Aviation Software

Aviation Software Overview

What is Aviation Software?

Aviation software provides operational support to airlines, airports, and FBOs (fixed-base operators) such as taxi services, cafes, and other airport service providers. Additionally, aviation software supports the management of airline fleets. Together this encompasses a wide range of front desk and sales / service automation, maintenance, and airport personnel management. Vendors offering aviation software often specialize in just this vertical but cover all of airline sales, workforce, and maintenance operational support via their software. Aside from all-in-one solutions some aviation technology vendors focus on just one element of airline software (e.g. fleet management, ticket sales, etc.). Some CMMS

Features of Aviation Software

Aviation software encompasses the following feature set:

  • Airline website, supporting online ticket sales
  • Cashier POS solution for on-site ticket check-in and sales
  • Flight scheduling and dispatch, pilot management
  • FBO (fixed-based operator) management
  • Customer information management (e.g. flight history, contact data)
  • Boarding and concierge management
  • Flight attendant management and scheduling
  • Airport workforce check-in / check-out, scheduling
  • Aircraft utilization and time management
  • lot costing, contract, warranty, and leasing management
  • Airport maintenance management (internal or via integration with CMMS)
  • Airplane material, parts ordering, inventory management
  • Fuel tracking and management, fuel truck management
  • Plane quality assurance, inspection management, engineering support
  • Maintenance planning and management
  • Revenue cycle management, cost and financial analysis

Aviation Products

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PROS Airline Revenue Management (formerly RevenuePro)
PROS Inc offers their Airline Revenue Management application and suite, a cloud-based revenue management platform for airlines for optimizing passenger and group ticket revenue with real-time dynamic pricing.
TRAXXALL Technologies headquartered in Montreal offers the TRAXXALL suite of aviation software, emphasizing airline maintenance management and inventory management.
CORRIDOR is an aviation management platform encompassing MRO & repair management, operator and aircraft management, aircraft maintenance and rerfurbishment, and other features, from CAMP Systems company Continuum Applied Technology headquartered in Austin, Texas.
Swiss Aviation Software (Swiss-AS) headqduartered in Switzerland offers AMOS, a software suite supporting airlines with total MRO management.
ForeFlight headquartered in Houston offers a suite of aviation applications designed to support flight management and support pilots.
Awery ERP
Awery Aviation Software headquartered in Dubai offers the Awery ERP, a complete airline management solution encompassing sales, service, operational automation, finance, and HR functions.
CAMP Systems
CAMP Systems headquartered in New Hampshire offers their suite of airline scheduling, maintenance and inventory management solutions, specifically for the aviation industry.
SITA Horizon
SITA, headquartered in Geneva, offers the Horizon suite of airport and airline management applications, supporting passenger management and the business side of airline operations.
AeroSoft Systems headquartered in Ontario offers DigiMAINT, a commercial aviation maintenance management application.
Quantum Control
Quantum Control is an aviation management software suite from Component Control, a CAMP Systems company.
Flightdocs headquartered in Bonita Springs offers software for the aviation industry, including fleet maintenance and inventory tracking and management, and flight operations software.
Sabre Aircentre
Sabre Corporation offers the Aircentre suite of airline and aviation management applications, supporting operations control (Sabre AirCentre Movement Manager), airline crew management (Sabre AirCentre Crew Manager), and other features related to managing the operations of an airport.
SabreSonic Res
Sabre Corporation offers SabreSonic Res, an aviation software designed to support airline reservation management, encompassing both sales and service.
SITA Airport Management
SITA, headquartered in Geneva, offers their airport management suite of applications including AirportCentral flight data management, AirportResource Manager workforce and resource allocation app, AirportVision flight information, and AirportVoice public address tool, among other apps.
Accelya offers the VIVALDI suite of payment solutions for airlines, supporting card payment processing via VIVALDI CardClear, card and alternate payment resolution, chargeback claims management, and Accelya payment gateway.
Accelya offers cargoRM, a revenue management and decisioning system for airline cargo operators, featuring real-time alerts, dashboards and performance summary and analyses, and other features.
IBS iAirport
Indian company IBS Software offers iAirport operations management and passenger relationship management suite of software.
Accelya CRIS
Accelya offers CRIS (Customer Relationship Management Solution), a CRM and loyalty management solution for airlines.
Harris Symphony
Harris Corporation headquartered in Melbourne offers the Symphony data and application software suite supporting airport and airline operations management.
Harris Corporation headquartered in Melbourne offers OSYRIS, an aviation arrival, departure, and flow-management for airport, runway, and airspace resource management.
iFly Solution Suite
Indian company IBS Software offers the iFly Solution Suite, a passenger management software system for airlines.
iCargo Solution Suite
IBS Software headquartered in Trivandrum offers the iCargo Solution Suite, a cargo management software system for airlines.
CGI Pro Logistica
CGI headquartered in Montreal offers Pro Logistica, a retail operations management system for airlines.
GO Airport Operations Suite
CGI headquartered in Montreal offers the GO Airport Operations Suite, an airport operations database.
Marlabs IFX
Marlabs headquartered in New Jersey offers IFX, an airline data management application supporting airline supply chain.