Powerful software for rapid security policy management and ideal for network intrusion detection.
Updated August 04, 2022

Powerful software for rapid security policy management and ideal for network intrusion detection.

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Overall Satisfaction with Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Cisco Defense Orchestrator is a powerful and important software for our company, this is because we use this solution throughout our company to help us with the administration and implementation of security policies in a simpler way, by being able to achieve this we obtain easy management and being able to put aside the hard work of having to implement security policies one by one to keep our infrastructure protected. This Cisco software allows us to control and view all devices from one place, as well as keep informed about whether the security policies work correctly or not.
  • It allows an easy and correct administration of corporate security policies.
  • Being based on the cloud, its management is not complex, since its console is totally centralized, which gives the advantage of viewing all the devices from a single place.
  • It has remote management which makes it possible to manage the devices from anywhere, that is, the location does not matter.
  • It provides templates that are ideal for implementing business security policies, they are very helpful when you do not have the knowledge of this type of software.
  • Their costs can be high, so when it comes to small or medium-sized companies they are limited to their acquisition due to their price. That is why plans tailored to these companies can help them to have this protection option.
  • Its configuration can be somewhat confusing, so knowledge and skills are required.
  • Have more configurable templates so that protection is not limited.
  • Its implementation in the cloud is innovative and ideal for those who trust it, however not all companies trust it, so being able to implement this software locally would also be a great option.
  • It is a powerful software to implement security policies properly since it allows us to be aware of whether the policies are working correctly or not.
  • Being in the cloud is not only a form of savings but also a way to facilitate the administration of all firewalls.
  • Your policies can be implemented for all devices so it is not necessary to apply them one by one, which is a great time saver.
  • Its protection allows you to put aside network intrusions.
McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator is a simple, flexible, and easy-to-implement configuration solution, however, with Cisco Defense Orchestrator there is an implementation in the cloud and the ease of managing all devices from a single console regardless of location, in addition to its analysis of security policies security help us to know if the ones that are being used are fulfilling their function or if changes are required to make infrastructure more secure, that is why we chose this Cisco software.

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Cisco Defense Orchestrator is an ideal software to easily manage firewalls at the enterprise level, as well as to implement security policies that allow the corporate infrastructure to remain free of threats that can put at risk all the devices that are handled on a daily basis. For example, it is ideal for preventing network intrusions, since it has the ability to block malware and any suspicious activity. In addition, the fact that it is based on a single console provides the benefit of keeping all devices under view and thus preventing any threat in the simplest way.

Cisco Defense Orchestrator Feature Ratings

Policy planning and rule management
Automated Policy Orchestration
Device Discovery
Policy Compliance Auditing
Attack Path Simulation Testing
Anomalous Event or Behavior Deviation
Vulnerability Scans
Firewall Rule Cleanup

Resilience and Reliability

The perspective on the value that resilience can offer in a cybersecurity context is that every day it is more vital to have it, this is because today at the business level, threats continue to grow, it is important that in the face of threats, downtime and Loss of data is as little as possible and of course the most important thing is to achieve a recovery as fast as possible.
To build greater cybersecurity resiliency within organizations, leaders could conduct disaster recovery testing, develop systems that focus on rapid notification of emergencies, and constantly conduct risk assessments so that each company you can see if your infrastructure is sufficiently protected or requires more powerful security so that in the event of a disaster it is possible to face it and recover without delay.
I give this score because I believe that Cisco Defense Orchestrator helps our company to be resilient, this is because this software is also focused on offering security resilience at the enterprise level, that is, through its features such as high visibility, acceleration of threat detection and response, simple management, and end-to-end protection. By having it, it is more feasible to avoid disasters or risks in the devices that are handled daily and of course avoid data loss and, given this, be able to recover quickly if something happens.
Cisco Defense Orchestrator is a software that is easy to implement, although knowledge is required for it, but if you do not have it, going to its valuable support team is very helpful. If done knowingly, this process can take less than two hours. Having a simple implementation is a valuable feature because it saves time and expense.
I believe that Cisco Defense Orchestrator is available when needed, this solution has allowed the security team to have better productivity thanks to the fact that their workflow is less intense because they can carry out their tasks with the help of this software, in addition to the presence If there is an error, they can be overcome quickly because their support team is efficient.
Cisco Defense Orchestrator has an incredible integration capacity since it is very simple to integrate with other Cisco software, which is of great help to enhance and increase security at a business level. Integrating this software with other Cisco software helps to minimize risks and of course to automate. That is why I give it that score.
  • Now it is easier to monitor all the devices that are handled daily at the business level, because this software offers us high visibility.
  • It is also possible to select all the devices to carry out their respective configuration and update, that is, in the event of a policy change, it is possible to apply it to all of them without having to carry out the process one by one.
  • The security team has fewer problems to control and visualize all the devices, this makes them more productive.