SEO Essential: Conductor
July 02, 2022

SEO Essential: Conductor

Kolin Bartlett | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Conductor

I use Conductor for short-term research and long-term research. For short-term research, I am looking for keywords using the Explore function and the Google shortcut to find keywords for product pages that we can then optimize for. In the long-term research, we are looking at a month-by-month basis to find keywords, based on the season, to protect, improve, and expand. As a team, we set up a workspace to gather all of our data. Then, we independently use a variety of research tactics to find the keywords that we are looking to approve upon. I typically use the rank comparison function to see where we are lacking compared to our competitors, keyword groups to narrow down the number of keywords and get a clearer picture of what data I am looking at, and explore the function and put in our domain then narrow down the keywords by searching for related keywords to the category that we are working on. (ex. water sports, winter clothing, open water fishing)
  • The training hub is incredibly user-friendly and does a great job teaching you how to use Conductor.
  • The data is easy to pull and lets you find and create the information that you need quickly.
  • The homepage gives you a quick look into where you are and from there you can make changes.
  • I think it would be cool if the explore search was on the homepage.
  • It would be nice if the singular and plural version of keywords could be more closely connected, like if they could be on the same line but it shows both MSVs.
  • I think now that you guys have updated some features on the sight, adding some more training hub videos showing how to best use them would be awesome. (Content Guidance, Marketplace, etc.)
  • We have been able to increase our ranking by adding internal links and by using the page groups function we are able to track that to make it more visible.
  • For a smaller team, having a place to all put data is a huge advantage.
  • From a usability standpoint, Conductor makes it easy to train new hires and get them to create content that is what we want.
We use a variety of functions, but specifically, the keyword groups help us take data from multiple pages and see where we are falling behind and what needs to be updated. Similarly, it is great to be able to compare to some of our competitors and even though they may be larger companies, it is good to see that there are always ways to improve and compete with them.
We give suggestions to our web team on how to best optimize product names, category names, and blogs. Since we are always moving around the site, we are able to spot parts of the site that are not complete and give recommendations on where we can improve our SEO and user experience as well. Conductor is our go-to place when we receive a question on how to make a change to a page or the site in general.
We are always looking for ways to improve our existing keywords and find new keywords to rank for. As a team, we are constantly using explorer to search the web and find those long-tail keywords that our customers are searching for. I enjoy how you can easily filter through a variety of searches to find the best match for the intent that you are looking for.
The Training Hub with the list of videos and quizzes has been a huge help for me personally and for training new hires. I believe it does a great job of connecting us to the site with videos that you must pay attention to because of the simple question after the video and then the quiz at the end of the sections. Our support individual has been a huge help as well providing us with a variety of information and helping us create goals to reach throughout each quarter.
I have not personally used BrightEdge but others on my team have and they say that Conductor is a lot easier to use and also the customer support is much better. I apologize for not being able to give specific examples!

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From a content viewpoint, using Conductor is an essential part of what I do on a day-to-day basis. It helps me make sure I am doing the research and finding the keywords that our customers are looking for. From a sight structure viewpoint, it can be used to optimize H1s and the layout of the site to make sure that Google is able to crawl the correct information. There seems to be a disconnect between sales and how to best utilize SEO because they are typically dealing with numbers and we are dealing with words.

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