ClearCare solves some problems, slow to change
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December 19, 2018

ClearCare solves some problems, slow to change

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Overall Satisfaction with ClearCare

ClearCare is the first home care software we have used that is based online. In the office, we use it to schedule our caregivers, track billing/receivables and payroll, keep track of caregiver availability, note details on client care in their assessments, and report on various aspects of the business. Our caregivers use the website and app to check their schedules and get client details. I do enjoy having a web-based software that we can fully access from home, as we are on-call 24/7.
  • ClearCare is quite user friendly. It was easy to pick up just by starting to use the software, clicking around to learn functionality.
  • By its nature of being web-based, we can access our full system after hours. This means that evening or weekend call-offs are much easier to staff. I can't imagine going back to software that is not web-based in this day and age.
  • While the noting of caregiver availability did take some time to get used to in the beginning (you enter the hours they are unavailable and work around that), it really does seem the best way to do it. The system will alert you if you are scheduling them for a shift they aren't actually available to take. As an added bonus, it also alerts if the shift triggers overtime. These alerts require an extra step to confirm that you want to add the shift.
  • The billing and payroll pages are pretty straightforward. We always have several people look over the numbers before exporting, so we don't usually have any errors in invoices or paychecks. If there is an error on an invoice that needs to be corrected, it is easy enough to edit and reprint.
  • The software includes a telephony system that requires caregivers to clock in and out of shifts. This adds a level of accuracy to both billing and payroll. If a client would ever question their invoice, we have verification that the caregiver was there, even if their parent with dementia claims nobody was there that day.
  • ClearCare does experience times when the system glitches. You cannot add or edit shifts, see client or caregiver details, nothing. They don't have anything in place that reassures you that they are aware of the problem and are working to fix it. It doesn't usually happen more than a few times a year, but we rely so heavily on this software for the daily operation of our business that even 15 minutes down can prove to be catastrophic.
  • You can call tech support, but overall I have found them rather unhelpful. I don't usually stay on hold long enough to get a live person, preferring to send an email if it's not an urgent need. I have been disappointed with the time it takes to resolve issues; the longest I went without a fix was about 8 months. They are pretty slow to change when it's something that has been suggested by the network publically. Moreover, sometimes the changes they implement make things more difficult for us or require features or functionality that we would prefer not to use. For example, they are rolling out a new feature that will allow the caregivers to enter their own availability in the system. We require them to contact the office to change their availability or request time off and plan to do everything we can to keep it that way.
  • The mobile version of the administrative site is essentially the desktop version, but tiny. When we are out and about after hours, inevitably we use our cell phones to utilize the software. Any shift adjustments are tedious, as the pop-up box moves around whenever you edit a field. To be fair, I'm not sure that the time and energy it would take to redesign the mobile site would be worth it when we still get all the functionality of the full site, even if it is harder to maneuver.
  • The improved reporting allows us to get much better insights into our business. It allows us to see where we need to make changes (i.e. charging more for weekend shifts that trigger more OT or shifts further away to account for the paid travel time).
  • While I can't say that ClearCare itself has increased our revenue, it has allowed us to handle the ups and downs that come with our type of business. In-home care can be a rollercoaster with ups and downs over the years. We had one month we did double what we did the first full month of ClearCare, others we did only 10-15% more. ClearCare has allowed us to adjust to growth when it comes.
  • ClearCare bills per client, so sometimes we will deactivate a client who isn't actively receiving services (i.e. nursing home or rehab stay) and will lose track of them in the hustle and bustle of orchestrating care for current clients. We can create follow-up tasks, but having them in the client list keeps them and their possible needs when they come home more top-of-mind.
ClearCare was recommended by our franchisor. We did not evaluate this product against similar products. It is definitely better than the offline software we were using before.
Other specialty
ClearCare is a selling point in the care consultation for a prospective client. From telephony to their ability to go online to check the schedule, it offers an extra level of reassurance for the families we serve. ClearCare wouldn't really be appropriate outside of a one-on-one care model, but it is well suited for this industry.

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