management, mapping of enterprise systems, and related analysis features.
CloudBees Flow
CloudBees Flow is a DevOps solution that gives IT teams release orchestration, deployment automation, and pipeline and environment management -- all in a unified platform. The world’s leading organizations release software at a pace that drives business growth, so CloudBees Flow is designed to help …
Harness, from the company of the same name in San Francisco, is a Continuous Delivery-as-a-Service platform designed to provide a simple, safe and secure way for engineering and DevOps teams to release applications into production. Harness uses machine learning to detect the quality of deployments a…
Azure Pipelines
Users can automate builds and deployments with Azure Pipelines. Build, test, and deploy Node.js, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, C/C++, .NET, Android, and iOS apps. Run in parallel on Linux, macOS, and Windows. Azure Pipelines can be purchased standalone, but it is also part of Azure DevOps Services agile …
Basis Technologies
Basis Technologies in Surrey provides a complete automated DevOps and testing platform engineered for SAP. They state their customers maintain better competitive agility, responding more quickly to market opportunities, while reducing costs and lowering risk. Their automation technology aims to mass…
REALTECH SmartChange Transportation Management
REALTECH SmartChange Transporation Management, from REALTECH in Baden-Wurttemberg, is a solution designed to simplify SAP Release Management with a central user interface for monitoring and approval of SAP transports.