Fair and Balanced
Scott Braun | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 14, 2016

Fair and Balanced

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Overall Satisfaction with Fonality

We use Fonality as our primary telephone system for the entire company. It also supports our helpdesk operations so we have a call queue configured to distribute support calls.
  • The HUD application provides a great dashboard for seeing who is on the phone, who they are talking to as well as who is logged into the support queue.
  • The cloud deployment has proven to be pretty reliable and trouble free for remote employees using a traditional handset.
  • The administration console is pretty user friendly for managing the system.
  • The softphone options have not proven particularly reliable. The HUDweb application has some potential as far as a visual tool, but has just proven way too unreliable for everyday use. Would not recommend it for use. With that being said, a new softphone application is to be released on 12/16/16, so that may render use of HUDweb obsolete. Am hopeful the dedicated softphone application will prove worthy.
  • HUD Mobile is also less than an ideal solution. Not sure if the mobile OS is to blame for some of the disappointment, but having to run the mobile application in the foreground in order to receive calls is not really practical. Also, the design of the application is not very efficient as it's not obvious immediately how to get to the keypad and direct dialing an extension is not working for us. It does however make calls and can work, but it's more of a hassle than it's really worth. My remote sales team just uses their carrier minutes for calls.
  • The click to call feature while it has worked for us in the past, it has also caused issues with adding extra characters and logos in random areas of email messages, so our users have pretty much turned that feature off.
Yes - I use the Heads Up Display portal online - HUD portal is probably one of the best features of Fonality and I haven't seen anything comparable yet. All the other systems I've looked at have a presence feature but it is simply an indicator of on, off, or perhaps away, whereas with Fonality if a user is on the phone you can see if it is with another colleague or and outside call via the caller ID info. Also since we use a call queue, we can easily see which employees are logged into the queue. Since we have quite a few remote workers, it helps to know if they are one the phone prior to calling as well as see who they are talking to.
Fonality has scaled just fine for us as we have grown, but we are still small so we've never been worried about outgrowing the system. The call queue capability and reporting/monitoring are the primary features important to us which Fonality has proven to be quite capable. I don't see us outgrowing the feature set of Fonality anytime soon.
  • With the move to the cloud deployment our support costs have dropped considerably.
  • On the negative side, our sales force has not been able to take advantage of the softphone and mobile app features, so management has lost some ability to monitor productivity.
  • Not having a seamless integration of extensions between our internal and remote works has disrupted communications to some extent as well as decreased productivity a bit.
We looked at 8x8 and RingCentral but ultimately opted to move our existing Fonality PBXtra installation to the Fonality cloud because the call queue monitoring features offered the most for the money. The HUD application is also a big selling point in favor of Fonality. Also, since we were only switching the underlying hardware deployment, we didn't have a learning curve to overcome with a new system. Pricewise, Fonality landed in between 8x8 and RingCentral for the basic services, but the other two didn't offer the same feature set we already had with the Call Center option so the price was actually the lowest with that factored in.
I would recommend taking a look at Fonality for instances in which dedicated handsets will be the norm. Also if you have a relatively simple need for call queues, I think Fonality is definitely worth a look. For the moment, if you are looking to make use of softphones I would urge you to carefully test out the new app to make sure it works well enough. I think a dedicated softphone application will prove to be vastly more reliable than the HUDweb option, but time will tell. If you need a reliable and dependable mobile application, I'm not sure what Fonality currently offers will meet the need.

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