BBNC it for your org?
July 02, 2014

BBNC it for your org?

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Software Version

BBNC Pro and Grow versions

Modules Used

  • Variety

Overall Satisfaction with Blackbaud CRM

I used it in the development department in a variety of ways:

  • Donor information-donation tracking, contactable information
  • Website platform
  • Membership selling and tracking
  • Managing campaigns
  • Event registration
  • BBMS (merchant account)
  • Locked configuration strategy- if you have a high turn over, or an undocumented culture you will want to find a solution that supports change management. The config files are locked in Blackbaud which means some things you can't change. For orgs that have frequent turn-over this strategy is helpful.
  • Blackbaud has tutorials online as well as classes in person staff can take. They offer certificates so supervisors know that staff have been exposed to a body of knowledge. When staff members take the workshops it is important to provide them the time to practice and use what they just learned. We purchased (for a high fee) a pass for any of our staff to take as many of the workshops as possible. We also offered this to key volunteers- as more knowledge makes folks more employable and more comfortable.
  • Blackbaud has a very strong team of sales staff. Make sure you demo and that you know what you want. Fees are sadly complicated so use a spreadsheet. Once a quote is sent in writing my experience is there was very little flexibility in pricing. So your first call is really important. Do your homework.
  • The Sales experience is rough. Be prepared. Write everything down. It is rough because if you are new you do not know what to ask for. You have the purchase of the function and the maintenance of the functionality you purchase. It is complicated and tricky. It is also frustrating.
  • Costs are not consistent. are on your own to set your limit or what you can pay, If you are not a techy and new or uncomfortable with negotiations you probably should involve others. Make them explain each line item to you. Do not sign until you know you have everything you will need to achieve your goals.
  • There documentation is old school and lacks graphics, workflow and is loaded with text. I would like to use user videos with click through demos.
  • If you go with Blackbaud purchase the extended training package. Your staff will thank you.
  • The mantra is "If it isn't in Blackbaud it doesn't exist" is a contradiction because best practice with Blackbaud is to not use attachments which means we had to archive copies of donor letters or membership in a completely separate system. Really? What is the point? Or pay more and more and more...
Honestly I have moved to Salesforce. Salesforce has a stronger user group community, less expensive, more innovation with the and because many corporations use Salesforce, it is pretty easy to get volunteers to support your efforts.
No I would not purchase, however the agency I left is still using it. What I have noticed is they have moved away from many of the features and are using simpler systems for email and events. Sad...
A three as in not very likely. I have converted over to Salesforce. You will have to pay for each license and each functionality or module and my experience as a consultant is to help you get things to work well. With Salesforce you may still want an implementation consultant but you get 10 licenses for free annually if you are a 501(c)(3) non profit. Their documentation is easy to use. Additional licenses are more than 70% off and their Dreamforce conference is outstanding. My loyalty has moved to Salesforce Foundation. I implemented the same functionality for less than 1/2 the costs in the same amount or less time.