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Lecorpio, Annuity Payer, LexisNexis IP, ANAQUA Corporate, Quantify IP Portfolio Estimator - Trademarks, ANAQUA Acclaim IP, Methodics IPLM, Rightsline and IPfolio.

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Lecorpio is a software platform for intellectual property (IP) and trademark management. It was acquired by Anaqua in 2017.

Wissen Research

Wissen Research works with global corporations to help them innovate, as well as smaller businesses, and individual inventors to help them manage a profitable, corporate-grade IP division while staying within budgets. The company offers a pool of resources and databases, and assists…


IFI produces a global patent database that combines information from more than 100 countries around the world, used by companies from high tech companies offering patent search capabilities, to life sciences companies developing new drugs, to investment banks seeking market insight.…

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Pocket IP
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A service for managing trademark portfolios worldwide. It is a trademark portfolio management – docket, search, monitor, and request actions with the trademarks in one place. Pocket IP, a universal system for the management of intellectual property objects all around the world, was…

InnovationQ Plus

Designed for users throughout the innovation lifecycle,’s intellectual property software is for IP professionals, research and development teams, inventors and entrepreneurs. The InnovationQ Plus IP search and analytics platform delivers solutions that cover the innovation…

Rolling Trademarks

Rolling Trademarks is a cloud solution built in the Salesforce Lightning Platform designed to include the necessary tools for managing trademarks life cycle in a simple and intuitive way.The vendor states managing the registration of a national, European or international trademark,…

PTA Wizard from MaxVal

PTA Wizard a tool which enables a user to import a patent number and know/calculate its PTA (Patent term adjustment) value. The tool offers the results in an excel format and the user can also view the data in the tool itself with an editable page, where the user can edit the values…

Litigation Databank

With the increasing trend in patent litigation each year, patent litigation analysis is important to understand current and future threats. Litigation Databank enables users to: Proactively monitor and query whether patents of interest have been litigated.Gain analytical insights…

Evalueserve Insightloupe
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Swiss company Evalueserve offers Insightloupe, a patent and research / R&D management platform providing analysis, taxonomization, tagging and tracking of IP documents and research.

MaxVal Search and Analytics

At MaxVal's search and analytics services aims to provide the user with a high sense of urgency, cost-competitive, flat-fee pricing, rapid delivery and high capacity. Maxval boasts expertise, collaboration, advanced analytics capabilities and integrity.

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Clarivate Analytics headquartered in Philadelphia offers Derwent, a suite of patent data and IP services and applications.


HeliosComplete, from Helios IP headquartered in Tampa, Florida, is a Software-as-a-Service solution for patents, designs and trademarks that combines technology with expert support services in an integrated package. Paid as a monthly subscription, law firms and companies access…

Orbit Asset
0 reviews

Orbit ASSET is an IP docketing software and intellectual property portfolio management system focusing on financial aspects while keeping assets up to date and aligned with company strategy. Control and follow-up IP procedures. Intellectual property dashboard and reports. Managing…

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IP-Org is a patent management platform for lawyers, clients, and foreign associates. IP-Org aims to empower IP professionals from the corporate IP departments of major multinationals, small businesses, research institutions, universities and leading IP firms.

Cloakware Software Protection

Software applications can be protected using Cloakware Software Protection, from Irdeto in the Netherlands, to conceal proprietary algorithms and secrets, including cryptographic keys. Once protected, these applications can be safely deployed on untrusted hosts and in hostile environments…

Portfolio Estimator

Portfolio Estimator, from Global IP Estimator, is desktop global estimating software that enables users to accurately predict and analyze the global IP costs of their entire patent portfolio.

