BMX to drive your quoting process
Updated April 13, 2014

BMX to drive your quoting process

Steven Steier | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Oracle CX Sales (formerly Oracle Engagement Cloud and Oracle Sales Cloud)

  • We use the Express version which for a smaller product catalog without a complex pricing model is a great solution.
  • This product is much cheaper and much easier to implement than the Enterprise version of BigMachines, but for the right situation is a great value.
  • This works right inside Salesforce and works like it is part of Salesforce. If you and your team is comfortable with Salesforce then this product just feels like another Salesforce application.
  • Just like with Salesforce without going outside the existing product you have some limits in formatting the product.
  • The HTML editor for laying out your proposal templates is very basic. You really need to do the design work outside of BigMachines and then import the template into Salesforce.
  • We used just use a free online WYSIWYG editor but for what we have seen you can use pretty much any HTML editor. It really depends on your level of sophistication and what you are comfortable using
  • This one is being corrected with the latest release, but when we did our implementation the lack of a true formula field made some things tricky.
  • Getting a proposal has gotten much quicker and easier to complete.
  • Since the proposals are done inside Salesforce we now always have a copy of the proposal in Salesforce instead of having to follow up with the reps to make sure they remember to attach a copy.
  • We are able to use this tool to help follow our goal of getting a consistent look to everything we do. Before the reps used Excel and Word and could do whatever they wanted so their was no company-wide consistency.
We love the product and for anyone with a smaller product line I would strongly recommend the product. If you have a complex pricing model or a large catalog you would need to look at some of the more complete Big Machine editions but Express is a great fit and price for a company with simpler needs

Using Oracle CX Sales (formerly Oracle Engagement Cloud and Oracle Sales Cloud)

We are early in the process with Big Machines. We have been happy with the process and the product so far, and at this point I would say we are going to renew.. I just can't be 100% sure that we will feel the same way after we use it for 11 more months.

Oracle CX Sales (formerly Oracle Engagement Cloud and Oracle Sales Cloud) Implementation

Like with any implementation go into it with a clear and realistic plan for getting the implementation completed and it will go much smoother. BigMachines has a clear process and an excellent staff fort getting an implementation completed we just needed to follow more of it instead of creating our own roadblocks
Change management was a small part of the implementation and was well-handled - Like with any change you need buy in form the top and a clear message that this is the direction the company is heading. Any new software is going to cause some changes in your organization and we had that with BigMachines. The change was quickly adopted because the top leadership in the company made it clear that it was not an option to not fall in line with the new process. Also, the product is easy to use so, once the reps starting working with the software, their concerns vanished quickly.
  • We pushed to get a roll out done based on a date set early in the process before we had even finalized the purchase of Big Machines. It was not based on taking a real look at what the requirements of the implementation were and making a plan based on those requirements. The Big Machines team bent over backwards to help us meet our goal and we came very close even though we did in about a 1/3 of the time that they recommended.
  • I was a brand new employee at Extension Healthcare when the implementation started and the main implementer on the customer side of this project. I was trying to learn Big Machines and get used to working in a new SalesForce implementation at the same time. Also the first week of our Big Machines roll out I was at Dreamforce so not very available to our sales staff.
  • As I pointed out we made almost every possible mistake you could make as the customer of a software product who is trying to do an implementation. I stress that it was all our poor planning not Big Machines suggesting we do things this way. Even with all those issues we got the product rolled out and our reps are using it thanks to a lot of help from Big Machines and the fact that Big Machines Express is really not that hard to roll out.