Why I like Couchhbase
Gilad Teller | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 11, 2019

Why I like Couchhbase

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Overall Satisfaction with Couchbase Data Platform

Couchbase is being used in our web site. It is the main caching system and we use it for shared sessions across the cluster.

It is being used for all layers of our website, and by several other support systems, again mainly as a fast caching system across multiple servers in a cluster.
  • Fast fetching of data
  • Easy to implement N1QL queries
  • Even faster queries when using indexes
  • Easier method to increase the number of nodes in a cluster
  • Official support for Node.JS sessions
  • The ability to see when a document will expire
  • Faster app keeps the customer returning to our site
  • The free community edition allows us to use Couchbase with only development time and infrastructure costs in mind
  • Development time of shared session was very fast and easy
It is very easy to add more nodes to the Couchbase cluster. This allows us to add and remove nodes according to the load on the site. Especially since we work in a domain with a lot of change between seasons.Couchbase session allows us to easily add more servers to our app cluster for the same reason.
We never had any issues with performance. Couchbase is able to handle every load we have been throwing at it for the past 3 years. Soon we will upgrade to the Enterprise edition, and I am looking forward to seeing how well it works. Enterprise edition has some very interesting new features I am looking forward to working with.
The agility of Couchbase was great for our web site. It allows us to write the data in a .NET application and read it in a Node.JS application. We can easily throw all of our cache into one bucket without any concern to the data types we insert. Couchbase also allows flexibility in the number of buckets we are using.
Our mobile site benefits from the same caching system as our desktop site. Since all of our suppliers measure us on Look to book ratio, we must make sure we make as little searches as possible while giving results for every search performed by any user. Shared caching allows us to give a search result without making an actual search, and bring results just from cache.
MongoDB is a very similar solution to Couchbase. I believe the N1QL query language Couchbase provides is better and easier to use than the query language provided by MongoDB. Also, the .NET session support is very important to us, and it is not present in MongoDB, which requires the user to develop this feature on his own.
Couchbase is a very good caching system. Getting data by key is very easy and intuitive. Getting data by a more complex N1QL requires a bit more learning, but is still easy for anyone who ever used SQL. Indexing is a bit more of an issue, and can make your app slower if it is not done correctly.

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