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JFrog Artifactory.

Software Repositories Overview

A software repository or "repo" is a location where software packages are stored and managed.

Software Repositories Products

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Helm is an open source Kubernetes packaage manager.
JFrog Artifactory
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JFrog Artifactory is a software repository management solution for enterprises available on-premise or from the cloud, providing fast release and pipeline automation.
Sonatype Nexus Platform
The Sonatype Nexus Platform is a software composition analysis tool that scans to build a repository components, and then checks security and licensing to ensure compliance.
Eclipse Package Drone
Eclipse Package Drone is a free and open source software artifact repository, supported by the Eclipse Foundation community.
MyGet is a software package manager and repo from Assembla, an Idera company.
inedo offers ProGet, a software repository and package management solution.
RepoPro™ is a unified, central repository tool for enterprises. RepPro uses automation and a visualization of relationships between assets to facilitate accessibility. Users can store, manage and find asset information through a built-in shared communication channel that automates the process of …
Azure Artifacts
Microsoft's Azure Artifacts is a software package management solution.
Pulp is an open source platform for managing repositories of software packages and making them available to a large number of consumers. Pulp can locally mirror all or part of a repository, host software packages in repositories, and manage many types of content from multiple sources in one place. P…
Apache Archiva
Apache Archiva is a software repository management solution.
Python Package Index (CheeseShop)
The Python Package Index (PyPI) is a repository of software for the Python programming language. PyPI helps visitors find and install software developed and shared by the Python community.
Crates ( is a Rust package registry.
RubyGems ( is a package manager with dependency manager for the Ruby programming language.
npm, Inc in Oakland boasts over 10 million software developers worldwide using their open source software and web registry to discover, share, and reuse packages of code. Additionally, npm’s paid products offer teams and companies ways to organize, share, and secure code, integrate npm with testing…
Hackage is the Haskell Package Repository an the Haskell community's central package archive of open source software. Hackage has been online since January 2007 and is where users can publish libraries and programs or download and install packages with tools like cabal-install (or via a distro's pa…
Quicklisp is a library manager for Common Lisp that works with existing Common Lisp implementation to download, install, and load any of over 1,500 libraries. Quicklisp works with ABCL, Allegro CL, Clasp, Clozure CL, CLISP, CMUCL, ECL, LispWorks, MKCL, SBCL, and Scieneer CL, on Linux, Mac OS X, and …
CPAN, the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, is an archive of software written in Perl containing over 134,000 modules in over 29,700 distributions, as well as documentation for it. It has a presence on the World Wide Web at and is mirrored world The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network …
PEAR is a framework and distribution system for reusable PHP components.
NuGet is the package manager for .NET. The NuGet client tools provide the ability to produce and consume packages. The NuGet Gallery is the central package repository used by all package authors and consumers.