eFileCabinet. The best bang for the buck Digital Document Storage Solution to replace your old File Cabinets
July 04, 2019

eFileCabinet. The best bang for the buck Digital Document Storage Solution to replace your old File Cabinets

Ricky Jordan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction with eFileCabinet

eFilecabinet is used across our organization for our HR, Accounting, and Sales Departments. eFilecabinet gives a true digital solution that replaces a slew of physical file cabinets. eFilecabinet isn't a file sharing platform disguised as an Electronic Document storage solution, it is an easy to use to the point digital document solution.
  • eFileCabinet is a secure platform that can store sensitive documents and information.
  • eFileCabinet provides an easy to use Admin panel for user creation, permissions, settings, etc.
  • eFileCabinet provides a solid Mobile App Platform.
  • eFileCabinet provides both a browser version and desktop version of their online software.
  • eFileCabinet's sidekick app can sometimes stop working on the printer side with Windows updates. It's getting better and less problematic, but it would be nice for support to push out notices to the customers when they know they have bugs in the software.
  • The sidekick app would be nice if it had a "full size mode" and the "smaller / simple mode" so that you don't have to run the browser and sidekick together. This is confusing for our users as they might want the advanced functionality of the website browser efilecabinet instead of the minimal sidekick app.
  • Have auto refresh on sidekick and the browser so that if you make changes in the browser eFileCabinet, the sidekick will update automatically. This is very confusing for our users and should be an included feature in 2019.
  • Mac Sidekick App shouldn't be in beta after 2-3 years. This is sad to see :(
  • ROI is based on less paper being used/printed, less printer toner being used.
  • We have more physical space for desks and other items in our office due to going paperless
  • We are able to share, distribute, and access documents on-site and off-site (on the go)
  • Our departments can easily scan and upload documents on the fly into specific drawers/file cabinets.
eFileCabinet is much better of a digital document solution than a file storage solution like Dropbox Business or Box.com. It is more secure, it is more friendlier to use for documents as it's viewed as file cabinets and file cabinet drawers and individual folders that contain the files. This makes it easy for your departments to convert over to a digital paperless solution easier. Thomson Reuters is in a different league and is much more expensive but does what eFileCabinet doesn't, in my previous references of missing software features, buggy software, and learning curves, but overall we use eFileCabinet because it's ROI and value is just that much better for us.
The software loads very quickly, their servers are great. The software can be a tad buggy or quirky at times but it gets the job done which is why it's an 8 out of 10 rating. Their desktop printer and scanner software could use an update so that windows updates don't break it from time to time too.
eFileCabinet gets the job done and is fairly easy to use once you find a few workarounds and understand how the software works. Using the browser interface next to the desktop sidekick app is needed when it should all be included in a single app. Users always wonder "why do I have to open both the browser and the sidekick interfaces to do a simple task". Basically one does what the other doesn't do and Sidekick is needing to be open regardless for the printer/scanner upload functions, but is limited on what you can do compared to the browser interface. The mac Sidekick is still in beta and makes me wonder how much longer it will be supported or updated...
We were able to replace physical file cabinets quickly with eFilecabinet. Our users learned how to use the software in a week's time and were up and running the very next week. All of our users know the software inside and out and it's an essential tool for them each and every day.
eFilecabinet is the best bang for the buck Digital Document Storage Solution that will replace your Physical File Cabinets in your office and lead you down the paperless digital path. With this price point comes some hiccups and speed bumps that you need to be aware of (broken software due to updates from time to time, missing features, confusing interface due to multiple ways to access your data, etc), but once you find work arounds to these items, you will see how powerful efilecabinet is.