Company Portfolios Revealed

Company Portfolios Revealed is a patent portfolio analysis and competitive intelligence product from Quantify IP. It utilizes publicly available worldwide patent application and status data, and through proprietary processes, organizes it in new ways. This process allows any company'…

Symphony by MaxVal

Symphony from MaxVal is a cloud-based IP management and patent prosecution platform. From invention capture to docketing to annuity management, Symphony brings all facets of IP management onto one stage.MaxVal is a Silicon Valley-based tech-enabled managed solutions provider. Since…

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Max-IDS is an information disclosure statement (IDS) management solution. Max-IDS is presented as an advanced and most used reference management tool in the industry, boasting efficiency and simplicity. It helps clients better manage their patent/reference library and simplifies…

TechInsights IP Services (PatentVista)

TechInsights helps patent owners develop, manage and use their patent portfolios to meet their business objectives. They apply a systematic approach to portfolio structure and patent analysis to identify assets with potential. The data generated by this process enables fact-based…

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mFilterIt Brand Safety Suite

A solution to provide brands full visibility and control of campaigns to ensure that brand integrity and reputation is not put to risk.mFilterIt’s deep web scanners continuously keep a detailed eye across digital space to report any deviations from the brand policy and objectives.…

Blackbox IDS
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BlackBox IDS is a proprietary technology solution to manage IDS processes, from Blackbox IP Corporation headquartered in New York, NY.

Learn More About Intellectual Property (IP) Management Software

What is Intellectual Property (IP) Management Software?

Intellectual Property (IP) Management software is used by businesses and IP law firms to manage and protect inventions, patents, copyrights, trademarks, licenses, royalties, brands, and other intellectual property legal rights. It facilitates preparing and conducting IP filings such as patent applications, securing the rights to trademarks, and litigation.

It aids in the identification of violations and infringement cases, using AI to keep pace with a growing volume of digital IP infringements. These tools also support contract renewal, disclosure agreements, and the resolution of IP disputes. They foster collaboration amongst scientists, engineers, researchers, IP teams, business executives, and legal departments. Patent Management Software and Trademark Management Software are parts of Intellectual Property Management Software.

Intellectual Property (IP) Management Software Features

Most IP management products will offer the following features:

  • IP Portfolio Management

  • Patent, Trademark and Copyright management

    • Dockets

    • Deadlines

    • Tracking

    • Renewals

  • IP Cost Estimation – for the creation, maintenance, and renewal of IP

  • Publish IP Assets – available for licensing

  • Disclosure Agreements

  • Support IP lifecycle

  • Support legal disputes and enforcement actions

  • Case Database

  • Legal Spend Management

  • Automated Workflows and Communications

  • Document Management

  • Billing, Payment Processing

  • Analytics / Dashboard

Intellectual Property Management Software can be implemented through cloud-based/ SaaS/Web, Mobile, or Desktop platforms.

Intellectual Property Management Software Comparison

When purchasing Intellectual Property Management Software consider the following points:

  • Scope: Does the product support all your company’s various IP assets? Every country has its own set of regulations for establishing and securing IP. Does the product support your IP management needs on a global scale?

  • Use Case: Some products are better suited to support certain industries. Some are geared toward entertainment, sports, and fashion, others for manufacturing and software. Would your company benefit from that customization?

Pricing Information

Most vendors require interested buyers to request quotes for their products. Some products begin at $50 per month per user, ranging up to a couple of hundred dollars per month per user.

Certain products’ pricing is based upon the size of the patent or trademark database. That pricing can range from $.60 to $2.00 per record with the cost per record decreasing as the number of supported records increases. Free trial versions with limited functionality are sometimes available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Intellectual Property Management Software do?

Intellectual Property (IP) Management software manages IP such as patents, copyrights, and trademarks. It facilities IP filings, helps identify infringements, and aids in litigation to protect those rights.

What are the benefits of using Intellectual Property (IP) Management Software?

The main benefit of using IP management software is that it helps increase the productivity and profitability of the organization. It does this in several ways, including:

  • Centralizing IP asset management
  • Permitting inventors to securely disclose their ideas
  • Identifying and tracking infringement cases
  • Facilitating docketing – the maintenance of records for the legal prosecution of assets such as patents, copyrights, and trademarks.
  • Publishing your IP that is available for licensing
  • Automating IP workflow

What are the best Intellectual Property (IP) Management Software products?

These are some popular intellectual property management software products:

How much does Intellectual Property (IP) Management Software cost?

Almost all vendors require quotes for their products. A few vendors offer products beginning at $50 a month per user ranging up to multiple hundred dollars a month per user.