Custom Software Development Services

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What are Custom Software Development Services?

Custom software development services provide for the creation of software applications for specific groups of users. This kind of software contrasts with off-the-shelf software which is designed to meet the needs of many users. Custom development service providers have skilled developers on-staff who are capable of understanding sometimes complex requirements, and building software to meet precise business requirements for clients.

Although custom software has real advantages in terms of meeting very specific requirements, it also has disadvantages in terms of high cost and increased risk. Creating software for a single client is inherently more expensive since the costs cannot be amortized across multiple customers. Risks are also higher since there is less likely to be a regular release cycle during which bugs are eliminated and improvements are made.

Custom development will always have a place however, when off-the-shelf solutions just don't meed a highly-specific set of requirements.

Custom Software Development Services Products

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When maintaining a large project, from time to time people leave the project and it becomes increasingly difficult to replace them. Fast forward 5 years and knowledgeable Objective-C programmers will be a scarce resource [source Reddit]. Why Swiftify? Automate converting your iOS and macOS apps fro…
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Accenture provides services in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Accenture is a global company with expertise in many different industries and business functions.
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The vendor states that they, Softengi, are a software development company listed as one of the top 100 world's IT outsourcing service providers by IAOP 6 time in a row, and aim to guide companies on their way to the Digital Era by offering customers efficient business and technology solutions, such …
Cooperative Computing
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Cooperative Computing was founded in 2007. They offer custom development services.
Lincoln Loop
Lincoln Loop is a full service web studio offering user experience and development based on the Django Web Framework.
Bluewolf is an IBM company specializing in Salesforce consulting.
iOLAP Enterprise Voice Platform (EVP)
iOLAP's Enterprise Voice Platform (EVP) offering is designed to transform the business user experience. With this offering, the vendor aims to bring new innovative technology and analytical capabilities to their clients to unlock the value of their data. The vendor says they offer a flexible, lean,…
iOLAP Application Managed Services (AMS)
iOLAP’s Application Managed Services is designed to liberate an organization's resources from activities that don’t directly contribute to the bottom line, while still obtaining the highest performance from their critical data technology investments.According to the vendor, business benefits include…
iOLAP Big Data Architect Solutions
iOLAP’s Big Data Architect Solutions are designed to support big data architectures that are on premise, in the cloud, as well as hybrid configurations. The vendor’s value proposition is that they offer depth and breadth of experience across the technology universe, thus offering practical, technolo…
iOLAP's Coadaria is a web development subsidiary in Croatia. Capabilities Web Application Development Front-End: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (Less.js, Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular, React)Back-End: PHP, ASP.NET, Python, Java, JavaScript (Laravel, CakePHP, Django, node.js) Mobile App Development…
EdgeRock Technology Partners
EdgeRock Technology Partners provides full-lifecycle project delivery services including advisory, implementation and managed services. The firm has expertise in enterprise ERP systems, content management, and cloud and infrastructure services.
Mutual Mobile
Mutual Mobile is an innovation consultancy that brings digital experiences to life through an integrated approach to design and technology.
Chetu offers comprehensive, custom software development for a variety of industries.
Deqode's Custom Blockchain Application Development
Deqode provides end-to-end blockchain application development services under one roof where we conceive, design and test real-world blockchain applications. The vendor says that they follow a tech-agnostic approach that enables more efficient relationships in automation and development to drive top …
iOpex Technologies
iOPEX in San Jose is a business services provider offering optimized IT management services.
According to the vendor, Radixweb is a software and web development company. For the last 18+ years, Radixweb has worked with multiple technologies, has great domain acumen and processes to build software products that help stay ahead in today's highly competitive and hyper-fast environment. Radixw…
Epixel MLM Software
Epixel is a multi-level marketing software product, designed for network marketing organizations that need to manage direct sales as well as recruitment commissions. Epixel MLM Software aims to let an organization manage, control, and organize the entire MLM system with premium features and function…
mAuthor by Learnetic is a ready-to-go solution addressed directly to publishers to create fully interactive eContent (supporting the BigData system) without technical knowledge regarding IT. Learnetic offers a complete suite of software applications supporting all stages of ePublishing processes.Th…
Oxagile headquartered in New York offers customer software development and testing services, as well as a variety of consultatory services.
NewGenApps Mobile App Development Services
Mobile Applications have now become a point of contact for most businesses, giving both the business and users an ease and comfort in communication. As challenging as it may appear to be, the process that begins with the ideation of an app and concludes with the final product has now gathered moment…
VentureDive is a technology solutions company that creates and invests in high-end technology products and solutions worldwide. Ranging from early-stage startups to the world’s largest companies, VentureDive works with partners to create solutions that deliver the highest impact and maximize ROI. F…
HUSPI Comprehensive Business Analysis
The vendor invites developers to analyze new business ideas, current projects, or business processes with the help of HUSPI professionals. Business Analysis is the process of identifying business needs and challenges as well as possible solutions. The vendor states that Business Analysis (BA) is the…
Emorphis Technologies
Emorphis Technologies in Madhya Pradesh offers custom software development services.
Mitosis Technologies
Mitosis Technologies is an agile Blockchain Development Company. The vendor's expertise in diverse domains and technical expertise assist customers to progress in their businesses. Their services empower customers to achieve competitive advantage through flexible rapid methodologies and expert frame…
RubyGarage headquartered in the Ukraine provides custom software development services, supporting enterprise digital transformation, mobility solutions, and data management.