ConceptDraw "Pro" Visio in disguise? Close, but not quite.
July 20, 2019

ConceptDraw "Pro" Visio in disguise? Close, but not quite.

Matt James | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with ConceptDraw PRO

So, this software appears to want to be Microsoft Visio but it falls a little short. The overall software is very resource-intensive and will slow your computer down to a crawl if you are attempting to multitask. On top of this, there are many glitches in the software where graphics within the software itself do no properly draw/appear on the screen. Now, with that being said, it DOES do a fantastic job in assisting in us drawing floor plans/layouts for the restaurant and bar areas of our business. The graphics/shapes are very clean and crisp but getting them to work together is a little tricky at times.
  • The collections of images and shapes are very nice.
  • Creating an easy "quick and dirty" layout can be done in seconds.
  • They kind of nickel and dime you for shapes and images which is kind of a bummer.
  • The overall functionality is very quirky. Trying to move items is difficult and not very precise.
  • Layers are done very strangely. You can easily add shapes to the wrong layer and trying to get them on the correct layer is a hassle.
  • Something about the software puts a lot of strain on even my most powerful PC.
  • Positive. Our table selection screens look amazing and are VERY clear and easy for our employees to understand.
  • Negative. The software is just hard to use and is very time consuming if you need to create something detailed.
  • Positive. The price isn't too bad.
  • Negative. They nickel and dime you for shapes and images.
Visio just did not have the resources or shapes that I needed to create clean and beautiful layouts for our business. I stumbled upon ConceptDraw while trying to find something with restaurant and bar shapes. After I purchased it, I was very disappointed with how difficult it was to use and how slow the overall performance was, but after wrestling with it for a few hours I was able to get a great looking layout.
Eh, this is a kind of a sitting on the fence answer. On one hand, I can't recommend it but on the other, I can. If they fixed the resource-hogging and the weird quirky menus/actions then I would recommend it more. I can not overlook the beautiful and clean layouts and graphics that this software does spit out is just a bumpy ride to get there.

Using ConceptDraw PRO

Like to use
Technical support not required
Unnecessarily complex
Difficult to use
Slow to learn
Lots to learn
  • The shapes look good as do the images.
  • Moving shapes
  • Editing shapes
  • Creating layers
It needs a bunch of work. For the price it could be better. And even though I am using it still I find it very difficult to use but I make it work.