User Experience Optimization with Test & Target
October 21, 2013

User Experience Optimization with Test & Target

Paul Labrise | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Target

  • Test & Target is an excellent means to understand and quantify any user experience solutions your business needs to achieve.
  • Large scale tests combined with incremental changes will whip your web properties into shape. You will better understand your customers, as well as your success metrics. In the scope of a campaign, you can better understand the behavior of your audience by setting up specific success metrics (i.e. clicks on specific nav items, white paper downloads, page landings, etc.) alongside your primary conversions (i.e. form fill, purchase, application, etc.)
  • Test & Target is an excellent solution for directing traffic to the appropriate web properties. By targeting specific users, you will have the ability to set up parameters which determine the content which you want the customer to view.
  • Test & Target undergoes product updates on a regular basis, making its capabilities more robust. You must be analytic AND creative to use Test & Target to its fullest potential.
  • Be careful to not rack up too many server calls - this can be a costly endeavor. If you're in a large corporation which can afford mass quantities of server calls per year, then you won't have to be as concerned. If you are a small company, you must be more prudent and use T&T for specific campaigns which have a life span, can warrant specific results, and do not linger on. De-activating mboxes within T&T is a great way to disable mboxes without bugging IT or your web developers about removing/adding mboxes every time you want to run a campaign.
  • T&T is client-side user experience testing, meaning what the customer sees is based on their specific visit in a specific web browser - and the experience is controlled by T&T during the lifespan of the cookie. This is not a fault of T&T, but it is necessary to understand. As you build and QA campaigns, you still have to check the experience in ALL browsers and you have to be aware that a user visiting your site on more than one computer may see different experiences based on how they were routed in the test campaign.
  • The quantifiable results of each campaign are reflected in the lift and confidence. Within each campaign, you have the ability to tie a dollar amount to to each conversion metric, in order to monetarily understand the successes and project the benefits of implementation over a period of time.
  • Within each campaign you can set up any number of success metrics, in the interest of understanding the behavior of your audience for each experience. But you will usually want to optimize for a specific conversion and move forward with the implementation based on the test results.
  • As a conversion optimization specialist in the field of education management, my team was tasked primarily with lead generation. Test & Target helped our marketing team better understand the behavior of our customers, informing our user experience decisions and creating more satisfying experiences for our audience.
Once you get started with your testing program, you realize that it is necessary to continue. You must keep optimizing in order to remain a vital competitor in today's marketing world. Even if you're not using Test & Target or any other user experience testing software, you ought to be performing comparison tests on your own, simply by routing your audience to different experiences and quantifying the aggregate of the results.
Let go of your preconceptions about what you think will win a user experience test, but keep hold of your marketing savvy.