Asana - Perfect Team Sharing task list
January 14, 2014

Asana - Perfect Team Sharing task list

Laura Emmet | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Asana is used between our NYC and LA offices to track milestones for designers. I as a strategist set a timeline for graphic materials that are due for several marketing tactics nationally and use Asana as a way to track the work that is being done and the milestones/due dates that need to be hit by the desingers to ensure all deliverables are on time for delivery and execution. Asana is only used by the Digital Media Group at DIRECTV as far as I know.
  • Due to the fact that our team is bi-coastal, we needed a tool that allowed the East and West Coast teams to communicate deadlines without the need to worry about servers and their slowness to transmit/copy information. Asana is a great tool to do that, since it is web based there is no need for downloads, or worry of server crashes, which often happen here. And of course we love the price...FREE!
  • Asana allows us to assign tasks to team members, which they can in-turn inject sub-tasks within, this helps us track where along the process everyone is to make sure we are all hitting our deadlines. The simplicity of the site makes it easy for anyone to use and quickly learn the tool.
  • Real time interaction is a huge help. Comments populate instantly which ensures we aren't missing any questions or concenrs and helps eliminate exesive emails.
  • Asana is a great product to increase communication within a team and requires very little time to learn, unlike some other Project management tools, which tend to be a lot less user friendly.
  • I would like to see a calendar incorporated into the tool.
  • I would like it to be able to integrate with other tools we use to make the communication flow a little more well rounded.
  • Ability to create Gant charts based on tasks.
  • Asana has helped us be more efficient in tracking projects while simultaneously eliminating the clutter of emails.
We also use Active Collab to track tasks and issue work tickets. I find this to be a much harder tool to use vs. Asana. It was not in the drop down menue above but its a tool we actively use and I can tell you its hard to find tickets once you have created them and assigned them unless you keep the link in an email. Asana is easy to locate all your tasks and due dates because of your personal dash and projects list. Active collab requires you to create too many levels for one task, the main ticket, then the tasks within the ticket which you have to individually create to be able to track each milestone, if there is no task assigned it doesnt appear in the designers list of things to do, which in turn creates issues and forgotten tasks. None of this is an issue with Asana.
Asana has been incorporated into our workflow and works nicely for what we need it to do, thus we will continue to work in Asana.
Asana is well suited for use of product management with multiple users working and contributing to the same project. The inability to assign deadlines to tasks within a project makes it a little stressful on large projects. The fact that you can enter unlimited tasks is a huge pro.